Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Illinois

Manufacturing and food processing are two of the most well-known businesses in Illinois. Manufacturing firms frequently locate corporate headquarters in the state as a result.

Illinois ranks as one of the top industrial states in the US, with 15,768 businesses that employ 772,082 people. Most of its exports to other countries are nonelectrical machinery, of which it is one of the leading producers. The Chicago metropolitan region has the highest number of industrial parks dispersed throughout the state.

Largest manufacturing companies in Illinois

10. ITW

A significant producer of tools and other construction supplies is ITW or Illinois Tool Works. Equipment for beverage packaging, fastening systems, and coatings for metal objects are a few of the company’s products. The business was established in 1912. It is a Fortune 200 American corporation that manufactures specialist goods, equipment, and consumable systems and designs fasteners and components.

9. Dot Foods, Inc. (Mount Sterling, IL)

Dot Foods is a supplier of an overwhelming selection of dry, frozen, and refrigerated food service and nonfood goods, carrying well-known names, including Land O’ Lakes, Handy Seafood, and Beer Nuts.

The company’s production headquarters are located in Mount Sterling, where 2.6 million square feet of space are used for this purpose. The business provides 650 American manufacturers with 100,000 items.

8. EKI Industries Inc.

The manufacturing business of EKI is quality-driven. The company in Joliet provides answers to all your chemical needs by constantly producing high-quality goods. The manufacturing organization can meet your demands, whether you want small batches or vast amounts.

The 1976-founded, family-owned business has stayed true to its principles by continuing to use cutting-edge techniques and create top-notch goods. On its large factory floor, EKI has the potential to make approximately 1400 packages and over 400 goods.

This firm makes pharmaceutical, industrial, and laboratory chemical products and provides services, including private label OEM, custom formulation, building packaging, logistics, and distribution.

7. Medline Industries, Inc. (Northfield, IL)

Medline Industries is a significant medical equipment producer in the Northfield neighborhood of Chicago. The business offers clinical programs in addition to manufacturing and distributing medical products. The firm, which has 5,000 employees, manufactures various products, including surgical appliances, uniforms, rubber gloves, nursing supplies, and wound care supplies, and has been a significant manufacturer of PPE equipment during the COVID-19 epidemic.

6. Henry Pratt Company

The Henry Pratt Company was founded in 1901 as a metalworking business. This Aurora company is a pioneer in R&D and is renowned for enhancing both new and old goods. The highly skilled engineering staff of Henry Pratt is also an industry leader in the wastewater, water, and power plant sectors.

The items produced and sold by this manufacturing firm include, among others, rectangle, butterfly, rectangular, nuclear, industrial, sleeve, cone, and energy dissipation valves, valve actuators, plug valves, knife gate valves, air valves, gate valves, and control systems.

5. Baxter

Baxter, established in 1931, produces goods for the healthcare sector and sells them in several nations. The company’s critical care instruments, nutrition supplements, and surgical equipment are some of its best-selling items.

4. Aurora Circuits

This Aurora manufacturing business provides original fixes for circuit board issues. For over 82 years, the company has produced over 5 billion circuit boards for Illinois firms.

Aurora Circuits features a production facility with a floor area of approximately 38,000 square feet with cutting-edge machinery. Dr. Christopher Kalmus, the CEO of the 1938-founded firm, has more than 30 years of expertise in the industrial and technology sectors.

The engineers and experts at Aurora provide a range of circuit solutions, such as thick-film processing of polymers, processing of heavy copper, precision machining, durable plating for contact wear surfaces, insulated metal substrates, finishes, materials tooling, and more.

3. Dudek Manufacturing Company

Dudek Manufacturing has been in the business for more than 90 years. By enhancing the quality of your goods and assisting you in making cost savings, the manufacturer helps you concentrate on your business.

William Dudek established the metal stamping business in Chicago. Bill was motivated to use new applications and current technologies to produce better products. Following William’s guidelines, the company has solidified itself as one of Illinois’ top manufacturers.

Heat treatment, plating, deburring, degreasing, painting, passivating, electropolishing, and other services are all provided by Dudek Manufacturing. The business also works with various materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

2.  Zekelman Industries

This American company in Chicago produces structural steel and pipe products. The business comprises several manufacturers passionate about employing advancements in the off-site modular building to revolutionize the industrial sector.

With more than 143 years of expertise, Zekelman Industries has over 2,700 licensed and insured personnel. The manufacturing company has a space capacity of approximately 10 million square feet and a 2.7 yearly production capacity.

Zekelman offers a variety of goods, including structural tubing, steel pipes, mechanical tubing, EC and N conduit, modular structures, fence frameworks, and more.

1. CTS

The aerospace, communications, defense, industrial, information technology, medical, and transportation OEMs rely on CTS Corporation as a top designer and producer of sensors, actuators, and electronic components.

With 12 production facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe, CTS focuses on giving its global industry partners cutting-edge technology, first-rate customer service, and outstanding value. With advanced sensing, connection, and motion solutions for the development and improvement of goods and services throughout the globe, CTS strives to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Top Manufacturing Companies In Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 industry in Illinois?

Illinois’ main industries outside of commerce include manufacturing, education, agriculture, energy, and biotechnology. The state of Illinois produces a significant amount of ethanol fuel and has large wind farms, making it a pioneer in renewable energy technologies.

What is Illinois known for manufacturing?

Illinois tops the list of states in terms of the production of rubber products, food items, chemicals, manufactured metals, computer and electronic products, and the quantity of printing and publishing facilities.

What are the top industries in Illinois?

Among the state’s industrial outputs are machinery, food processing, electrical equipment, chemical products, publishing, fabricated metal products, and transportation equipment. Important agricultural items include corn and soybeans.

What is the largest manufacturing export in Illinois?

Except for electricity, machinery is the state’s largest industrial export sector, accounting for $11.8 billion of Illinois’ total exports of commodities in 2018.

How many manufacturing companies are in Illinois?

Illinois is a significant manufacturing hub and is home to 15,768 manufacturing and industrial companies.

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