10+ Top Manufacturing Companies in Virginia

In 2018, Virginia’s manufacturing sector produced $47.76 billion. 8.94% of the state’s total production and 6.00% of its employees are because of the manufacturers. Additionally, Virginia had an average of 240,000 manufacturing workers in 2018, and their average yearly pay was $70,244.41 in 2017.

Although West Virginia has long been recognized for its coal mining industry, it has modernized its manufacturing sector over the past ten years, luring businesses from a variety of industries to its boundaries. The major enterprises in West Virginia, including some well-known automotive, food processing, defense, steel, and chemical companies, represent this tendency.

Largest manufacturing companies in Virginia

10. Porvair Filtration Group

It manufactures products for air, liquid, and gas filtration and separation. Their products include filters, filter elements, filter media, and cartridge housings, diffusers and restrictors, and aeration units. In the design and production of high-performance, specialized components, and assemblies for applications in filtering and separation, Porvair Filtration Group is a rapidly expanding global industry leader.

9. Erni Electronics

It manufactures electronic products, including connectors, cable assemblies, cable covers, and housings. Metric DIN connectors, solderless, male or female, M8 and M12, are available. The company creates and produces a wide variety of connectors, cable assemblies, soldered assemblies, backplanes, and entire systems. With independent branches in Europe, North America, and Asia, ERNI works worldwide. The business is among the biggest producers of electrical connections that adhere to DIN 41612 worldwide.

8. SKF Cooper 

It manufactures split roller bearings, split taper bearings, and other specialized bearings. SKF Cooper bearings are commonly used in dirty, wet, or abrasive situations where temperatures can be extreme.

7. Altria Group

Altria Group, the parent business of tobacco firms that produce cigars, pipe tobacco, and other tobacco products, was established in 1919. They want to provide adult customers with more options while lowering the danger associated with tobacco products. The organization hires for positions like associate manager, senior scientist of delivery technologies, and scientist for prototyping.

6. Ryson International, Inc.

It manufactures vertical and horizontal transport equipment, including spiral and lamellar conveyors. Types include unit load, mass flow, high capacity, multi-input, and output conveyors. Vertical Conveying Solutions is the area of expertise of Ryson International, Inc., which was established in 1995. We produce a comprehensive array of bucket elevators for moving bulk items and spiral conveyors, which can handle most vertical conveying requirements. The company also has a variety of supporting machinery for our product lines. Visit this page to learn more about the items in our line of vertical conveying systems. 

5. American Electrical, Inc.

It manufactures industrial electrical components and accessories based primarily on DIN rail devices. Their products include DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks, wire ferrules, DIN rail-mounted power supplies, DIN rail-mounted circuit breakers, DIN rail-mounted fuse holders, interface modules, and disconnectors.

4. Universal Air & Gas Products (Universal Air Products Corp.)

Manufactures standard and custom air or gas compression, filtration, precipitation, and drying systems. Their products include compressors, blowers, dryers, filters, process water coolers, boosters, aftercoolers, piping systems, natural gas fuel systems, natural gas fueling stations, air storage systems, breathing apparatus fueling stations, and mobile air trailers.


It is a manufacturer of high-quality chemicals, auxiliaries, additives, and special silicones. Their products include adhesives, defoamers, coatings, encapsulants, liquids, mold-making silicones, silicone gels, potting compounds, primers, emulsions, and thickeners.

2. Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman, founded in 1939, creates, develops, manufactures, and provides support for cutting-edge technologies, including radars, satellites, airplanes, and cybersecurity systems. To satisfy the demands of consumers across the world, it finds solutions to difficulties in space, aviation, the military, and cyberspace. Science, technology, and engineering are used by its 90,000 people to develop and provide high-quality systems, products, and services. 

1. Keller America, Inc.

Manufactures OEM, level, pressure, and temperature instruments and components such as sensors, transmitters, transducers, recorders, and gauges. They have optional accessories such as assemblies, fittings, hangers, covers, and guards.

Top Manufacturing Companies In Virginia

Frequently asked questions

What products are manufactured in Virginia?

Among the state’s major manufacturers are those of tobacco and chemical goods. Food, textiles, and clothing are some examples of nondurable items. Among durable items, transportation equipment leads the pack, but furniture, electrical goods, and wood products are all significant.

What is Virginia’s largest industry?

Virginia’s largest industry by far is agriculture. The sector contributes $70 billion to the economy each year and supports close to 334,000 employees across the Commonwealth.

What are the top 3 industries in Virginia?

1. Service: The largest industry in Virginia’s economy, the service sector, contributes more than 66.67% of the state’s GDP. 
2: Technology. The majority of the nation’s IT employees reside in Virginia.
3. Agriculture

What products does Virginia produce?

The tobacco industry produces 4% of total revenue. Virginia also grows hay, cotton, wheat, peanuts, and barley as field crops. Other significant crops cultivated in Virginia include tomatoes and grain maize. Potatoes, snap beans, cucumbers, and sweet corn are some of the other considerable vegetable crops farmed in the state.

How many Fortune 500 companies are there in Virginia?

With 21 companies from the Commonwealth reaching the 2022 list of the Fortune 500, which ranks among the 500 largest publicly listed corporations in the United States by total revenue, Virginia continues to do well.

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