Top 10 Animal Shelters in Iowa

Shelters in your area require assistance to save more lives. Nearly 1,712 cats and dogs were murdered in Iowa animal shelters in 2021, but we can change that with your support. And choosing the right animal shelter can help you with that. 

Please help make a huge difference for the animals in our community and us. Contact a local organization that advocates now.

Largest Animal Shelters in Iowa

10. Boone Area Humane Society

The Boone Area Humane Society is dedicated to animal welfare and is also a non-profit organization.

They strive to inform the general public and enhance community participation while rehabilitating, rescuing, and rehoming animals, creating a path to controlling the population and setting an example of professionalism.

9. Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter

The assistance programs of King’s Harvest Pet Rescue offer pet surrender opportunities, free pet food, low-cost spaying or neutering to the homeless, temporary homes for pets, and low-income families in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

8. Cedar Bend Humane Society

Cedar Bend Humane Society, also known as CBHS, is dedicated to placing animals in permanent, happy homes, Informing the public about the importance of humane care, and Instructing responsible pet care. Provide a haven for the overlooked, stray, and unwanted.

7. Cedar Valley Humane Society

Cedar Valley Humane Society aims to build healthy relationships between people and animals. It eliminates animal abuse, cruelty, and overpopulation through adoption services, education, and inspiring compassion for all animals.

6. Animal Lifeline of Iowa

Animal Lifeline of Iowa, also known as ALI, can celebrate nearly 35 years of dedication to the Des Moines neighborhood and the entire state of Iowa. And it is also Central Iowa’s only no-kill special needs animal shelter, 

They shelter dogs and cats who are disabled, wounded, have a serious medical issue, are nursing or pregnant, have been mistreated, or are orphans who need feeding the baby. 

They recover animals who would otherwise be euthanized in a typical shelter surrounding and then place them in caring, loving homes. 

5. Story County Animal Shelter

Story County Animal Control is responsible for taking care of and managing animals in Story County’s rural areas and areas with a contract with Story County for animal control needs. 

Among these services, they are not limited to Enforcing animal treatment and control ordinances in a jurisdiction, such as stray animal pick-ups and welfare checks. Animal bite reports, investigation, and management of animal complaints

They provide adoption services, shelter, and care for animals. 

The Story County Animal Shelter team is a committed group of people with the mutual objective of offering a public service and protecting the animals in the county and their care.

4. Midlands Humane Society

Their mission is to care for and protect companion animals and improve the lives of those who care about them. In 2021, 1599 Dogs & Cats Adopted, 149 Small Critters were Adopted, and 385 Animals were Reunited with their Owners.

3. Ames Animal Shelter

To help support the adopters and ensure our animals’ happiness and well-being, our animals are only available for inspection by adoption appointment. 

 After the application has been submitted, only adoption appointments are made.

2. Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center serve Iowa City Animal Services. They are one of the well-known animal shelters in Iowa. Among the services they provide, some of them are, Adoption, Animal Behavior and training information, Animal-related referral services, Barking dog complaints, Bite reporting and quarantine, Community outreach programming, Disaster Response, Emergency housing, Facility Tours, Food Bank, Fostering program, Humane Education, Licensing and Permit and many more. 

1. ARL Animal Rescue League of Iowa

The ARL serves people and pets from all over Iowa through its programs, including humane education, pet adoption, spay/neuter, pet behavior training, animal cruelty intervention, and much more. 

The Animal Rescue League relies on corporate and other donations to care for its animals.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do we limit the variety of cats to choose one that is a good fit for our family and lifestyle?

Finding the right pet is a difficult decision to make indeed, but do some surveys or quizzes offered by the shelter and describe your “ideal fit,” and they will send you ideas of cats that would meet what you’re searching for to assist you in narrowing your choice. 

What exactly is Humane Education, and why is it necessary?

Humane education promotes understanding and an awareness of the importance of respect and compassion for people, pets, nature, and the relationships between them. Each program’s major objective is to recognize animals deserving of love and inspire individuals to act properly and compassionately toward their pets and other animals they may encounter.

How to adopt a pet from the ARL?

If you decide to adopt a pet you’ve met, you’ll start the process by completing an adoption application. The ARL will question you about how you intend to care for the pet and ensure that you understand its requirements on the application. Adoptions are approved by one of the ARL’s adoption counselors.

Is there anything to know before bringing a group to the ARL for a shelter tour?

A child must be at least seven years old to participate in a shelter tour. Once inside the shelter, space is limited. Groups are restricted to 15 persons at a time to ensure that participants have the best possible experience at the ARL. Groups that consist of more than 15 persons will be divided and toured accordingly. Assign an extra 20 minutes for these groups and offer at least two weeks’ notice.

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