Top 10 Hotels in Virginia: Your Dream Vacation Destination

Virginia, as a place, is polite and has compassionate people. Job sectors are open to new people with creative objectives and mindsets; education is quite a vital aspect in people here because the population here is immensely educated and wants more skilled people.

The hotels and resorts have a flexible price range here, with all the relaxing facilities required to make the vacation worth remembering. 

The Most Beautiful Hotels in Virginia

10. Glass Light Hotel & Gallery (Norfolk) 

This hotel has spacious, cozy rooms and an outstanding viewpoint. The hotel has, as usual, free Wifi and swimming pools for the tourists.

The rooms have glass doors and windows; this hotel is mainly known for a couple’s staycation. The hotel also provides air-conditioned rooms with a big screened TV. The view from the balcony and the terrace is unreal. 

9. The Virginian Lynchburg (Lynchburg)

The rooftop restaurant is an excellent point for tourists too. For example, couples, family, or even a group of friends can chill and relax here with some soft music playing all around.

There is an ATM available in the hotel in case any tourists need to use it. The continental and Thai cuisine here is the yummiest of all. All that sums up is that this 4-star hotel is worth the money. 

8. Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa/Short Pump Town Centre (Richmond)

This hotel has been rated a solid 8.6 out of 10 for its amenities. There is also a steakhouse in the restaurant with delicious steaks for the tourists.

Talking about room facilities, there is a coffee maker in each room so that the tourists can make themselves a quick coffee every time they have a caffeine urge. The hotel also has a salon on site, which gives pro facilities. 

7. Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront (Virginia Beach)

If you love beaches, this hotel is undoubtedly the one for you. The great beachy vibes that the hotel provides are honestly mesmerizing.

Bike ride lovers can come, and the hotel provides complimentary bikes oy your vacation. The main motive of a vacation is to relax from the hectic daily schedule; staying at this hotel sums up the vacation purpose as the hotel offers ample amenities and an infinity pool for tourists to enjoy and relax. 

6. Hotel Laurance (Luray)

Here comes the most charming luxury hotel in Virginia. Luxury is the primary concern in this hotel, as the facilities here are excellent. There’s a library in the corner of the hotel for the bibliophiles.

The bathrooms have an aesthetic ambiance, with a hair dryer in every bathroom. Open terrace arrangements are made here for the tourists to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The food is fantastic and provides a lot of cuisines too. 

5. Quirk Hotel Charlottesville (Charlottesville)

Here again, comes a luxurious hotel in Virginia. The ratings have shown it to be the most well-integrated and designed hotel in Virginia.

The hotel has an ATM if the tourists require it and a luggage store for them, so the rooms do not become congested. And the most attractive aspect is that the hotel is just a walk away from Scott Stadium.

Another important insight of this hotel is the private parking system. Overall, this hotel has all the necessary facilities. Ratings are also pretty good; hence worth a try. 

4. Quirk Hotel Richmond (Richmond)

The hype about this hotel is entirely worth it; tourists can come here to relax and take a break from their hectic daily life schedule. This hotel, too, has a gallery to exhibit the talents of local artists.

Each room is designed precisely and integrated in a relatively modern manner. The ratings are pretty decent. There is a fitness center available for tourists. A garden full of greens here can give a relaxing therapy to the tourists as well. 

3. Virginia Crossings Hotel (Richmond)

This hotel has an outdoor pool and a colossal sale of well-equipped rooms; the balconies act as incredible viewpoints in different rooms.

There are golf centers, basketball courts, and volleyball courts too. A fitness center is also for tourists to stay fit and healthy during their vacation.

The ratings are pretty decent for this hotel, the food quality and the ambiance are worth the money. 

2. The Sessions Hotel (Bristol)

The rooms here are extraordinarily cozy and relaxing; the view is apparent and sharp from the window itself. The bar of this hotel has fantastic drinks and mocktails for tourists. Free wifi connection is also provided to the tourists.

The tourists can also engage in several activities provided by the hotel, such as fishing and cycling. Ratings have shown that this hotel is the most fabulous boutique hotel in Virginia.

1. The Cavalier Virginia Beach (Virginia Beach)

The name itself is so aesthetic, and so is the hotel. It had a historic integration backstory to it, but recently, it has been renovated most pleasantly and aesthetically, with a fitness center and an indoor pool.

American food is famous in this luxurious hotel, and tourists enjoy the food most sumptuously. Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater is 16 km away from the hotel.

This is the best-rated hotel in Virginia, it’s a little expensive compared to others, but the services and facilities are worth it. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Virginia a good place to live? 

Virginia has low crime and a morally good atmosphere; hence it is an excellent place to live.

Are people educated enough in Virginia?

People in Virginia are pretty educated and have a stronghold in marketing and strategies.

Is Virginia a pretty place?

Yes, Virginia as a place is aesthetic and beautiful. This place is an excellent place to relax and enjoy with your family or friends. 

How are the people in Virginia?

People in Virginia are the most excellent and friendliest.


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