Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is located in the northeast part of the American continent. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as the state is officially known, has a long and illustrious history as one of the original 13 colonies of the United States.

Massachusetts manufacturers account for 9.39% of the state’s total production and 6.7% of its workers. In 2018, manufacturing produced $53.26 billion in total. Additionally, Massachusetts had an average of 244,000 manufacturing workers in 2018, and their average yearly pay in 2017 was $101,933.54.

Biotechnology, maritime commerce, engineering, information technology, banking, tourism, and higher education, are some of Massachusetts’ top industries.

Top manufacturing companies in Massachusetts

10. InMetal

Inmetal custom manufactures a variety of Large Frames, Small Frames, Chassis, Machine Covers, Cases, Angles, Channels, Baskets, Boxes, Bases, Cabinets, Cases, Rings, Brackets, Buses, Card Cages, Containers, louvers, cutters, gaskets, shields, panels, precision sheets, complex weldments, precision wire forms, brackets, and other stainless steel products.

9. Celera Motion 

Celera Motion manufactures direct drive motors, miniature precision optical encoders, controllers, and custom integrated solutions.

The company’s linear and rotary optical encoders are available in several designs, with different mounting options and incremental and absolute interfaces.

Industries included motion control, metrology, medical and life science devices, semiconductor, electronic assembly, test and measurement, and data storage industries.

8. Tecomet 

Tecomet offers custom manufacturing services. Their product specialties include standard and custom medical implants, cases, instruments, and trays.

Their capabilities include 3D printing, lost wax casting, forging, 5-axis CNC grinding, horizontal milling, turn-milling, four-axis CNC vertical machining, wire/RAM/hole EDM, welding (MIG, TIG, laser and electron beam), laser cutting and drilling, injection molding, chemical etching and thermoforming.

7. Plastic Design, Inc.

Plastic Design, Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of plastic components, systems, and equipment. Biomedical and pharmaceutical research products, storage equipment, laboratory furniture, cleanroom equipment, wet process equipment, semiconductors, and recreational and marine products are manufactured.

6. Techprint, Inc. 

Techprint, Inc. custom manufactures printed specialty graphics and electronic products, including labels, signs, stickers, graphic overlays, membrane switches, sensors, labels, logos, and keyboards. Their capabilities include laser, rotary die cutting, embossing, CNC milling, cutting, hot stamping, and contract assembly.

5. B.G. Peck Co., Inc.

B. G. Peck Co. Inc offers precision custom fabrication services such as metal forming, metal stamping, wire EDM, die, laser cutting, and water jet services. It can handle plastics, rubber, and metals. Skills include drafting, bending, edging, edging, and CAD engineering.

4. Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions 

Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions customizes and manufactures industrial hand & machine knives and blades. Knife types include a circular, straight, router, roofing, carpet, cable, skiver, stapler, hook, banana, sloyd, woodcarving, and insulation knives. Different materials include stainless steel, high-speed steel, tool steel, die steel, chrome vanadium, and carbon steel.

3. Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.  

Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc. is a manufacturer of metal pipes and rods available in various features and specifications. Their capabilities include CNC machining, bending and winding, pulling, and end forming, serving the medical, aerospace, and high-tech manufacturing industries.

2. 52 Launch Powered by Sourcentra 

52 Launch Powered by Sourcentra specializes in brand services such as turnkey custom services, advertising, retail packaging, printing, design, global sourcing, distribution, engineering, prototyping, product manufacturing management, communications, warehousing, fulfillment, public relations, event planning, and marketing communications. Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) programs are also available.

1. Shawmut Corp. 

Shawmut Crop. Manufactures molded and die-cut soft trim components, rigid molded components, and laminated products such as headliners, sunroofs, body fabrics, electrometric foils, foils, liners, pillar wraps, packaging trays, cup holders, visors, child seat pads, sun shades, blood pressure cuffs, air loss mattresses, orthopedic barrier fabrics, breathable barriers, disposable barriers, molded shoe inserts, clothing, air and liquids, and disposables.

Top Manufacturing Companies In Massachusetts

Frequently asked questions

What is Massachusetts known for manufacturing?

Chemicals are ranked first in the manufacturing sector, followed by manufactured metal goods (such as ammunition, firearms, hand tools, knives, stampings, and valves) (pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, and photographic materials). Additionally manufactured in the state are oscilloscopes, automation control devices, and other equipment. 

What is the biggest industry in Massachusetts?

Today, the largest employment sectors in Massachusetts are education and healthcare. Manufacturing, particularly computer and electrical goods, is another important sector.

What are the major industries in Massachusetts?

The industrial manufacturing industry in Massachusetts is responsible for 282,582 employment and 9.5% of the state’s GDP. ¹ The top three industries in Massachusetts by shipping are the production of chemicals, food processing, and computer and electronic products.

What is the most manufactured product in the world?

The most manufactured product in human history is metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors, which are currently in limited supply worldwide.

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