10+ Luxurious Hotels in Vermont that Will Take Your Breath Away

Vermont is home to beautiful sceneries and viewpoints. The mountains look majestic with a green blanket on them.

The humming wind and beautiful atmosphere make Vermont a good place. Proper access to fresh air, good food, and healthcare facilities make Vermont a wonderful place to live and settle down.

The lifestyle of the Vermont habitants is simple yet profound, integrated into the traditional roots. There are ample luxurious hotels here in Vermont ranging from price, ambiance, location, food, services, etc.

The Charming and Quaint Hotels in Vermont

10. Grand Summit Resort 

This resort is a 4-star hotel located in Dover. There are more than 230 rooms here in this resort. The rooms here are quite decent and have the requirements.

There is also a beautiful garden and a pool in the resort; tea, coffee, sugar, powdered milk packets, and a kettle with warm water are available in each room to quench the tea or coffee thirst of the tourists as per their preferable time.

The Molly Stark State Park is also near the resort. Overall this is a decent hotel, and the price of this hotel is quite pocket friendly. 

9. Hampton Inn Burlington – Colchester 

This hotel is situated in Burlington and is quite near Burlington International Airport. Most importantly, this hotel has a business center for tourists to carry out their work related to their corporate lives peacefully.

This important feature of this hotel works as an attractive aspect for tourists. Coffee makers and a good decent iron are kept in each room.

The restaurant of this hotel serves an amazing range of meals; the American-style breakfast is highly recommended. Barbeques and steaks are also available for tourists. Overall this hotel is a good option. 

8. Holiday Inn Club Vacations Mount Ascutney Resort 

Aesthetic would be the word to claim this resort; situated in Brownsville, this resort is one of the best hotels in Vermont.

The hotel sets up many activities so the tourists can enjoy their vacation and won’t let boredom rule them. There are basketball and tennis courts for the tourists to play in during their leisure time.

A book gallery is inculcated within the resort to ensure the bibliophiles are happy. There is also a fitness center in the hotel. The price range here is neither too expensive nor too cheap; it’s average. 

7. The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa (Manchester)

As the name already objectifies that the resort has golf arrangements for tourists. There is a big golf court for tourists to access while they are on vacation. Talking about the rooms, they are quite big and well-equipped. The bathroom is clean and sanitized.

This hotel has separate luxury rooms, which are a little expensive compared to the normal rooms. Luxury rooms have better services and great views of the green mountains and gardens.

Talking about outdoor activities, activities such as off-roading and horse riding are available for the guests. Tourists have rated this a solid 8.7 out of 10 for this hotel. 

6. The Essex Resort (Burlington)

If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant, then you have probably landed at the right hotel; it’s a cozy, family-friendly restaurant with amazing facilities. The hotel and its rooms are traditionally furnished and well-maintained.

This hotel has an amazing range of things to do. For example, this hotel provides bakery and cooking classes to tourists. There is a golf court and a swimming pool arranged for the tourists.

Interestingly hot air balloon rides and fly fishing river tours are here for the tourists. Overall there is no shortage of amazing facilities here in this resort; people have a lot to do within their interest span. This resort is a great and worthy one. You can invest your money into the resort and never regret it. 

5. Trapp Family Lodge (Stowe)

Trapp Family Lodge is the best hotel for you if you love the amalgamation of mountains, calmness, and luxury. This is a top-tier luxurious hotel with a brilliant range of amenities and polite staff.

Night rooftop sittings have beer and wine arrangements for the guests. Most importantly, this hotel gives you a brilliant view of the mountains.

Sitting on your balcony with hot sips of coffee and enjoying the immensely beautiful view of the mountains itself is a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? This hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Vermont. 

4. Topnotch Resort (Stowe)

This hotel is situated in the middle of Vermont’s Green Mountains and ranks as one of the top most luxurious and charming hotels in Vermont.

Pro relaxation treatments are available here in this hotel, for example, spa facilities, facials, and body massages. An aesthetic fireplace has been arranged for tourists with sumptuous barbeque items.

This hotel is the perfect epitome of luxury and comfort; the ratings for this hotel are a solid 9.2 out of 10. There are many signature mocktails available in this hotel and premier authentic American cuisine. This is possibly one of the best resorts in Vermont. 

3. Kimpton Taconic Hotel (Manchester)

This luxurious hotel is top-rated by tourists because one rare feature that it has is a pet-friendly feature. This hotel allows the pets of the tourists along with them; there is a separate playroom for the pets as well.

There can be no shortage of facilities here, from amazing food to beautiful terrace views. The bar here has an amazing range of drinks and mocktails. Overall it’s a wonderful hotel in Vermont and worth your money. 

2. The Lodge at Spruce Peak (Stowe)

If you are someone who loves spellbound views right from their hotels and authenticity, this hotel is the perfect choice for you. Tourists appreciate this hotel for its amazing views and top-notch services.

The hotel has a golf court and a full-time spa facility. The rooms are extraordinarily beautiful and magnificent, with bright white marble, which looks majestic. There are 250 luxurious rooms in the hotel.

Talking about the food, the restaurant has authentic local organic food, which is utterly wholesome. Free wifi and sufficient flavored teas and coffee packets are available in each room. Overall a fantastic hotel. 

1. Woodstock Inn & Resort (Woodstock)

Here comes the best hotel in Vermont. This hotel is extremely beautiful and possibly one of the most aesthetic and stylish hotels.

This hotel has a big courtyard; the rooms are beyond luxurious; they are big, cozy, and well-equipped with a refrigerator and a coffee maker. The restaurant here serves amazing sumptuous breakfasts along with different varieties of juices.

This hotel has a huge library with different books genres for the tourists to enjoy their idle time. The staff here are very polite and friendly. The price is comparatively a bit higher, but then the services are completely worth the money. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How did Vermont get its name?

Vermont is the place for greenery and green mountains, for the French word for green is “vert,” and “mont” comes from the word “mountains.” 

Are Vermont people nice?

Are Vermont people nice?

Which is the oldest town in Vermont?

The oldest town in Vermont is Westminster.


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