10+ Arkansas Animal Shelters: Choosing the Right Pet for You

Animal shelters in Arkansas are dear to our hearts since they are a place created by sweethearts. Every dog in our state deserves a safe, happy life, and every human deserves a furry friend who cares about them.

We’ve witnessed several instances when newly adopted dogs and their new partners bring out the best in one another. Any person who adopts a dog will tell you it was the finest decision ever made. 

Best Animal Shelters in Arkansas Providing Love and Care for Pets

10. Greener Days Ahead Rescue

In Mt. Vernon, Greener Days Ahead Rescue was founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization. The group retrieves as many animals as their resources will allow.

Before being removed, the group then starts to provide medical care and restoration services. But that’s only the beginning.

Before the organization was formed, Greener Days Ahead Rescue’s employees provided animal care services, and the group aims to continue providing these services as long as it is practical.

9. Humane Society of the Ozarks

The Humane Society of the Ozarks is a non-profit organization with a Fayetteville location that was founded in 1946.

The group conducts investigations into the vengeance of creatures, rescues creatures, and provides care and shelter until an incredibly durable home is discovered.

For more than 70 years, The Humane Society of the Ozarks has been committed to helping animals and increasing government aid for animals. If there is anything further you’d like to say about the reason; you may check out their website.

8. Unconditional Love Pet Rescue

A group called Unconditional Love Pet Rescue is based in Green Forest and rescues animals from kill shelters and animal control offices.

Every creature that is saved by the group receives basic affection, care, clinical consideration, and social preparation. Unconditional Love Pet Rescue helps dogs in the area so they can have another chance at a happy life.

You can offer on their website by preserving if you have any desire to participate in the adoption.

7. Humane Society of Marion County

The Humane Society of Marion County, based in Yellville, is an organization dedicated to helping mistreated and abandoned animals.

The employees will then handle the creatures in a newly provided animal shelter until a permanent residence can be secured.

The Humane Society of Marion County solely relies on individuals and donations to preserve animals and provide sterilization advice, vaccinations, and treatment.

6. Northeast Arkansas Humane Society

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society, located in Jonesboro, is a non-profit organization that rescues overpopulated pets and accepts animals that have been surrendered to it.

The group takes both critical and clinical attention before locating a loving, extremely durable home.

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society works to protect animal life through receptions, administrations for animal rescue, and low-cost medical analysis.

5. Morning Meadow Animal Rescue

Located in Carthage, adjacent to Fordyce, Morning Meadow Animal Rescue works to recover, treat medically, and rehome local animals.

The group is a non-profit organization run entirely by individuals. Since its founding in 2010, it has rescued and welcomed more than 500 species.

Given that it has already welcomed animals in 18 different states, Morning Meadow Animal Rescue is dedicated to saving animals and finding them homes whenever feasible.

Given that you might like to help the employees there, you can provide information on their website if you please.

4. Rock City Rescue

Since its founding in Little Stone in 2012, Rock City Rescue has concentrated on rescuing animals from throughout the city and beyond.

Up to this point, the charitable group has rescued nearly 250 animals and given them to loving owners.

Rock City Rescue focuses on rescuing animals listed as kills, found in dense crowds or other adverse situations. If you have any urge to help the group continue working, you may express it here.

3. Humane Society of Faulkner

The Humane Society of Faulkner, a non-profit organization, based in Conway, is led by individuals who are passionate about providing government aid for animals.

The organization rescues animals and provides the rest of Conway with cover management, medical attention, and low-cost fix/fix treatments.

The Humane Society of Faulkner employees has dedicated their careers to making Conway a better place for animals. You may donate right on their website if you wish to.

2. Friends of the Animal Village

Friends of the Animal Village is a charitable organization located in Little Stone that helps its partner cover the Little Rock Animal Village.

Together, the group rescues species and provides reception services, cover administrations, and educational programs.

Through special administrations, The Friends of the Animal Village tries to improve the lives of mistreated and ignored Little Stone animals. If you’d want to contribute to the overall mission, you may do so.

1. DogsOnly

DogsOnly is a non-profit organization with one location in Little Stone that operates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Arkansas.

The group rescues dogs from all across Focal Arkansas, provides the necessary therapeutic care and benefits of rehabilitation and adopts them out to loving families.

DogsOnly is committed to improving the lives of dogs that have been abandoned, trapped in crowded shelters, or given up by their owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many pets are allowed at any given time in Arkansas?

Beyond the age of four months, it is prohibited to claim, retain, or harbor several dogs (or maybe big cats as well).

What animals are illegal to own in Arkansas?

Several types of non-native, untamed life in Arkansas cannot be owned. Except if you have a license for them before 2005, it is illegal to own enormous carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears.

What laws apply to dogs in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, there are no statewide laws governing canines. Following the resolution, districts in Arkansas have the authority to finalize city laws on clear canine standards and regulations.

Is a dog permit required in Arkansas?

A licensed veterinarian should administer an annual rabies vaccination to all dogs and cats, even indoor pets. You should also let your pet inside only if you own the license to it, or else you may suffer dire consequences. 

What animal is only found in Arkansas?

The Caddo Mountain Lizard and the Fourche Mountain Lizard are two that only exist in Arkansas. The Louisiana milk snake and the corn snake are two snakes that have been listed as rare in the state.

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