Top 10 Animal Shelters in New York

There is nothing like a hairy, four-legged friend to provide more light and joy to your house. Fortunately, there are many dogs and cats, as well as a few other fuzzy creatures, that need homes throughout the city.

The best course of action is to consider animal shelters in New York City while looking for your family’s closest buddy. These animal shelters work assiduously to find homes for puppies and cats of all breeds and temperaments.

List of Animal Shelters in New York:

10. Social Tees Animal Rescue (New York City)

Social Tees Animal Rescue is a humanitarian organization in New York City. They are a strict no-kill sanctuary that rescues abandoned animals from high-kill areas all around New York.

When that happens, their organization provides the animals with love and medical attention until they can be placed in their permanent places to dwell. Since its founding in 1991, Social Tees Animal Rescue has helped several dogs and cats in need.

Before the reception, all of their animals are fixed or fixed, immunized with current vaccines, registered, and tested for insects and bugs.

9. Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue (Buffalo)

If you live in New York and want to adopt a little dog, you might want to have a look at Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue. This non-profit organization, which is based in Bison, New York, is entirely managed by passionate volunteers.

The organization was founded in 2003 with the express purpose of locating loving homes for abandoned or neglected pugs throughout New York State. A donation is required to help cover medical costs, and all dogs are sterilized before the confirmation of their adoption.

8. Rescue Pit (Rochester)

Pit bulls, which have a bad reputation and are one of the most often seen dog breeds in high-kill shelters, are the focus of Rescue Pit, a humanitarian rescue organization based in Rochester, New York.

Rescue Pit rescues pit bulls from terrible situations and places them in child care while they look for a safe, loving, and incredibly sturdy home. In addition to saving dogs, the group of dedicated volunteers at Rescue Pit educates the community of Rochester about pit bulls, emphasizes them, and provides progressive assistance to pit bull owners. Hence, fewer animals wind up in shelters.

7. Paws Crossed Animal Rescue (Yonkers)

Paws Crossed Animal Rescue is a secretive non-profit organization based in Yonkers, New York, that only relies on donations, fund-raising events, and grants for sustenance.

This dedicated no-kill salvage is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who work to spare as many animals’ lives as possible. Every rehabilitated cat and dog receives exceptional care from the Paws Crossed Animal Rescue team.

Since it was founded in 2016, Paws Crossed Animal Rescue has defended a variety of animals. Additionally, they offer educational initiatives to the public to promote responsible pet ownership.

6. Helping Hounds Dog Rescue (Syracuse)

Helping Hounds Dog Rescue is a humanitarian organization in Syracuse, New York. Their organization rescues neglected dogs from throughout central New York and truly concentrates on the animals until they can be placed in new homes.

Since its founding in 2009, the organization has targeted and removed dogs from overcrowded, high-kill environments to give them a second chance at life. Nearly 1700 dogs are rehomed annually by the Helping Hounds Dog Rescue organization in Syracuse.

5. Bideawee (New York City) 

A non-profit animal rescue organization called Bidawee is located in New York City. They are among the oldest organizations of their kind in New York City and have been operating as a no-kill animal welfare group for over a century.

Their goal is to provide permanent, devoted homes for abandoned dogs and to safeguard them. Once safe, cats and dogs value medical attention, socializing activities, and a good safe household life until their incredibly lasting homes can be located. 

4. Awesome Paws Rescue (Buffalo)

Buffalo, New York, is home to Awesome Paws Rescue. This non-profit organization assists all breeds of abandoned or neglected dogs. They rescue animals from high-kill, overcrowded safe shelters and put them in farm dwellings until they may be adopted into cherished, extremely durable homes.

Their team of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly to transport safe dogs from shelters in the southern states to Buffalo. The critters receive medical attention and have a chance to recover as their temporary family learns about their personality and disposition during childcare.

3. BrightStar German Shepherd Rescue (Rochester)

BrightStar German Shepherd Rescue could be the perfect place for you if you want to adopt a boisterous hiking companion. This non-profit organization is based in Rochester, New York, that rescues shepherds from other salvage organizations or stacked shelters.

They are kept in daycare facilities until they are old enough to be hugged, so they have no shelter. Since its founding in 2002, BrightStar German Shepherd Rescue has relied on volunteers to help countless German Shepherds find new homes.

2. Animal Rescue (Yonkers)

A nonprofit salvaging organization called Pet Rescue is located in Yonkers, New York. Their major objective is to find loving homes for abandoned, neglected, or homeless cats and dogs and to safeguard them.

A group of employees who care for these salvaged animals until they may be welcomed into permanent homes founded Pet Salvage in 1982. Canines have a veterinary examination, are sterilized, vaccinated, and identified before the reception.

1. Paw for the Cause Rescue (Syracuse)

Syracuse, New York-based Paws for the Cause Rescue is a non-profit organization. Their major objective is to rescue homeless dogs and small puppies from high-kill shelters and return them to their original homes.

Their staff tries to find the best suitable adoptive for each dog and ensures that new owners take care of maintaining/sterilizing their dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the greatest place to find a dog?

Finding the appropriate equivalent for your family members may be made easier with the help of your local creature-safe home or rescue group. 

How would you locate a respectable dog sanctuary?

In a perfect scenario, you should stop by at least two safe places to look at the dogs you have already seen and liked. Keeping a log is a really wise idea.

What is the ideal location to take a homeless dog?

The most sensible suggestion we have is to take the beast to the nearest open rescue. Legally, you must either take the animal into the sanctuary for the minimum holding period or try to locate the owner through fliers, advertisements, and other methods.

Where do dogs want to be petted?

Instead of putting your hand over the dog’s head at first, you should put them on the neck’s chest, shoulder, or base.

How can you tell whether a dog in a safe home is aggressive?

Aggressive behaviors may include mouthing, growling, defending oneself against, or, in any case, gnawing.

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