Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Oregon

Both new enterprises and individuals in Oregon can apply for the Oregon Business Expansion Program (BEP), a cash-based incentive program. State lottery proceeds to fund this program.

An “Oregon Investment Advantage Program” tax break of up to 10 years is available to newly established businesses in Oregon. One of the requirements for becoming qualified for this program is to improve the development of at least five new full-time jobs. Additional information.

Best Manufacturing Companies in Oregon

10. Intel Corporation

International technology company Intel Corporation is American. Since 1968, the company has been working on technology that could revolutionize the entire planet. Just a few of the various products it provides include systems and devices, Ethernet equipment, memory and storage, wireless products, and CPUs.

Intel employs engineering lab technicians, production technicians, program managers for materials, and engineering technicians.

The Intel Corporation also provides internship opportunities for people pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, physics, or a related field.

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9. A-Dec

The largest privately held dental equipment producer in the United States is A-dec, short for Austin Dental Equipment Company. The business, established in 1964, sells stools, chairs, lamps, cabinets, handpieces, compressors, vacuums, and other dental supplies.

Machinists, central mechanical engineers, stock handlers, software engineers, assemblers, and production employees are just a few of the positions that A-dec hires.

It is considered one of the largest dental equipment producers in the world, and as of 2002, it employed 832 people, making it Newberg’s largest employer.

Sales of products like dental chairs, stools, delivery systems, medical lighting, cabinetry, and other accessories bring approximately $250 million in revenue annually for the 1964-founded business.

8. Oregon Tool Inc

Oregon Tool Inc., formerly Blount International, is an American business that manufactures saw chains and other machinery for the forestry, building, and agricultural industries.

Joe Cox founded Oregon Tool and was inspired to create the modern saw chain in 1947 after observing how timber beetle larvae efficiently consume wood fiber.

Among the tasks, Oregon Tool fills those for precision machinists, multi-functional team members, quality specialists, packing technicians, central stores coordinators, tooling maintenance technicians, and engineering managers.

7. Timber Products Company

Timber Products Company is one of the top vendors of excellent wood products. The company, established in 1918, specializes in hardwood plywood and prioritizes environmental sustainability.

The Medford, Central Point, and Springfield offices are in Oregon, with nine manufacturing locations for the company. Timber Products Company produces various wood products, concentrating on ornamental wood panels with lovely wood veneers and laminates.

Timber Products Company is the epitome of variety, quality, and sustainability regarding environmental stewardship and wood product solutions.

6. Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.

Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc produces steel and scrap metal. The organization, founded in 1906, is one of the nation’s largest recyclers of scrap metal and a leading supplier of used and recycled auto components.

Tin, sheet metal, aerosol cans, chain link fencing, and electric motors are just a few of the metals it buys. Project managers, senior automation engineers, rollers, electricians, commercial specialists, scrap accounts payable clerks, and operations support specialists are all part of the team at Schnitzer Steel.

5. Johnson Supply Inc

Leading wholesaler of HVAC/R Johnstone Supply The company started in Portland in 1953 as a single store that catered to the needs of neighboring contractors. Johnstone Supply runs over 400 individually owned stores and local delivery hubs across the country.

It sells HVAC equipment, parts, motors, supplies, and other related products. Johnstone Supply hires for various positions, including product assistants, supply chain data analysts, managers of the contractor training program, accounts payable specialists, managers of content development, and dock operations supervisors.

4. Portland Bottling Company

Portland Bottling Company provides contract packaging services for beverage firms of all sizes. Since its inception in 1924, the business has packaged a wide range of ready-to-drink beverage products, including juices and energy drinks.

It initially bottled RC Cola and 7UP sodas. The organization also maintains a location in Clackamas and its Portland headquarters. Production planners, purchasers, lab technicians, production assistants, plant engineers, sanitation technicians, and maintenance mechanics are all employed by Portland Bottling.

3. Laird Superfood

Meals made of plants are produced by the American company Laird Superfood. The company, established in 2015, aspires to provide high-quality, premium plant-based products that are reasonably priced and available to everyone.

The brand extended from its initial focus on vegan creamers to include fair-trade coffees, coconut waters, baking mixes, helpful mushroom blends, and harvest snacks.

Lead maintenance technicians, senior food scientists, ambassadors, inventory experts, event planners, shipping clerks, and old food scientists are all employed by Laird Superfood.

2. Harry & David Holdings, Inc.

Harry & David has become America’s top gourmet gift retailer since 1934. We are dedicated to providing top quality and excellence, from our hand-picked fresh fruit to our hand-packed gift baskets filled with delectable delights.

Our history is said to have begun with Samuel Rosenberg, a prosperous hotelier from Seattle, Washington, whose ideals were centered on family and agriculture.

Samuel exchanged his beloved Hotel Sorrento in the Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon in 1910 for 240 prime acres of pear trees. Later, his two sons, Harry and David Rosenberg, took over the soon-to-be-named Bear Creek Orchards.

1. RLC Industries Co.

RLC Industries Co. is a holding corporation that manufactures and distributes wood and forest products through its subsidiaries.

Real wood siding, hardwood plywood, and lumbers are among its offerings. In March 1985, the company changed its name from Roseburg Lumber Co. to RLC Industries Co.

Top Manufacturing Companies In Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best manufacturing company in Oregon?

Intel Corp is the best leading manufacturing company situated in Oregon.

What are the top companies in Oregon in 2022?

Recent statistics claim that Oregon is the top place. In addition, ZoomInfo, The Parr Company, and Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. are some of the other leading companies.

What is the revenue of the best manufacturing companies estimated around?

Oregon has different laws concerning estimated taxes than the federal government does. A quarterly expected tax payment form must be submitted if you wish to owe $500 or more in taxes for the entire year. If you fail to make the required estimated tax payments, you may be liable for interest on underpaid estimated taxes (UND).

What is the admission procedure for starting a company in Oregon?

Business Xpress, a partnership of state agencies, should be your first stop when starting a business in Oregon. A business plan is a detailed design for your enterprise. A strategy may contain factors relating to sales, marketing, advertising, and promotion, as well as location and location. The Corporation Division of the Oregon Secretary of State is where you can register your business as a corporation, nonprofit corporation, assumed business name, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, Oregon trademark, or service mark.

Which external factors determine the choice of companies in Oregon?

Every facet of daily life, from employees’ well-being to a company’s potential to succeed, is influenced by the state of the economy. Businesses may work harder to keep their workers and adapt their operations to continue making money when the economy is trending down, and unemployment is rising. For instance, if the business manufactures goods for retail sales, it can think about cutting the price to boost sales and boost revenue.

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