10+ Top Manufacturing Companies in North Carolina

North Carolina offers manufacturers a broad range of attractions due to its skilled labor pool, affordable business expenses, and plenty of shovel-ready locations. In November of 2021, Toyota made a significant statement about its ambitions to build a sizable battery manufacturing facility in Greensboro.

This month, JELD WEN announced plans to add a second shift to a new factory launched in July 2021. According to MNI, there are now 9,084 manufacturers in North Carolina, employing 578,890 people. These are several important businesses in the food and car industries.

Largest manufacturing companies in North Carolina

10. Butterball, LLC (Mount Olive, NC) 

Another testament to North Carolina’s strength in the food industry is Butterball, LLC, a major producer of turkey products, including the whole turkey. The Mount Olive, North Carolina facility is the largest turkey factory in the world, processing 17 million turkeys annually. The plant employs 2,400 people, making it the tenth-largest manufacturing facility in North Carolina based on the size of its workforce.

9. Flanders Corp. (Washington, NC) 

Flanders Corp. manufactures and designs precision air filtration products. The Washington unit serves as the company’s headquarters, home to 2,425 employees. Flanders Corp. develops, manufactures, produces, and services industrial power and control systems as a bespoke manufacturer and electrical systems troubleshooter for heavy industry. The business specializes in electric rotating equipment for demanding uses in the mining, milling, and heavy industries.

8. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (Fayetteville, NC) 

Goodyear Tire & Rubber, headquartered in Akron, OH, is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers and manufactures tires for various vehicles, including trucks, cars, farm equipment, SUVs, motorcycles, construction equipment, and more. In 2019, Goodyear’s Fayetteville location announced a major expansion of tire production with a larger rim diameter. Goodyear Tire is the 9th largest industrial employer in North Carolina, employing 2,500 people.

7. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (Tobaccoville) 

R.J. Reynolds is the second largest tobacco manufacturer in the US, founded in Winston-Salem in 1875. The Tobaccoville location is the company’s largest plant, occupying 2 million square feet, where 2,500 employees process and manufacture tobacco products.

6. Tyson Foods, Inc. (Wilkesboro, NC) 

Headquartered in Springdale, AR, Tyson Foods is a multinational food products company and ranks as the second largest meat processor in the world, producing 20% ​​of all pork, beef, and chicken consumed. In the United States. The Wilkesboro plant, home to 2,540 workers, focuses on chicken processing, packaging, and frozen poultry products.

5. Pfizer, Inc. (Rocky Mount, North Carolina) 

With around 88,000 employees worldwide, Pfizer is among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and in 2020 it became even more famous as one of the first developers of a vaccine against COVID-19. Based in Rocky Mount, Pfizer is a supplier of hospital-grade single-use, intravenous solutions, and parenteral products. The facility employs 3,000 people and ranks as the sixth-largest industrial employer in North Carolina.

4. GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, LLC (Wilmington, NC) 

GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy is a joint effort to serve the global nuclear energy industry. 3,000 employees manufacture light water reactors at this Wilmington plant for boiling and pressurizing water reactor operators. The facility also works on steam turbines and their parts.

3. Fleet Readiness Center East (Havelock, NC) 

The Fleet Readiness Center in Havelock is one of eight US Navy facilities for maintaining and overhauling naval aircraft, components, and equipment. 4,000 workers make aircraft parts and rebuild helicopters at the Cherry Point plant.

2. Smithfield Foods, Inc. (Tar Heel, North Carolina

Founded in 1936, Smithfield Foods is among the world’s largest pork producers and processes hogs from 2,500 individual farms in the US. The company’s Tar Heel plant employs 5,000 and processes up to 35,000 hogs daily. The company’s highly mechanized pig production, which contained thousands of pigs in enormous barns known as concentrated animal feeding facilities and managed the animals’ growth from conception through packing, allowed it to expand.

1. IBM Corporation (Research Triangle Park, NC) 

Based in Armonk, NY, IBM (International Business Machines) dominates the world of computer hardware, middleware, and software and provides consulting services. At their Research Triangle Park location, 8,000 employees work on IBM software, storage systems, and systems technology.

Top Manufacturing Companies In North Carolina

Frequently asked questions

Where is the most manufacturing in North Carolina?

Charlotte, which employs 47,494 people, is the largest city in North Carolina in terms of manufacturing employment, according to MNI. Winston-Salem has 16,957 workers, followed by Greensboro with 26,783 employees. 

What is the no.1 industry in North Carolina?

Aircraft and defense. Due to the existence of significant military locations, including Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg-Pope Army Airfield, and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, the state is in an advantageous situation as the aerospace and defense sectors frequently collaborate.

What is the main industry in Raleigh NC?

Government, healthcare, and education are the region’s three main industries overall. Possibilities for employment as contractors, suppliers, or employees of established businesses are available to potential newcomers. Green technology for energy and water is one of Raleigh’s recent businesses.

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