Top 10 Animal Shelters in Mississippi You Should Visit

Mississippi is now the largest open-confirmation home for animal shelters to attain no-kill certification.

This success is due to the ongoing support and dedication of a caring and sympathetic local community of donors, volunteers, partners, and allies; without their assistance, it could not have been possible without their core objective and progress toward success.

Best Animal Shelters in Mississippi

10. Dixie Adoptables

After founders, Jessica and Matthew Roberts began rescuing animals that had been abandoned as abandoned dogs in the city, Dixie Adoptables in Lucedale was established as a non-benefit organization in 2008.

Today, Dixie Adoptables works to safeguard and place every dog that comes to them. Additionally, they currently manage a fleet of vehicles that enables them to transport adoptive dogs nationwide.

9. Mississippi Animal Rescue League

The Mississippi Animal Rescue League is an accessible organization based in Jackson, Mississippi, and it has operated since about 1969.

Consider the Mississippi Animal Rescue League as an example, and first research their customer service before looking at the dogs they currently have listed on Petfinder.

If you can’t travel far to a dog, try helping in their safe house instead because Mississippi is always looking for new volunteers to join their team.

8. CARA 

The Community Animal Rescue and Adoption, also known as CARA, is an animal rescue organization. It is situated in Jackson, Mississippi.

They take in animals intending to find them enough loving homes, and they also provide low-cost upkeep and maintenance to those who own pets to reduce the number of cats and dogs that are kept as pets.

Check out the dogs that are available via CARA to see if any of them make you want to adopt them.

7. Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

In addition to providing every animal that arrives to them the right home, the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League in Brookhaven, Mississippi, educates the community on responsible pet ownership.

Before looking at the pets currently up for adoption, read more about the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League’s adoption procedure on their website. Moreover, you can always visit their website if you wish to donate or adopt animals.

6. Big River Animal Society

The Big River Animal Society in Olive Branch, Mississippi, takes in abandoned and mistreated animals, focusing on their rehabilitation and placement in new homes.

Because you’re looking for a new pet, you can always check out their adoption applications. Can’t adopt a dog but still need assistance? The Big River Animal Society accepts contributions constantly.

5. New Beginnings Animal Rescue

In Olive Branch, Mississippi, a non-profit animal salvage was originally founded in 2011 and known as the New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

Since then, they have sought to reduce the number of animals in the area by relocating those who come to their awareness and enlightening the local population.

Considering bringing in another fuzzy relative? Investigate the adoption process at New Beginnings Animal Rescue and then look at the dogs that are already there for the welcome. Consider contributing to aid in their main objective to help salvage this situation.

4. Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi

The Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi is situated in Jackson. They are a no-kill, non-benefit salvage and permit the creatures in their consideration to remain with them as long as they need to see as the ideal home.

Hoping to embrace? In the first place, I set out to find out about the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi’s reception cycle and investigate the accessible canines.

To assist with this rescue, think about turning into a worker or an encouragement to help a dog out of luck.

3. Webster Animal Shelter

A no-kill facility, the Webster Animal Shelter in Madison, Mississippi, takes in unwanted and abandoned animals.

They try to locate the best permanent home for every creature who comes to them, one where they will be loved and safeguarded. The $100 reception fee for a canine reception goes entirely toward supporting and maintaining the refuge.

2. Best Friends Animal Society

Nearby animal shelters sincerely desire your help to save additional lives. In Mississippi, around 11,983 dogs and cats were murdered in creature covers in 2021, but with the help of the people, the situation has improved.

Best Friends Animal Society collaborates statewide with animal welfare organizations, government agencies, and others to save every pet that can be spared and have them reach no-kill shelters in Mississippi by 2025.

1 Southern Pines Animal Shelter  

By saving a total of around 6000 animals in 2016, Southern Pines Animal Shelter attained a no-kill status for the second consecutive year.

This is a significant accomplishment for the group, as Southern Pines is now the largest open-confirmation animal sanctuary in Mississippi to attain no-kill certification.

Because Southern Pines is an accessible facility, any animals, regardless of their age, health, or potential for adoption, are welcome to enroll in the program. More than 12,000 canines and felines got the necessary refuge and medical attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of an animal shelter?

Animal rescue organizations have a big influence on our networks because they fight to reunite pets with their owners, take care of the unfortunate, and provide new homes for animals that are lost.

Where do rescued animals come from?

Although animals enter covers for various reasons, most homeless animals are frequently located in cities and taken in by local law enforcement officials.

Why is government help for animals important?

Government support for animals is important since there are so many creatures on the earth that are used for entertainment, food, medicine, style, scientific advancement, and as intriguing pets.

Do animals need a safe place to live to survive?

Animals, just like humans, need food, water, and a safe place to survive. When the creature is present, these fundamental needs should be satisfied.

Who founded the very first animal shelter?

The first animal sanctuary in the US was established by Caroline Earle White and a team of feminists on April 14, 1869, in Bensalem, a suburb of Philadelphia.

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