Top 10 Animal Shelters in Minnesota You should Visit

Are you considering adopting a dog in Minnesota? In Minnesota, there are many excellent dog shelters where you can find devoted animals searching for a new home. There is a rescue or shelter close to you in Minnesota, no matter where you reside.

Check out one of these ten Minnesota dog rescues if you’re interested in adopting a dog. In Minnesota, very few organizations offer complete pet adoption and placement services.

Every community has an animal impound facility, but they are only sometimes equipped to house the animals in the best possible physical and mental conditions or to carefully screen potential adopters for animals with special needs.

Therefore, pet impound facilities rely on rescue partners to conduct more in-depth background checks and foster or adoption application screenings.

Perfect Animal Shelters for Pets in Minnesota:

10. Warrior Dog Rescue

Warrior Canine Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue group based in Shakopee. Warrior Dog Rescue assists dogs that have been abandoned, taken back by their owners, or who have been the victims of abuse. The group wants to put verified, devoted owners in charge of the pets.

Dogs may be adopted or fostered by individuals through Warrior Dog Rescue. Individuals can also sponsor dogs through the organization so they can receive the most excellent care.

9. Animal Allies Humane Society

The Duluth-based Animal Allies Humane Society is a pet rescue organization. After Miriam Carlstedt began caring for kittens left at her house, the organization has been in operation for more than 70 years.

She gradually started incorporating other animal welfare initiatives, and the group was granted 501(c)3 status in 1968. Animal Allies now The humane society accepts abandoned and lost animals. Until a suitable home can be found, the group takes care of the animals.

8. Pet Haven of Minnesota

Pet Haven was established in 1952 as a foster-based animal rescue organization and is situated in Minneapolis.

Since its inception, the charity has taken in and cared for pets. Before being offered for adoption, the animals under its care are neutered/spayed and vaccinated.

Pet Haven of Minnesota accepts abandoned dogs, supports overpopulation issues, and aids in finding new homes for neglected animals.

7. Wags and Whiskers Animal Rescue

Wags and Whiskers Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue group that was established in 2009 and depended on volunteers for its daily operations.

The group has no fixed headquarters. Instead, volunteers foster dogs in and around the Twin Cities until a loving home is located.

Dogs that would otherwise be abandoned or housed in a kill shelter are taken in by Wags and Whiskers Animal Rescue. The group works to promote community education to aid with pet care.

6. Grey Face Rescue

Grey Face Rescue is a non-profit group that operates in St. Cloud and other areas and fosters canines older than seven. To guarantee that dogs receive the right care throughout their lives, the organization works to educate the local population.

Grey Face Rescue takes in senior dogs, gives them the care they require, and finds them suitable, loving homes. It enables dog fostering and adoption. Naturally, volunteers are also welcome.

5. Range Regional Animal Rescue

Range Regional Animal Rescue is a pet rescue organization that works with local communities and is based in Hibbing.

The non-profit, no-kill organization aims to disseminate knowledge and information about pets and pet care. Range Regional Animal Rescue takes in animals without the required maintenance.

The group offers that care until it can place each animal it has taken in in a loving home. The group works to stop animal abuse, neglect, and overpopulation in local communities.

4. Twin Cities Pet Rescue

Twin Cities Pet Rescue, a 501 c3 non-profit organization founded in 2009, is dedicated to assisting neglected or abandoned animals.

It specifically helps animals that are in danger of being put to death. More than 2,000 animals have been saved by the group so far. Animals that were abused, abandoned, homeless, or left in impounds are taken up by Twin Cities Pet Rescue.

Until the animals can be adopted into loving homes with verified owners, the organization takes care of them.

3. Secondhand Hounds

Secondhand Hounds is a charity organization based in Minnesota that was established in 2009. The organization provides shelter, veterinary care, and all-around pet care.

It accepts donations, volunteers, and prospective foster parents. Over 20,000 pets have found new homes with the organization’s help since its founding.

Secondhand Hounds take in both canines from kill shelters and unwanted or lost dogs. As long as it takes the group takes care of each animal until it can find a good home for it.

2. Animal Humane Society

The Animal Humane Society is a well-known charity organization that helps underappreciated animals in and around the Twin Cities.

It is situated close to Minneapolis in Golden Valley. Over 22,000 animals have received care from the group at its many regional venues.

The Animal Humane Society treats abandoned animals, helps individuals discover lost animals, and much more.

1. Paws and Claws Humane Society

The Paws and Claws Humane Society was established in 1976 by Marge Mourning and had been providing assistance to animals in the Rochester region ever since. The group is now working to assist local animals that don’t get the care they need.

Pupils and Cats Lost, or the Humane Society takes in neglected cats and dogs. The group looks after them until they can locate suitable housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minnesota a dog-friendly state?

Minnesota is a very dog-friendly place. There are many sites that not only allow dogs but also warmly welcome them, from lakes and parks to breweries, malls, and Airbnb. For ideas on where to travel with your dog, continue reading!

How many animals can you have in a house in Minnesota?

You require a kennel license if you keep more than two dogs in one home. All canines and felines need to get an annual license. The maximum number of pets per household is three dogs, three cats, or four pets in total.

What pets can you not have in Minnesota?

Owning a lemur, monkey, ocelot, marmoset, bear, cheetah, or tiger is prohibited by Minnesota law. It is also forbidden to keep any animal hybrids of the aforementioned species as pets. Having these creatures in your home may subject you to a hefty fine.

Is it illegal not to pick up dog poop in Minnesota?

Dog owners must dispose of all dog waste. You are in charge of cleaning up your dog’s droppings after a walk with your pet. Dog waste must also be removed from your yard to prevent odors and pests.

Can you own snakes in Minnesota?

Unless they are endangered, there are no laws in Minnesota that prohibit the sale or ownership of snakes, lizards, or other reptiles. However, certain cities have their own laws. All crocodiles, alligators, and other venomous reptiles and amphibians are prohibited in Minneapolis.

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