Top 10 Hotels in Alaska for a Romantic Getaway

Alaska is a beautiful and adventurous place to visit and spend time with your loved ones. Imbibed with wildlife sanctuaries and ample opportunities, this place is one of the best places in the US to live. Alaska is also a place for many outdoor activities.

Tourists who love exploring new places, new cafes, and new things will love Alaska as it is full of things to explore and enjoy.

Although the living cost in Alaska is quite expensive, the blue scenery, wildlife, and good economic hold make it a good place to live. 

Top Luxurious Hotels in Alaska

10. Comfort Inn Ship Creek

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Alaska. The hotel is mostly an attraction for many tourists as there is a performing arts center just a few walks away from the hotel.

And most importantly, this hotel is pet friendly, so tourists who want their pets to be included in the trip can surely bring their pets if they stay in this hotel; there is a separate park area for the pets to play.

There are many salmon fisheries nearby too, so if you enjoy fishing, then surely this hotel is for you. The ambiance of this hotel is amazing, along with good quality food and spacious rooms. 

9. Alyeska Resort

This 5-star luxurious hotel has won an award for its amazing maintenance and facilities, which the hotel provides to tourists.

The rooms are brilliantly innovative and decorated precisely. The resort provides spa services for the ultimate relaxation one can acquire from a trip.

There are several cuisines that the hotel provides to cater to all tastes. Overall this hotel is a very good choice first. 

8. Tutka Bay Lodge

If you are someone who loves the aesthetic decor of the hotel and its rooms, then this is probably the best hotel in Alaska for your vacation.

The food here is amazing, and the cuisines are customized according to different tastes. The seafood and Thai food here are amazing.

The view from the balcony and window side is mesmerizing. There are many favorite tourist spots near the hotel. Overall this lodge is a good one.

7. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

This lodge is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. Situated in the heart of Alaska, this lodge gives all amenities required for a good and wholesome vacation. The lodge has a lakeside bar and dining room for the tourists to chill and relax.

Grilled chicken and vegetables are a specialty of the restaurant of this hotel. Italian cuisine is quite famous for its authentic taste; there are many small shops near the lodge for tourists.

Another partnership with Winterlake, another brilliant resort nearby, allows the liberty for guests to heli-ski even further north into the Tordrillo Range and Neacola Mountains. 

6. Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge

Here comes another luxurious royal lodge for tourists. An important facility provided by this hotel is that this lodge provides a personalized tour guide to the tourists so that they have a hassle-free tour.

The ambiance here is amazing, along with its facilities, food, etc. The price of this hotel is slightly high compared to other hotels.

The tranquil atmosphere, along with the wuthering sound of the waves and the amazing nature, makes the trip an awesome one for the tourists. 

5. Waterfall Resort

The atmosphere of this resort impacts the name of the resort, and the entire credit goes to the location where the resort is situated.

The location longs out over 52 acres on Prince of Wales Island. There are many small fisheries around the resort. Salmon fish is quite famous here and is cooked and served to the guests with great authenticity and uniqueness.

The resort’s accommodation is really good; the rooms are very beautifully decorated and spacious. Overall the resort is quite decent and a good option for tourists. 

4. Sheldon Chalet

An alternative name for this hotel is “heaven.”Situated in the top area of the Denali mountains, the topmost area of North America. It’s right amidst the snow-capped mountains with ample amenities, starting from the rooms, the view, and the food.

Every amenity is amazing. The ultimate luxurious aspect of this hotel is the relaxing view of the mountains.

The only con of staying in this hotel is that it’s situated in the topmost area of the mountains; hence visiting places and coming back to the hotel can be hectic and too time-consuming, but this hotel is awesome and a must-visit for mountain lovers, especially.


3. Borealis Basecamp

This hotel gives off a typical aurora vibe to the tourists with aesthetic decor and ambiance. This hotel has been renovated into a new version with new ideas and a creative atmosphere.

This hotel is a great option for people who love the beautiful decor and the atmosphere around them.

The rooms are luxurious ous setting, and the bathrooms are clean, along with a balcony. This hotel is a great option if you are planning to visit Alaska. 

2. Chena Hot Springs Resort

If you want complete home vibes while you are on your vacation, then this place is definitely for you. The resort is situated in a very beautiful place right in the heart of Alaska.

The resort has hot springs nearby, which allows the tourists and guests to relax, and the entire infrastructure is amazing and worth visiting once.

The rooms are decorated in an amalgamation of French and Latin fusion styles. This hotel is comparatively a little expensive compared to others, but the amenities pay off. 

1. Captain Cook Hotel

This hotel is situated right in the heart of Alaska and was built by Wally Hickel, who was a politician and a businessman. The hotel is a grand one with amply skilled professionals working there.

There is a joint spa center for tourists to relax during their vacation. The French American restaurant is famous for its varied cuisine and delicious food.

This hotel is a walk away from various tourist spots. This hotel is one of the most expensive hotels in Alaska. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many lakes does Alaska have?

Alaska has nearly 3 million lakes.

What are the things Alaska is famous for?

Alaska is famous for gold mining, seafood, and outdoor activities. 

What are the things that are hard to find in Alaska? 

Football stadiums, outdoor water parks, small mountains, all these things are hard to find in Alaska.

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