Top 15+ Best Fashion brands in the US

The battle of the different Fashion brands on the market goes on. For the last several years, experts are forecasting an annual growth rate of the fashion goods market at 6%. The luxury market was estimated at $300 billion in 2018 by an American organization.

Top Fashion brands in the US

Are you searching for top fashion brand names in the USA? There are lots of fashion brands at present in the US and, in this article, we have talked about the best 10 of them.

Here are top fashion brand names in the USA

10. Coach

The brand value of this company right now happens to be $3.3 billion and it is actually a luxury leather items brand in the US.

The Coach was established in the year 1941 in Manhattan, New York, and at present, it is operated by Joshua Schulman who happens to be its CEO. There are over 600 outlets of this company in the US and Canada. It is one of the topmost notable luxury brands on the planet with a brand estimation of around $3.3 billion.

The average cost of Coach items is approximately $500; however, in spite of this, the company is able to rule the luxury market in the country right now.

9. Michael Kors

The brand value of this particular company is $4.4 billion and the headquarters of this brand is in London.

Nevertheless, the brand is 100% American in appearance, spirit, as well as design. This company has provided its services to celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and also Blake Lively.

The bags produced by this company are extremely well-known amongst working women and the price is somewhere between US$300 and US$600. A significant amount of the appeal of Michael Kors is derived from bags, glasses, perfumes, and footwear.

8. Ralph Lauren

This company’s brand value is almost $7.7 billion. Moreover, this organization received revenue of approximately $8 billion.

This company focuses on luxury items in general and tries to give all types of dress materials according to your own preferences and desires. Many well-known celebrities on the planet sport the garments produced by Ralph Lauren at present.

One of the most well-known brands under this company happens to be Polo. At present, Ralph Lauren is unquestionably one of the leading fashion brands in the US.

7. L Brands – Victoria’s secret

This company’s brand value happens to be $12 billion and it is one of the most well-liked underwear brands in America. The company was founded by Les Wexner who happens to be its present CEO in the year 1963 in Ohio.

L Brands likewise is the owner of Bath and Body Works as well as La Senza. The underwear garments of this company were marketed in over 1700 outlets around the globe and also online in the year 2019.

The official website of this company happens to Apart from this, Victoria’s secret likewise has a well-known catalog and you can easily gain access to their items from anywhere in the world with the help of catalog order.

6. Gap

The brand value of this particular company happens to be $6.4 billion at present. The company tries to make everybody aware of the fact that they need basic garments like jeans and a T-shirt which must be comfortable as well.

Besides this, it also produces top-quality garments which have been manufactured from original raw materials. At present Gap is trying to prioritize digital marketing across the globe so as to increase its sales significantly.

The company is furnishing mainly because of the endeavor made by its employees who believe that their reputation depends on their clients.

5. Armani

The brand value of this particular company is approximately $4 billion right now. It offers amazing dressing and flawless glamour and tailoring.

Lots of Hollywood celebs are putting on the garments made by this company at present. Armani has specialized in the production of suits and their clothing is made from luxurious fabric which is extremely comfortable as well.

The company also manufactures leather bags, fragrances, glasses, footwear, and so forth. In case you have not bought any item from Armani then you must have missed something.

4. Chanel

The brand value of Chanel is approximately $7 billion right now. The company has also collected revenue of approximately $5.6 billion.

Chanel was founded by Coco Chanel and it is very popular amongst women, particularly for its clothing. The company wants to ensure that all the ladies are comfortable in their outfits which should make them proud as well.

The brand also introduced the reputed timeless little black dress. It is one of the costliest brands in the US and is items are definitely worth the cost.

3. Hermes

The brand value of this company is estimated to be $11 billion. Hermes has likewise collected revenue of approximately $5.6 billion.

The company was founded by Thierry Hermes in the year 1838 and has been quite successful in his business since then. The company is quite famous for its silk scarves as well as Kelly bags.

Hermes is likewise reputed in the production of belts, sportswear and riding gloves for men and women, and so forth.

2. Gucci

This company’s brand value happens to be approximately $12.4 billion. Gucci also succeeded in collecting revenue of approximately $4.8 billion.

The company is always trying to provide top-quality clothing to its clients which is definitely worth any special occasion or event out there. The company was founded in the year 1922 by an individual known as Guccio Gucci.

It is one of the most costly brands in the US as well as other parts of the world and is reputed for producing luxurious clothing which is mainly worn by the affluent class.

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton happens to be the costliest brand on the planet when it comes to fashion items. The brand value of Louis Vuitton is approximately $28.3 billion and the company has been able to collect revenue of around $10.2 billion.

It is reputed for its usage of leather as well as outstanding tailoring of suits plus ready-to-wear outfits. Louis Vuitton likewise produces watches, footwear, sunglasses, accessories, jewelry, as well as many other fashionable goods which definitely put it in the first position on this list.

In case you have not bought any fashionable item from Louis Vuitton then you must have missed something special. Although the company is facing lots of competition at present from its rivals, it has still managed to stay ahead in the race.

Top Fashion Brands Us

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