10 Must-Visit Fabric Stores in Tennessee

Tennessee, which has long been regarded as the center of popular music, has become a major tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy the music of many types, savor delectable southern cuisine, and shake their leather boots in another one of our renowned honky-tonks.

With its origins in the music business, Nashville has a strong culture of creativity and innovation, and for such a small community, there are many excellent places to buy fabric.

Best Fabric Stores in Tennessee

10. Textile Fabrics

The largest fabric store in Tennessee for garment production is Textile Fabrics, so start there! This family-run store carries a wide range of fashion textiles, including several made by well-known manufacturers.

Shirtings, knitwear (including ITY, sportswear, and cotton knits), wool and tailoring materials, bottom weights and linen, velour, checkered, leather, plaid, and batiste are just a few of the primary fabric types that are available in the store.

If you’re seeking to update your professional clothing, we think their shirting collection is outstanding, and they always have a decent range of high-end tailoring materials.

9. Craft South

Craft South was founded by textile and patterning designer Anna Maria Horner and is situated in the hip 12 South district. Her flair for layout is evident in this vibrant store.

This store is just so much fun to browse through because it has various present things for talented friends and family, as well as textiles, skeins, needlework kits, knitting tools, and more. The material choice is modest but expertly managed from a material standpoint.

8. Children’s Corner

This adorable store specializes in children’s embroidery and is tucked away in a shopping plaza alcove. Cotton, shirtings, leatherette, knitwear, and other materials are among the selection of textiles available at The Children’s Corner.

Even though the choices are aimed at children, several of the textiles would be ideal for adults’ apparel, too.

There are numerous samples made up all over the store to help you get some new ideas or fabric selections. The shop sells minor accessories and a range of embroidery designs, including those produced by independent manufacturers, in contrast to fabrics.

7. SmART! Supplies

This particular store is not like other fabric stores. It is a second-hand store where artistic goods can be found.

Would you be willing to contribute any materials, accessories, designs, thread, or other art items that you no longer need?

Deliver them here! Although the inventory can vary greatly depending on what time of year you go, like any second-hand store, this one is an excellent place to find cheap materials for developing designs, cheap supplies, and old designs.

6. Fabric House

The Fabric House only sells fabrics for home décor, but it offers such a fantastic assortment that we had to include it on the checklist. The company offers various fabrics for recreational use, mattress, draperies, and soft furnishings.

If you want to stick to sewing clothes only, you can buy fabric there and make your home décor items, or they also provide customization capabilities.

There are additional stitching workshops and lengthier seminars available here, with an emphasis on basic and advanced methods (like smocking) ideal for crafting for kids.

5. Sewing Machine Station 

Additionally to selling and maintaining your equipment, this Bernina merchant also offers a wonderful selection of embroidery cotton textiles, embroidery designs, and a few limited-edition textile products for clothing manufacturing, such as overcoats and knitwear.

Additionally, they provide a wide range of lessons, most of which are devoted to sewing; however, they also provide instruction in clothing crafting, needlework, and residential sewing.

In addition to offering sewing workshops for all levels of experience, they also provide knitwear, lettering, weaving, and knitting classes.

They also offer year-round beginner lessons for more sophisticated embroidery and sewing techniques, frequently taught by well-known teachers.

4. Stitcher’s Garden

You will never see as much sewing material in a retail outlet as you would in this one. The shop carries a wide assortment of pre-cuts, festive materials, batiks, and sewing garments varying from contemporary to classic.

Their variety of authentic linens from the Civil War is one location you would like to browse.

We do advise you to come here with some money and time set aside to look around and locate what you are seeking. It can be somewhat intimidating due to the sheer amount of materials and the haziness of the organization.

3. Fabric Gallery and Decor

Family-run Fabric Gallery and Decor offer a wide selection of trendy textiles and some made by well-known designers.

Shirtings, knitwear, wool and tailoring materials, bottom weights and chambray, velour, checkered, and linen are just a few of the primary colors and patterns that are offered in the store.

They always have a decent selection of high-quality suiting textiles if you’re seeking to revamp your professional gear.

2. Harcourt Fabrics

Likewise, they offer a wide range of materials for special occasions in addition to more expensive, exclusive, and unique textiles that regional clothing designers employ.

A limited variety of sewing textile materials are also available, many of which have adorable or quirky patterns that are suitable for use in children’s apparel.

Additionally, the shop offers a huge selection of trimmings, streamers, embellishments, and supplies. Be careful to head to the rear of the store where the leftovers are kept! Here, we have discovered some true treasures, such as 75% off Italian crewneck sweaters.

1. Stitcher’s Playhouse

This store is tremendously fun to wander through because it has various present things for creative people. The material variety is modest but expertly selected from a fabric standpoint.

While quilting cotton makes up most of the textiles, there are lesser options because of the double linen, sustainable weaves, and various clothing materials. Japanese imported fabrics, which they stock here, are guaranteed to be one of your favorites. 

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

Can you profit from a fabric shop?

Because the markups given to fabrics during consumer spending can surpass 100%, fabric businesses have historically been enormously profitable retail and commercial companies. The company doesn’t require a lot of specialist equipment, which keeps running costs to a minimum.

How can I purchase cloth at the lowest price?

One can typically find inexpensive quantities in a little corner in the rear of a fabric store or occasionally in a leftover bin out in front. Additionally, purchasing off-season is a terrific way to benefit from discounts.

Where can I find the greatest fabric anywhere in the world?

The best textile selections can be found in Dubai and feature a distinctive fusion of Eastern and Western elements. Every year, between January and February, the Dubai Shopping Festival offers an unparalleled textile shopping experience.

What fabric is the strongest?

Lightweight, oriented-strand gels of high strength made of polyethylene can produce strengths of up to 2.4 GPa. In conclusion, polyethylene is now the strongest fabric.

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