10+ Top Manufacturing Companies in New Jersey

Despite being known as the “Garden State,” New Jersey is an industrial powerhouse. The State’s strategic position benefits several sectors, including those in the medical, technological, automotive, electronics, and chemical fields.

New Jersey is well situated for importing and exporting due to its proximity to international shipping ports and airports and its robust interstate system. Let’s examine some of the New Jersey businesses that are expanding the quickest and the factors that have contributed to their success.

MNI data shows that 9,955 manufacturing businesses currently employ 389,866 people in New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the top states in the nation for chemical production, with 21% of its industrial employees engaged in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector.

What is a manufacturing business?

  • A company that uses components, pieces, or raw materials to create finished goods is considered a manufacturing business.
  • A manufacturer oversees putting together the finished products, like laptops, refrigerators, or watches, or making the parts and components other manufacturers use to create more complex items, like automobiles or airplanes.
  • The business has two options for selling the products: directly to consumers or to manufacturers who will utilize them to create a different product.
  • In the modern manufacturing industry, products are typically comprised of humans, machines, robots, computers, and other factors.
  • Manufacturing enables companies to sell completed goods for more money than they paid for the raw materials.

Largest manufacturing companies in New Jersey

10. Unilever

With its headquarters in London, England, Unilever is a British global firm that manufactures consumer goods.

Food, condiments, ice cream, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and personal care items are all produced by Unilever. The largest soap manufacturer in the world, Unilever, with products sold in almost 190 nations.

9. Sanofi U.S.

Sanofi is a pharmaceutical company based in France and employs 99,000 people worldwide.

The Company, known for developing and manufacturing a wide variety of prescription drugs such as Ambien and Flomax, has four locations in the U.S.,

The Company was founded in 1973, then in 1999; it combined with Synthélabo to become Sanofi-Synthélabo.

Millions of people are protected by life-saving vaccinations and treatments provided by the corporation, and some of the world’s poorest nations have affordable access to our medications.

8. Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson, is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Belgium, employing 10,000 people worldwide.

This Titusville location employs 2,000 people. As part of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development (J&J PRD), now known as Janssen Research and Development (JRD), which carries out research and development activities relating to a wide range of human medical disorders, including mental illness, neurological disorders, etc.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals was acquired by the American corporation Johnson & Johnson, based in New Jersey, in 1961.

7. Merck & Co., Inc.

With annual sales of $12.7 billion, this subsidiary of Merck & Co. has a significant pharmaceutical presence in New Jersey.

The 2,155-employee facility in Kenilworth discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets drugs, vaccines, biological therapies, and consumer and animal products.

6. Crestron Electronics

Since 1971, Crestron Electronics has paved the way for technological advancement. They provide automation solutions that alter people’s lives by simplifying daily activities and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

They consistently offer quicker, better solutions that cater to the demands of clients throughout the globe so as to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

With Crestron, you’re investing in more than just top-of-the-line electronics; you’re also getting 24/7 support and service worldwide and supporting goods created and made in the United States.

5. Campbell Soup

With its subsidiaries, Campbell Soup Company (Campbell) produces and markets branded convenience food items.

Campbell Soup operates in five segments: North American Foodservice, Global Baking, and Snacking, U.S. Beverages, and International Simple Meals and Beverages.

The Company bought 1300 Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden in June 2012. The Company finished acquiring BF Bolthouse Holdco LLC on August 6, 2012. (Bolthouse Farms).

The Company’s breeding and sales of tomatoes and peppers were bought by Vilmorin & Cie SA in September 2012. Campbell Soup Company finalized the acquisition of Plum Organics in June 2013.

4. Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Occupying a massive 3.3 million square foot facility in Roseland, the automated data processing site serves as the Company’s corporate headquarters.

It produces offset and laser payroll check printing and develops SaaS human capital management software. The facility employs 3,000 people and is the fifth largest industrial employer in New Jersey.

3. Merck & Co.

Merck & Co. is a known global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, and employing 70,000 people worldwide.

The Rahway location ranks New Jersey’s third largest industrial Company with 4,200 employees and manufactures pharmaceuticals.

2. Lockheed Martin Corp.

Lockheed Martin is a major aerospace and defense company headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. With 4,500 employees, the location ranks as the second largest industrial employer in New Jersey.

The site, which includes a one-million-square-foot facility, manufactures electronic components.

1. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals is the largest manufacturing company in New Jersey. It employs more than 5,000 people.

As part of the global Novartis family, it has total sales of $52 billion. In addition to researching and developing drugs to treat conditions ranging from hypertension to Alzheimer’s and diabetes, Novartis is pioneering telemedicine for patients who cannot access doctors and hospitals.

Top Manufacturing Companies In New Jersey

Frequently asked questions

What is the largest manufacturing business in New Jersey?

Pharmaceutical company Novartis Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the biggest manufacturer in New Jersey, employs 5,000 workers. Its overall revenue is $52 billion, and it is a member of the worldwide Novartis family.

What manufacturers are in New Jersey?

Anheuser-Busch, Benjamin Moore, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Lockheed Martin are just a few industry giants with manufacturing facilities in New Jersey. The State’s historic strongholds have been the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and food manufacturing industries.

What industry is New Jersey famous for?

Major industries in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, finance, manufacturing, information technology, transportation, and logistics sectors are all part of New Jersey’s broad economy. Our Company Advocates are highly knowledgeable about your sector and the benefits that New Jersey may provide your business strategy.

What is New Jersey’s biggest export?

Chemicals made up most of New Jersey’s manufactured exports in 2018, accounting for $9.1 billion of the State’s overall exports of products.

Is New Jersey a manufacturing state?

Yes. Manufacturers in New Jersey employ 6.28% of the workforce and produce 8.57% of the State’s total output. In 2019, manufacturing produced $54.40 billion in total.

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