Top 10 Hotels In California For A Family Vacation

Dreamers and adventurous people will love California as a whole; this place is beautiful and very special. Some places which make it even more special are the Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, and Hollywood.

California’s vibrant cities, active and outgoing people, and proper Hollywood vibes, this it the best place to visit while on vacation.

Talking about the locals of California, these people are really sweet and have an outgoing culture. Talking about the hotels, the hotels are grand, majestic,c and luxurious here and have different price ranges. 

Top-Rated Hotels in California

10 Hotel Nia (Menlo Park)

This luxury hotel is situated in the center of silicon valley, and the rooms are quite big and beautiful. The bathrooms are clean and sanitized. Talking about the price, the price range is quite reasonable and affordable.

The facilities here, though, are quite decent and nice. Tourists love the continental breakfast buffet. The hotel also has a beautiful garden with benches for tourists to sit in this beautiful ambiance and admire nature.

If you are looking for a hotel that is quite reasonable yet has top-class facilities, Hotel Nia is the perfect one. 

9 Bardessono Hotel and Spa (Yountville)

This 5-star luxurious hotel in California has big spacious rooms, an ava sh h ambiance, and big wide balconies. If you are a person who wants to sit back and enjoy nature and the view from a balcony, then this hotel is the perfect choice for you.

Each room has all requirements arranged for the tourists, for example, refrigerators, coffee machines, hair dryers, etc. The hotel also has relaxing spa facilities for tourists to ensure the vacation is relaxing.

Special Saturday yoga classes are also arranged here in the hotel. The food here is delicious, and overall a quite a decent hotel for a vacation. 

8 The Beverly Hills Hotel – Dorchester Collection (Los Angeles)

Elegant and beautiful would be the only words to identify this hotel; this hotel has another name, “the pink palace.” 

Downtown Beverly Hills is just 1.6 km away. The rooms and the bathrooms are made of white marble, which looks luxurious. The Polo Lounge at the hotel is a popular dining place for celebrities.

The pool here has underwater music arrangements, which are cool. The bar here has amazing mocktails for tourists. The hotel’s gym gives the tourists free juice and free water while they use the gym to work out. 

7 Montage Healdsburg (Healdsburg)

Tourists who love aesthetics and modern European architecture will love this place. This place is mainly appreciated for its amazing architecture and viewpoints.

The garden is amazing, along with the pool and the rooftop restaurant. The sumptuous American breakfast is much appreciated here for its taste.

There are many activities, such as hiking and cycling, which you can be a part of while you are here in this hotel. Tourists have given a solid 9.2 out of 10 rating to this hotel. 

6 L’Ermitage Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

Luxury, richness, and elegance are the words to describe this hotel. Once you walk inside this hotel, it seems like you are walking through a royal palace.

This hotel is only committed to presenting the best services to its tourists. This 5-star hotel gives the best facilities to tourists.

The food, along with its different cuisines, is amazing. This hotel is a brilliant luxurious one with the best amenities. This hotel is worth the money and experience. 

5 Hotel Ynez (Solvang)

Tourists have highly recommended this hotel as it is technically the coolest hotel in California; it has amazing architecture and designs.

This hotel also has brilliant views, serves all types of amenities, and the staff here are very polite. This hotel is near the University of California.

The restaurant here has amazing steak options, barbeques, and a range of mocktails. There is a big pool inside the hotel, along with free wifi in each room and an air conditioner. Overall this hotel is a very good option. 

4 The Ritz-Carlton (Rancho Mirage)

This hotel is really beautiful and ravishing. Royalty speaks in every corner of the hotel, there is a good fireplace arranged here, and the shelf in the hotel’s ballroom has an amazing range of books for the tourists to read in their free time.

Amazing and delicious food is available here in this hotel, along with sumptuous dessert options. The hotel is beautifully designed and integrated. The rooms are very spacious and clean, and the hotel overall is good. 

3 The Charlie West Hollywood (Los Angeles)

If you are looking for a charming and romantic hotel, this hotel is the right option for you. This hotel has a historical reference in its integration.

This hotel gives off a major monochromatic and royalty vibe. Laundry facilities are available here as well. Guests can relax outdoors on the English garden terrace.

A perfect relaxation-worthy hotel in California, along with amazing cuisines and mocktails. Tourists have rated this hotel a solid 9.5 out of 10. The hotel’s vibes and ambiance make it one of the best. 

2 Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

This hotel is hands down one of the coolest hotels in California, and the rooftop restaurant is the main attraction for tourists. The hotel has free bikes for tourists to go on long drives while they are on their vacation.

There are approx 170 rooms; the rooms are quite spacious and clean, the beds are comfortable, and each room has all important appliances.

The staff is very polite and decent. Talking about the food, the authentic American breakfast is the best one here, and the tourists enjoy them a lot. This 5-star hotel is a great one indeed. 

1 The West Hollywood EDITION (Los Angeles)

Classic and stylish would be the adjectives to term this hotel, and this hotel is a grand top, top-notch one. This hotel has free bikes, and the restaurant series has awesome food, drinks, and shakes.

The West Hollywood EDITION features some units with a patio, and all rooms have a coffee machine. The open terrace of this hotel is ravishing and gives a beautiful view of entire California.

The bathrooms are really clean and have a bathrobe, slippers, and other sanitary facilities. This 5-star hotel has all brilliant amenities and has been rated as the best hotel in California. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the state fruit of California?

The state fruit of California is the Avocado.

What is the state insect of California?

The state insect of California is California Dogface Butterfly. 

What is the cost of living in California?

The cost of living in California is quite high. 


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