Top 10 Animal Shelters in Utah

Animal shelters serve an important part of our society because they actively work to reconnect animals with their families, protect them, and provide new homes for pets that are either lost, without a stable place, or should not be wandering neighborhoods for safety. And animal shelters are making the community much happier this way. 

Largest Animal Shelters in Utah:

10. Second Chance for Homeless Pets

Second Chance for Homeless Pets is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based pet adoption organization.

They are committed to stopping the homeless pet crisis and assisting the local community with Education, adoptions, and minimal-cost vaccinations. Second Chance for Homeless Pets is a no-kill, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They regularly have many cats and dogs that can be adopted.

9. Sandy Animal Services Department

There are many amazing animals at Sandy City Animal Shelter. At the time of adoption, All animals must be spayed or neutered.

Within two weeks of adoption, animals receive a complimentary health checkup from Their veterinarians. Their website only lists animals available for adoption. For information about animals, please get in touch with them.

8. Utah Valley Animal Rescue

Their main purpose is to save the abandoned, treat the injured, and support Utah County’s homeless animals. Their objective is to stop household pets’ avoidable death and abandonment by delivering medical care, shelter, public Education, and adoptions.

7. West Jordan Animal Shelter

The West Jordan Animal Shelter is a municipal facility. Many abandoned, lost, or sheltered treats stray animals and are helped to find a permanent family where they are loved.

Among their services is Animal adoption, Registering an Animal, Reporting Lost Animals, Discovering more about the Community Cat Program, Find out more about Backyard Chickens and Pigeons.

6. Salt Lake County Animal Services

Salt Lake County Animal Services is Utah’s leading animal welfare organization. They support the communities of Holladay, Bluffdale, Millcreek, Midvale, Salt Lake City, Murray, and the Salt Lake County Metro Townships of County Islands, Brighton, Emigration Canyon, Copperton, Kearns, White City, and Magna, as well as their residents and pets.

Since 2011, they have been committed to maintaining a “no-kill” operation. Every year, their live release rate exceeds 94%, and they are Utah’s biggest shelter to obtain this honor.

5. Utah Animal Adoption Center

Utah Animal Adoption Center, also known as UAAC, is a Utah 501(c)(3) organization and a non-euthanizing animal shelter that saves and places an average of 1,000 cats and dogs annually. Since 1983, They have been committed to eliminating the miseries of the overpopulation of pets and the death of healthy adoptable pets.

These cats and dogs are rescued from regional and local animal shelters, and they work with all these shelters to save dogs off the euthanasia listings. Business supporters, Individuals, and private charitable organization funds help their aim that would save lives through animal rescue and medical care.

4. Best Friends Animal Society

They’re expanding upon the core of compassion and inclusivity by cooperating to serve both people and dogs. They’re ensuring that everybody has fair opportunities to love pets and every adoptable pet enjoys the warmth of a loving family rather than a cage at a shelter.

They are dedicated to building environments, such as our workplace, where everyone is cherished and appreciated.

They began construction for a shelter in a distant corner of the Southwest, indicating that attaining no-kill over the rest of the country is feasible.

3. West Valley Animal Shelter

West Valley Animal Services is committed to delivering outstanding service to the public and adopting results for household pets in society. For the safety of residents and animals, they are determined to promote pet ownership responsibly through public Education while following State laws, City regulations, and enforcement.

Furthermore, they are committed to engaging in community projects and providing exceptional humane opportunities for Education to enhance the aim of providing Hope, Love, and Kindness to the community.

2. South Utah Valley Animal Shelter

Mapleton, Elk Ridge, Provo, Payson, Santaquin, Salem, Spanish Fork, Woodland Hills, and Springville are among the communities and animals served by the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter.

They make every effort to reconnect missing pets with their families. They cooperate with local shelters and their adoption program to find new homes for cats, dogs, and other animals that have not been rescued.

Among the services offered are dog licensing, Animal sheltering and care for lost and abandoned pets, Adopting pets and placing the animals with animal rescues, Online Animal licensing, Education in the public, Volunteering, and foster care programs.

1. Humane Society of Utah

The Humane Society of Utah is committed to abolishing animal fear, pain, and cruelty. His purpose is to keep animals and humans closer, to bring both around each other, and to assist each Animal in coming to the best possible conclusion as rapidly as possible.

The Humane Society of Utah does not euthanize any fit or curable animal in its custody or go above and beyond nationally established no-kill guidelines.

Through their programs, campaigning, and training, they strive to achieve the greatest, most ethical ending for the pets in their protection and to foster an atmosphere of respect, accountability, and kindness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is the Humane Society of Utah a “no-kill” facility?

We’re frequently asked if we’re a “no-kill” group. To sum it up, yeah. They do not euthanize an animal because of a lack of room in their shelter or the Animal’s duration of stay, and they are complete “no-kill.” In addition, depending on a certain metric, they are way greater than Best Friend’s 90% requirement for “no-kill.” Moreover, the Utah Humane Society would never, under any circumstances, euthanize healthy, curable animals.

If you find a stray or abandoned Animal

One should call your local Animal Control organization to notify stray animals. If the cat or dog is gentle and accessible, you may try to confine it to see if it seems to have an identifying tag with its owner’s name, address, and phone number. If there is no identifying tag, you can take the Animal to the animal control facilities to be checked for a chip and detained until it can be reunited with its family.

What sort of food do you provide the dogs and cats at the shelter?

They are privileged in that the community as a whole provides the majority of their dry food. Since dry food comes in a wide range of brands, it is blended in barrels to lessen the impact of a diet change. Yearly, using food donations benefits their organization by almost $30,000! In addition, monetary donations to assist them in purchasing canned wet food, special formulations of food for pets with sensitivities or even other health complications, and puppy and kitten milk substitute formulas are indeed gratefully accepted.

Do you require spaying or neutering of adoptable pets?

The Humane Society of Utah is dedicated to ending the overpopulation of pets and believes that neutering and spaying are the most effective ways to address the heartbreaking situation of overcrowded shelters and the death of innocent and curable dogs across America.

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