Top 10 Grocery Stores in Michigan: From Fresh Produce to Gourmet Goodies

Our weekly habits include going to the grocery shop a lot. Availability and costs will change based on where you purchase, whether you prefer to order pre-selected things online or deliver them to your door.

For instance, grocery stores sell various goods under their own brand that is exclusive to them.

While some supermarkets are more reasonably priced, others take pride in providing a more comprehensive selection of more expensive organic products.

One grocery store in the state is rated higher than all the others for everything from produce to pasta.

Best Grocery Stores in Michigan to upgrade your shopping game!

Lalonde’s Market

Lalonde’s Market in Midland has various alternatives, not simply for food. All the standards are included, but there are also some unexpected deviations, such as available summer cocktail recipes.

Have you ever wondered how to make a Sparkling Charred Lemon Gin? You’ll learn here. After you finish your shopping, there is even an art gallery to visit. Although it is primarily online, it is used to promote the shop’s regular line of offers.

Super One Foods

To find some of the finest prices at an independent food shop, travel all the way up to Iron Mountain and visit Super One Foods.

Although there are some others in Michigan and elsewhere—there are actually quite a few in Minnesota and Wisconsin—Super One Foods is still a family-owned business that ranks with the finest.

The excitement here includes a weekly ad with numerous coupons and many options.

Burritt’s Fresh Market

Burritt’s Fresh Market, a newcomer to the independent grocery store scene, makes its debut in Traverse City.

The usual suspects—meat, cheese, and produce—are all available, but there is a noticeable improvement since this is Traverse City.

When you add online newsletters devoted exclusively to wine and cheese, the result is a bundle you won’t soon forget.

Local fish possibilities, a list of specialized goods, and even local food options—you know Traverse City is noted for its cherries, for example—are all on hand.

Kingma’s Market

Kingma’s Market offers various foods and commodities and is known for its “local flavor” in Grand Rapids.

They offer a large selection of cheeses, bulk items, beer, wine, and some remarkable stocks of fruit and vegetables and locally sourced meats.

The fully equipped garden center, a feature typically found in the bigger stores, is what really completes this establishment. There are trees, plants, berry bushes, and more nearby.

Park Street Market

Between Walmart and Meijer, Kalamazoo has no shortage of groceries, but some unexpected jewels are concealed in the independent neighborhoods.

One of the best-hidden jewels is Park Street Market, which offers a variety of catering options, from cheese and cracker platters to jumbo shrimp trays, in addition to the usual selection of products and fruit.

There is plenty of value to go around when you add a line of special deals and brand-new recipes each week.

Arbor Farms Market

Arbor Farms Market has been in business since 1979 and is regarded as one of the top independent grocery stores in Ann Arbor, which is no small accomplishment.

It is simple to understand why Arbor Farms attracts attention, given that it offers both local and organic food, a selection of Michigan meats from cattle to lamb and beyond, homemade salad, soup, and more.

Add an entire nutrition team, frequent sales, and online coupons, and Ann Arbor locals looking for the best in foods have the whole shebang.

Honey Bee Market La Colmena

The independent grocery store of choice for you will be Detroit’s Honey Bee Market La Colmena if you’ve ever looked in your refrigerator and wondered, “Why don’t I have any cactus?”

You’ll discover a lot here that you might not find anywhere else, including a selection of Latin American staples like tamarindo, various spices, and fresh cacti.

Other Mexican candies like Jarritos, Jumex, mole sauce, and others are available. You may also look through the entire selection of pinatas for various events.

Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market

Visit Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market in Shelby Township to see that supermarkets may occasionally be shockingly posh and not simply ones that Amazon has lately acquired.

For those times when you need a lot of food on hand, check out their bakery with distinctive tortes and custom cakes. They also offer $11.99 per person personalized catering packages.

Choose an entree, pasta, vegetable, starch, and salad for your upcoming large event, and let Vince & Joe’s handle the rest.

Hollywood Super Markets

“Since 1950, owned and operated by Michigan.” The fact that Hollywood Super Markets is a small-scale grocery store business that operates only in Michigan is enough to warrant attention.

Seven locations in total, all in lower Michigan’s southeast, have been added. This supermarket business offers its customers fuel rewards through Speedway gas stations in addition to its own “wine sommelier,” who provides advice on the best wines for a given dinner or occasion. It’s not just about the groceries, either.

Gorman’s Food Market

According to customers, Gorman’s Food Market in Lansing has an appealing, “old time” atmosphere that is difficult to overlook in the era of big-box supermarkets.

A big portion of the explanation for this may be found in its prices, where there are some notable specials each week.

Boxes of meat bundles make excellent barbecues, resulting in a grocery store that understands its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest store in Michigan?

Most sites are found at Dollar General, which has 684 locations spread throughout 451 cities. Bath & Body Works has 65 locations in Michigan, while Target has 54. Together, these three make up 74.08% of Michigan’s top 10 department stores.

What is the oldest grocery store in Michigan?

More than 180 retailers can be found in Twelve Oaks Mall, which is supported by Nordstrom, Macy’s, and JCPenney. The biggest national brands, fashion must-haves, and the best home retailers, including Michigan’s only Crate & Barrel, can all be found at Twelve Oaks Mall.

What was the biggest store before Walmart?

Growing quickly, it made history in 1929 when it became the first American retailer of any kind to make $1 billion in sales in a calendar year. A&P, as it is commonly known, would maintain its title as the biggest supplier of commodities in the country for a staggering four-decade period.

Which mall has the most stores in Michigan?

Over 120 shops and eateries are housed in the super-regional shopping center Fairlane Town Center, which is located in the Detroit, Michigan, suburb of Dearborn.

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