Top 10 Animal Shelters in Virginia

Virginia is the abode of all creatures, irrespective of cats, dogs, or any other animals. Pets looking for homes are secured, cared for, and found new homes by covers all across the state.

These animal shelters are committed to providing homes for our stranded or abandoned furry friends and, if necessary, restoring their wellness. In this article, we’ll look at ten of the state’s top animal shelters in Virginia.

10. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Arlington, Virginia

The Virginia-based Lucky Dog Animal Rescue at Arlington is a community outreach and a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to protecting abused, neglected, and abandoned animals from specific killings and locating them to loving permanent locations to settle down.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is devoted to searching for homes; one of their main objectives is also to educate the neighborhood in which they live. Make sure to drop by Lucky Dog and offer a helping paw. It was voted the greatest location to volunteer in the Washington, D.C., region by the ‘Reader’s Choice in 2015.

9. Bark Bandit’s Adoption and Rescue K-9s, Ashland, Virginia

Animals who were abandoned or stranded in the Richmond area are rehomed at Bark Bandit’s Adoption and Rescue K-9s (also known as BARK), located in Ashland, Virginia. Bark Bandit’s Adoption and Rescue supports families that want to raise animals and grow their pets.

BARK employs customary front-desk setups and is always hiring. The organization is dedicated to promoting medical care and rehabilitation of injured and abandoned wild habitats. It also enables people to recognize and determine how they may assist the living creatures in their area and neighborhood.

8. Friends of Homeless Animals, Aldie, Virginia

Situated in Aldie, Virginia-based, Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) is a quasi-non-profit organization that focuses on the rescue and care of homeless canines and felines in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. region.

Friends of Homeless Animals is completely kill-free, and for creatures to stay till they find their permanent homes, volunteers and gifts are made with this intention. People must try to locate this first-class animal shelter if they’re in the Aldie, Virginia area.

7. Homeward Trails, Arlington, Virginia

It happened by chance that Homeward Trails in Arlington, Virginia, started. The owners of Homeward Trails decided to save three dogs while on their way to another refuge to hand off supplies.

They had started a 16-year chain of events, resulting in more than 21,000 fresh animal rescues. By posting common blog posts regarding animal protection and wise and diligent pet care, the Homeward Trails, keeps its website up to date.

6. Animal Aid Society, Hampton, Virginia

Virginia’s Animal Aid Society, Hampton, meets the therapeutic needs of dogs and other destitute animals, which are covered through donations and exceptional events.

The Animal Aid Society in Hampton, Virginia, is also known as “a sanctuary of refuge and hideout for homeless canines.”

It is a worker-based association that is committed exclusively to the consideration of stranded and local lives. This animal shelter is committed to expanding consciousness of untamed life restoration to general society.

5. Animal Rescue of Tidewater, Norfolk, Virginia

The Animal Rescue of Tidewater, located in Norfolk, Virginia, is also referred to as the ART. The Tidewater area has been being renovated since roughly 1999.

In addition to the fact that Animal Rescue of Tidewater includes abandoned animals, they are enthusiastic and respectable to the proponents of abandoned animal legislation.

They further advocate for laws that will improve the quality of life for these special creatures. With a focus on education, community awareness, and preventing animal abuse and disdain, they also provide a unique value to the neighborhood.

4. Chesapeake Humane Society, Chesapeake, Virginia

The Chesapeake Humane Society in Chesapeake, Virginia, offers programs, services, initiatives, and special events designed to include the neighborhood in the humane care of animals.

The general public provides vaccines, minor repairs, and maintenance services for individuals with strict budgets. Such organizations consistently appreciate donations and volunteers.


Offering a variety of animals, medical assistance, and volunteers through its open doors, the Virginia Beach SPCA has become one of the renowned animal shelters in Virginia. The VBSPCA also provides a pet supply store to suit the people’s brand-new or current favorite pets.

People of Virginia are always warmly welcome to finance a pet hotel if needed. Its main motive is to increase human empathy while also eliminating the suffering of animals to create a more socially conscious and aware community.

2. Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation, Richmond, Virginia

Canines have been placed at the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation, located in Richmond, Virginia. It is also referred to as AARF since about the start of 1993. The people of Virginia may take another dog at their home today for just $186.

Pretty cheap, isn’t it? Encouragement is also available to individuals who choose a more fleeting duty. For the best accessibility and announcements, people may try to check their website and Facebook for any related information. 

1. A Forever Home, Chantilly, Virginia

The Forever Home in Chantilly, Virginia, hosts regular reception events and gets ready for its new pet owners. This animal shelter’s blog updates include insightful information and recordings.

A permanent residence even offers wagers to interact with the neighborhood and call attention to the plight of unfortunate species. If you have a permanent place to reside, nothing can go wrong, and you can help these little creatures by adopting them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does SPCA offer free animal care?

SPCA provides free care for animals from underdeveloped areas that require worming, deworming, dermatitis treatment, and rabies vaccinations in their pet animal shelters.

How would you locate a trustworthy animal shelter?

Ideally, you should look at the dogs you have liked and observed when visiting two or more safe places. Logging is a wise idea. Then, this is the ideal opportunity to check out the three or four candidates with your friends or family.

How many dogs are rescued in Virginia?

According to the Virginia Division of Agribusiness and Customer Administrations, 8,092 dogs were estimated to be accessible at Virginia covers as of January 1st, 2019.

How would I cope with a creature that I can’t manage?

Many animal species have initiatives to keep people, and their pets close through temporary tough times. Some support pet food banks, provide qualifying individuals with low-cost veterinary care, or provide temporary pet support.

Is there a limit on how many dogs a person may own in Virginia?

Virginia does not have a state-wide limit on the number of dogs an individual or family may own, although several localities in Virginia restrict dog ownership to 3–4 dogs per household.

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