Top 10 Animal Shelters in Massachusetts

Almost 689 dogs and cats were murdered in animal shelters in Massachusetts in 2021, but thanks to the help of the citizens, it is improving.

Currently, Massachusetts provides animal-safe houses to fulfill your requirements, whether you’re considering adopting a pet or you might like to spend some time praising the neighborhood. Consider looking at the top 10 animal shelters below, which are thought to be the best in the country.

Best Animal Shelters in Massachusetts:

10. Second Chance Animal Services (Brookfield)

The nonprofit organization Second Chance Animal Services (Brookfield) first began operations in 1999. Through its reception room and several nearby animal hospitals, this organization is dedicated to providing different forms of aid for animals all across the neighborhood.

Second Chance Animal Services (Brookfield) regularly assists more than 40,000 animals. Located in Brookfield, Mama, it provides adequate veterinarian attention and community effort to promote responsible pet ownership and an animal food storage facility.

They also protect and love animals that have been abandoned by their owners or taken in as strays.

9. Boston Animal Care and Control Center (Boston)

A plan presented to the municipality of Boston to impose rules and laws relating to pet ownership is the Boston Animal Care and Control Center.

They have also accommodated an experienced veterinary doctor who works at their animal shelter in Roslindale.

Suppose anybody is interested in embracing these little creatures and finding them a new home. In that case, they may view their adoptable dogs on the website of the Boston Animal Care and Control Center.

8. Dakin Humane Society (Springfield)

The Dakin Humane Society (Springfield) was founded in 1969 and is a nonprofit organization that provides federal assistance to animals.

This group, which is supported by a fantastic network of around 600 individuals, works tirelessly to provide protection and medical assistance and perform restoration for more than 20,000 species each year.

You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a dog from the Dakin Humane Society. Start by looking at their available dogs here, and if any catch your eye, you may complete an application.

7. Thomas J O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center (Springfield)

The Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, provides animal shelter services to the cities of Holyoke, Chicopee, and Springfield.

The welcome area includes homeless animals that are suitable for adoption into devoted new households. All dogs registered for acceptance have received age-appropriate vaccinations, have been sterilized, and have been shortlisted. The reception cost is $300 for puppies below a year old and $250 for dogs older than one year.

6. Buddy Dog Humane Society (Sudbury)

Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mama, is dedicated to giving abandoned and impoverished dogs a second chance at happiness. In their refuge, abandoned, abused, and abandoned animals are cared for until they may be welcomed into the existing housing.

Each dog has a health checkup, a heartworm screening and medication, vaccines, flea and pest treatment, and a sterilization medical procedure before being listed for adoption.

The cost of the adoption is $450 for dogs and $400 for puppies. You can view available dogs on their website; if any catch your eye, submit an online application.

5. Lowell Humane Society (Lowell)

The Lowell Humane Society was founded in 1873, a very long time ago! This organization, one of the oldest in Massachusetts, is dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and caring for abandoned animals in Lowell and the surrounding areas.

Along with choices, the wider populace helps misplaced and stolen pets by offering to find and locate assistance.

The Lowell Humane Society ensures that every pet is placed in a home that fulfills its needs regarding pet adoption. All dogs are inoculated, tested for worms, medicated for parasites, and registered as adoptable pets here. 

4. Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts (Brockton)

A local animal shelter located in Brockton, Massachusetts, is called the Massachusetts Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts. This animal shelter provides local education on responsible pet ownership and a haven for abandoned or destitute animals in Bristol, Norfolk, and Plymouth districts.

In 2019 they successfully welcomed more than 700 creatures into family builds. Animals that are under five months old cost $600, while those that are more than a half-year-old cost between $350 and $550. This price includes vaccinations, malaria testing, other medical treatments, and more.

3. MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center (Boston)

Each in Boston, Cape Cod, and Nevins Homestead, the Massachusetts SPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center has a reception location. This nonprofit organization is committed to finding lucky animals loving new homes by putting all of its efforts into doing so.

The group also offers educational initiatives that promote responsible pet ownership, such as day camps for kids. To reduce pet overcrowding, MSPCA Animal Care offers not only a variety of animal options but also affordable sterilization services.

2. Quincy Animal Shelter

The staff at Mama’s Quincy Animal Shelter (Quincy) are committed to providing refuge and treatment to animals unless a permanent home can be secured for each animal.

Along with offering a vast array of resources related to animal government help and responsible pet ownership, they also advance sterilization efforts to reduce pet populations locally.

Before being photographed for the welcome, every dog is immunized, medicated for parasites, bugs, and ticks, and examined by a veterinarian.

1. Sterling Animal Shelter

The Sterling Animal Shelter is a nonprofit institution that was established in 1988 and consolidated in 1996. It is located in Sterling, Mama. The refuge is committed to serving as a no-kill organization, where neither age nor time restrictions are placed on the prioritized species.

The refuge accepts stray, mistreated, neglected, or undesired animals and offers accommodation and high-quality medical care until each pet may be adopted.

The facility offers comprehensive pet care services, low cost, and assistance to other animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many animals are covered in Massachusetts?

In 2019, 28,420 of the 35,149 cats and dogs that came into contact with Massachusetts’ borders were found in certain circumstances, for an overall state save rate of 80.86%.

Where is the greatest place to find a dog?

Finding the appropriate counterpart for your loved ones may be made easier by contacting your local animal shelter or safety organization. For every breed of dog, there are also breed-specific salvaging groupings, including “fashioner” or “crossover” breeds like Labradoodles and puggles.

How would you locate a trustworthy, safe place for a dog?

Salvation dogs and puppies are not allowed to be cuddled by Mama Residents in Massachusetts unless they have been quarantined for 48 hours at one of the few exceptional facilities that the state has approved.

Why is it prohibited for me to ever own a dog in Massachusetts?

Salvation dogs and puppies are not allowed to be cuddled by Mama Residents in Massachusetts unless they have been quarantined for 48 hours at one of the few exceptional facilities that the state has approved.

What kind of dog is the easiest to find in a secure house?

The Pit Bull is by far the most popular breed of dog among those that are most frequently shown on covers. This breed experiences repeated mistreatment and neglect, which makes it difficult for them to confide in people.

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