Top 10 New Mexico Animal Shelters to Adopt a New Friend!

It is immensely satisfying to adopt a dog. You’re preserving life and clearing a path for the rescue of yet another animal.

The overwhelming number of New Mexico animal rescue organizations only operate through residential care.

Adoption programs are how animal shelters get individuals to interact with their animals. There are benefits to visiting an animal shelter, including the opportunity to chat with registration supervisors and meet in person before committing.

Best Animal Shelters in New Mexico

10. New Mexico Animal Friends (Albuquerque)

Animal Friends is a charitable, no-kill animal rescue group headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They find accommodation homes for stray kittens and puppies in foster families until a suitable sponsor can be located.

Additionally, they provide veterinary care assistance to minimize pet overcrowding and support responsible animal ownership through public awareness programs.

Additionally, New Mexico Animal Friends provides hospital treatment for all animals under their protection, including old canines with health problems.

9. Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary (Las Cruces)

Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary is a nongovernmental establishment located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This organization, which was founded in 1996, has spent the previous 25 years helping homeless pets and animals in New Mexico find loving families.

They have multiple refuges that allow them to provide temporary housing for up to 35 cats and 45 canines while finding them dwellings.

In addition to operating the shelter, Safe Haven also manages a thrift shop where customers can discover a huge variety of goods at great deals.

8. Watermelon Mountain Ranch (Rio Rancho)

Rio Rancho, New Mexico’s Watermelon Mountain Ranch, was founded in 1996. It has a 10-hectare campus, multiple off-site placement sites, and several animal rights initiatives to encourage ethical dog ownership.

It is considered the largest cruelty-free shelter in the country. The charity also has a gated community for senior dogs, a veterinarian facility on site, and a surrogate program.

Animals are saved by Watermelon Mountain Ranch from overloaded facilities and placed with caring owners. In New Mexico alone, the group has saved more than 150,000 animals since its founding.

7. NMDOG (Albuquerque)

A charity animal rescue group called NMDOG is situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They save confined, mistreated, unwanted, or orphaned dogs and care for them so that they may be welcomed into a comfortable home.

Along with saving dogs, they help poor homeowners, preventing pets from ending up in kennels and keeping them with their family members.

NMDOG was formed in 2010 and is administered by enthusiasts. Whenever a dog is rescued, it undergoes a thorough medical exam, veterinary care operations, all necessary immunizations, heartworm screening, and treatment.

6. Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue (Tijeras)

The goal of Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue is to save elderly and more vulnerable creatures and to give them a home that is secure and peaceful.

Since its founding in 2008, the charity has assisted in rehabilitating countless animals. Dogs older than ten years are accepted at the Tijeras, New Mexico-based Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue, along with mules, ponies, and donkeys.

At Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue, a large number of canines are content to spend their final years there.

5. ACTion Programs for Animals (Las Cruces)

A charitable foundation with its headquarters in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is called ACTion Programs for Animals.

Since 2012, their group of committed workers has worked to save approximately 4600 creatures. The majority of these animals are kittens and puppies from congested facilities where they fear being put to death.

After that, animals are cared for by foster parents until they may be released. ACTion Programs for Animals offers various premium services in addition to conserving animals, such as social campaigning for “difficult” species like pit bulls and low-cost veterinary care clinics to help with overpopulation. 

4. Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare (Rio Rancho)

The Rio Rancho-based small-scale business Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare serves all of southwestern New Mexico.

The charity group is currently in operation for more than twenty years and puts a lot of effort into rescuing pets from kennels and finding them forever homes.

They provide accessible sterilization clinics, as well as other economic veterinary services, for creatures truly needy.

A portable neutering facility even makes rounds of New Mexico. You may browse the canines that are available to be adopted from Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare online.

They primarily receive funding, especially since providing a neutering treatment for inhabitants in western New Mexico can be expensive.

3. Animal Village NM (Roswell)

Animal Village NM is a cruelty-free animal shelter group that works in Otero County and is based in Roswell, New Mexico.

They remove creatures from institutions and install them in secure, forever housing. So far, they have successfully rescued over a thousand cats and dogs.

They also provide aid to limited pet parents to lower the number of animals that wind up in sanctuaries. To guarantee that all pets are adopted into wonderful homes, Animal Village NM has a strict registration procedure.

2. Animal Humane NM (Albuquerque)

A wildlife rehabilitation group called Animal Humane NM is situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was one of the country’s first independent animal rights activists when it was established in 1965.

They are a committed cruelty-free facility that assists over 10,000 dogs and cats that are homeless or discarded annually. Previous to placement, endangered dogs received all the medical attention, psychological support, and other services they required.

1 Bernalillo County Animal Care & Resource Center

This is an incredibly great location to explore, particularly whenever your animal needs more attention. From routine maintenance to hospital attention, every one of the creatures receives excellent care.

If you are a pet groomer, please consider contacting them since they are having trouble recruiting workers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are street dogs so prevalent in New Mexico?

The problem of cat and dog overcrowding in New Mexico has straightforwardly induced the careless and reckless mating of cats and dogs or animals that are misplaced or found but have not been sterilized or vaccinated.

Which state caters to the most stray animals?

2019 saw the highest incidence, with far more than 3,200 animals given up for adoption per 100,000 people in New Mexico.

What breed of dog is most prevalent in New Mexico?

The Labrador, Golden, and Bulldog are the three leading dog breeds in New Mexico.

What kind of animal is most favored in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, bunnies have become the most common pet, with 21.6% of domestic animal posts on social networks focusing on these fluffy creatures.

Do dogs feel stressed in a temporary shelter?

We are all aware of the anxiety both dogs and cats experience when entering an animal sanctuary. Due to arriving and just being restricted in such a strange setting, they frequently feel sentiments of dread and dissatisfaction.

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