Top 10 Kansas Animal Shelters to Adopt Cute & Adorable Pets!

Numerous pet-reproducing facilities around the nation generate a vast number of animals that are bought in pet shops. They frequently impregnate female dogs that live their entire lives in cages.

These miserable creatures are frequently forced to endure abhorrent circumstances and deliver litter after litter before becoming useless resources.

Adopting an animal from an animal shelter suggests that you oppose such barbaric acts. The pet overpopulation cycle is lessened when people adopt from a rescue. 

Largest Animal Shelters in Kansas

10. The Rescue Project (Overland Park)

Working with the states of Kansas and Missouri, The Rescue Project is a non-profit, no-kill organization that promotes animal rehabilitation.

Located in Overland Park, their staff members are committed to saving animals that have been deserted or who are being kept in congested, high-kill kennels and providing animals a second chance at existence.

Without regard for maturity or rising, they save all kitties and puppies in case of emergency.

All animals are sterilized, registered, vaccinated, and given all important clinical considerations when they are saved. Endangered dogs are housed in temporary shelters until a caring family can adopt them.

9. Kansas City Sheltie Rescue (Mission)

A non-profit, breed-explicit salvaging organization called the Kansas City Sheltie Rescue is located in Mission, Kansas. They are permitted in all Kansas and Missouri counties, and they strive ardently to find loving homes for abandoned or neglected Shelties.

They first began protecting dogs in 2001, and in 2009 they supervised the creation of a special rescue for Shelties.

Before adoption, each Sheltie has a thorough examination, vaccination, parasite screening and treatment, immunization, bug treatment, and dental care.

They also get their teeth repaired, are chipped, and have various other clinical abnormalities taken care of.

8. Prairie Paws Animal Shelter (Ottawa)

A quasi, no-kill organization with a non-profit registration, Ottawa’s Prairie Paws Animal Shelter has served Ottawa, Kansas, for even more than seven decades.

They accept orphaned, relinquished, mistreated, or discarded animals and treat them with the deepest regard.

Along with animal rescue and adoption, they also offer the lowest microchip services and public awareness about pet ownership responsibility to lessen the amount of abandoned or misplaced animals that aren’t returned to their owners. 

7. Bonner Animal Rescue (Bonner Springs)

Located in Bonner Springs, Kansas, is Bonner Animal Rescue. This charity animal rescue organization grants safe puppies and big cats special services and nursing assistance as they wait to be relocated into permanent homes.

Additionally, they encourage compassionate pet care in the community and enhance fix-and-fix medical techniques to assist, manage and reduce pet overpopulation. At Bonner Animal Rescue, many animals are rescued from high-kill stuffed covers.

If animals taken from these organizations are not returned by their owners, they are sent to Bonner Creature Salvage, where they can be given serious attention until another adopter can be located.

6. Melissa’s Second Chances (Shawnee)

In January 2019, Melissa’s Second Chances (Shawnee), a very new rescue organization, primarily saved their most notable dog.

Since then, they have put in a lot of effort to discover a solution that will allow them to save the lives of roughly 1000 pets in Shawnee, Kansas, and the surrounding areas.

To care for the animals unless they could be placed into appropriate homes, this non-profit organization depends on employees and kind individuals.

You must first have your paperwork done and get to know a delegate of the organization to embrace a dog from Melissa’s Second Chances (Shawnee).

5. Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection (Wichita)

Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection (Wichita), a non-profit rescue organization and receiving center for stray dogs and cats, is located in Wichita, Kansas.

Their large group of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly to help abandoned, mistreated animals or people who have been abandoned by owners unable to devote enough time to care for them.

To give pets a second attempt with a caring home, they also recover them from overcrowded, slightly elevated emergency shelters. Check out their available canines on their website if you’re seeking to assist Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection.

4. Valley Center Animal League (Wichita)

Valley Center Animal League seems to have been operating in Wichita, Kansas, since about 2009. Their organization is committed to defending animals from overcrowded shelters or pet owners who are incapable of truly enjoying their animals.

All animals that are saved are examined by a veterinarian, mended, and then placed in child care until they may be adopted. It’s a great way to help if you’re not in the right frame of mind to adopt a pet to support Valley Center Animal League. 

3. Wanted Paws (Wichita)

The team at Wanted Paws believes that there is no such term as an “unloved” animal. No matter how recently abandoned, mistreated, or discarded a pet may have been, they put in a lot of effort to find it the ideal, loving home.

The rescue is a very young organization that started operating in Wichita, Kansas, in 2018. If you are not yet looking to adopt, this is a fantastic way to help make a difference since Wanted Paws relies on interim caregivers to provide for their endangered dogs. 

2. The Greater Kansas City Humane Society

The animal shelter at Greater Kansas City Humane Society possesses many dogs and cats to meet here, but this organization also has real-world expertise in educating pet owners, managing a pet food warehouse, and promoting acceptable pet consideration.

Additionally, they need participants, funds, and adoption agencies. If you are interested in taking on one, you may view their adoptable dogs on their website.

1. Always and Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary

Both dogs and cats live in this nice stable animal shelter at Always and Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary. The outbuilding hopes to preserve unwanted animals so they may live in peace and harmony outside of kennels.

All of the animals there are available, but they’re still always seeking more workers and workers to help them out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many dogs may you legally own in Kansas at any given time?

For specific exceptions, each family is allowed to have four domesticated animals of any combination.

What to do with a pet you cannot afford to care for?

Numerous of these rescues demand that you return pets to them rather than trying to find new homes on your own.

What maintenance do animals need?

Pets require consideration and care to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. They require wholesome food, entertainment, and a comfortable place to relax.

How does a dog feel when it is adopted?

When a dog is placed in a new home, he may exhibit temperaments, including restlessness and fear. Excessive sobbing and yapping might be signs of discomfort.

Would it be legal to dump dogs in Kansas, according to the law?

Recklessness also includes abandoning animals, failing to provide food, harming domestic animals, and acting in an unnatural manner toward animals. Animal cruelty may be considered a crime or an offense.

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