10+ Hidden Fabric Stores In Massachusetts You Need To Know!

Greetings to Massachusetts, where the lengthy seasons are made bearable by the countless quilting and craft establishments.

Along with wonderful monuments, academic institutions, playgrounds, eateries, and sunny weather, we also have a pretty fantastic mix of independently and family-owned sewing, knitting, and craft stores (in summer and autumn, anyway).

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is one of the nation’s oldest cities and was founded in 1630. Universities, vintage fabric shops, and historical sites are among its well-known attractions.

Top Fabric Stores in Massachusetts

10. Grey’s Fabric and Notions

This little, eccentric business, which is located in the South of Washington (Sowa) artists district, carries an expertly curated assortment of unusual printed kinds of cotton and knits, patterns from independent manufacturers (including Colette), kits for making lingerie and bras, supplies, and sewing machines.

This business provides everything you’ll need, even if you’re seeking vibrant cotton designs, plush velvet, or maybe something completely unexpected. 

9. Winmil Fabrics

Winmill Fabrics includes those of organza (as well as rhinestone stitching) by the lawn, pleated, cashmere blend, and wall cladding well and so design company sweaters, crochet textiles, textile flannel, knobs, tapes, drawstrings, glitter supplies, and $1 patterns—this special offer fabric store in Neighbourhood has everything you need for your upcoming fancy party dress.

Their supportive staff members are total experts in assisting beginners with their first tasks and collaborating with experts on challenging challenges.

8. Fabric Place the Basement

Fabric Place Basement, located at the Cloverleaf Center, is the most entertaining zipper bucket in Massachusetts and can be found at this resident’s favorite, which is only a short distance from Massachusetts.

It features a wide and quality assortment of knitwear, silk scarves, knits, linen, decorative items, textiles, fiber, and stitching materials. They provide textiles for handicrafts, embroidery, furnishings, weddings, home décor, needlework, clothing, and more. 

7. Zimman’s

Zimman’s is a North Shore landmark located at 80 Market St., Lynn, and continues to be family-owned today, having been established in 1909.

Regional architectural decorators visit this sizable textile and furnishings business, a quick subway ride from Massachusetts, for home accents and trimmings. Additionally, it offers various Marimekko and Liberty accessories and textiles.

If you only require a small amount of material or are searching for some creativity, you may also rummage through their collection of leftovers.

6. BF Goodstitch 

BF Goodstitch at 18 Front St., Salem, sells needlework materials, such as Anchor Brand thread and patterns with British themes, throughout the highway from Seed Thread and next to Boston Bead Company.

If you’re itching for a Home of the Seven Princesses cross-stitch pattern, this is the ideal destination to head to. Visit them to peruse their vibrant merchandise; they’re accessible from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday and continue to operate longer on Thursdays.

5. Osgood Textile

Osgood Textile is a textile and novelties storehouse at 333 Park St., West Springfield. It is located a mile and a half drive northwest of Boston and is well worth the trip because it has a tonne of sweaters, woolens, silk scarves, wall cladding, and interior decorating.

They also have epic leftover containers. If you’re looking for another reason to travel to western Massachusetts besides textile purchasing, think about taking a day trip to see the weaving exhibitions in neighboring Northamptonshire or Old Sturbridge Village. Osgood provides discounts to assist you in finishing your ideal creation at a bargain. 

4. Natick

You arrive in a space the length of a building that resembles my vision of paradise when you descend the stairs. Everything is in the Fabric Place Basement!

Honestly, they have everything: black leather skins, patchwork linen, satin, acrylic, polyamide waterproof breathable, jeans, cotton fuzz, and flannel fleece.

They sell thread, fasteners, trimmings & streamers, textile equipment, sequins, textile dye, and more in addition to all the fabrics.

Additionally, as implied by the word “basement” in the name, their costs have been reduced. Owner Peter frequently travels to New York for business and returns with brand-new and intriguing items. 

3. Franklin Mill Store

It’s the ideal fusion of a contemporary and antique shop. Even if there may be a touch of a nostalgic vibe, everything is contemporary.

They have textiles from the hottest designers, including Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Kaffe Fassett, and Tula Pink. In contrast, they provide a small assortment of leatherette, cashmere, and elevated silk.

The personnel here is competent and supportive if you require a little assistance. They will look it up for you if they don’t already know the answer. 

2. Sewficated

Fantastic discounts can be found in abundance on Sewficated. Finding whatever you’re searching for may require some searching, but once you do, you can indeed be sure it’s a fantastic find.

This is a terrific place to shop if you already have some wiggle room in your options. This is a terrific location to discover a great bargain,

For instance, if you know, you need to get three separate flexible fabrics or some tulle and you’re flexible to the hue. And the fact that so many experienced sewers are purchasing here proves this is the complete package.

1. Joann

Consider Getting your vision checked if you’ve never visited a Joann fabric and craft store. If you need to buy a small bit of material, some crayons for your child’s art installation, and maybe a little festive décor all at once, Joann is the ideal store because it has a modest bit of anything and everything.

Cooking and pastry designing products, wood designing project materials, and heat and mass transfer stickers are among the items sold by Joann that are unavailable through the other retailers mentioned. In addition to being a fabric store, they are a comprehensive craft store.

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

Can you profit from a fabric shop?

Because the sticker prices given to textiles for consumer spending can surpass 100%, textile businesses have historically been enormously lucrative retail apparel companies. The company doesn’t require a lot of specialist equipment, which keeps running costs to a minimum.

What is the name of a fabric store?

British English uses the term “haberdashery” to describe needlework supplies. Haberdashery is the nickname of the store itself, and the equivalent word in American English is “notions,” but it is now mostly considered obsolete.

What should you keep in mind when selecting a fabric?

It is crucial to take the fabric’s longevity into account. Will this material be used? Will it be linked to something? In this situation, the fabric must be able to endure the damage that results from repeated use.

How is a cloth sold?

The majority of cloth is now offered in the square meter. A linear yard is 36 inches “The length, and the width of the cloth roll vary. Our content is 54 “width. You can rapidly change linear yards into inches and feet using the chart.

Can you make money online by selling fabric?

Many different retail fabric vendors may be found online, and they all provide large quantities of goods at competitive costs. After that, you can return and offer such goods for sale directly to customers. Reselling is a straightforward process that applies to many different sectors, but cloth is among the simplest.

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