9 Tools to Help You Grow Your Online Business

Launching an online business is easy because of small investment, limited staff requirement, and affordable marketing. However, it’s making it a success that requires commitment and hard work.

If you want to grow your online business successfully and increase revenue, then the following tools can help:

#1 Hootsuite

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Almost every online business can benefit from online marketing today. It’s affordable, easy to learn, and can get great results when done right. However, to run your social media campaigns successfully, you must use a social media manager like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite allows you to run and monitor all your social media campaigns easily and conveniently. You can set up multiple social media accounts in one place, record performance through in-depth analytics module, and connect to various third-party platforms like Mail Chimp, Slideshare, Evernote, etc.


#2 Mail Chimp

If you want to capitalize on email marketing, then Mail Chimp email platform is a great option to look into. It’s a marketing platform that allows you to send automated emails to your customers and manage multiple mailing lists simultaneously to target different markets with different techniques. It offers tons of options for campaign management along with important metrics like email delivery and open rates, click-through rates, etc. that can help you monitor your campaign’s performance with greater accuracy.  


#3 G Suite

The benefits of moving to the cloud are many which include lower costs, better collaboration, increased security, and more. However, if you don’t want to shift every single business operation to the cloud just yet, then you can at least invest in a cloud computing and collaboration solution like G Suite.

G Suite allows you to create and edit files irrespective of the type of device you use (including mobiles), collaborate with others on the go, save storage costs, create backups of important business files, and do a lot more easily and quickly.


#4 Tailor Logo Generator

tools for small business

If you want to make your business look professional and reliable, then you must focus on branding. All the top organizations have a brand, and you need one too even if yours is small. The question is, how do you do that? Well, you can start with creating a unique and attractive logo, where is where Tailor Brands Comes in.

Tailor Brands is an online platform that allows you to meet all your branding requirements under one roof. Its flagship product logo generator is the perfect tool to design high-quality and appealing logos in a matter of minutes. This is because it’s based on Artificial Intelligence technology that understands your requirements on the basis of information given, and creates the designs for you. It’s already served over a million brands around the world, and there is no reason why it wouldn’t impress you as well.


#5 Yoast SEO

Yoast is an SEO plugin and its one of the top online SEO tools that you should use if you aren’t already. It offers all kinds of features that can make your WordPress blog or website search-engine friendly. You don’t even need the knowledge of SEO to use its features. However, make sure to purchase the premium version as that will get the best SEO benefits such as unlimited keywords optimization, internal linking suggestions, content insights, social media preview, 24/7 email support, and more.


#6 Bold360

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One of the most advanced technologies that we have today that also has a massive potential in our lives, is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence. Although the innovative startups and tech giants are working on it to use it in various applications, one of the most common ways we see it being used is chatbots, which are AI-powered bots that can be used to interact with your customers when there is no human customer executive available.

There are many ways chatbots can benefit your marketing strategy. They can help capture and nurture leads that would otherwise be lost due to the absence of customer support at non-working hours, collect customer data that can be used analytics tools, and more. So, it goes without saying that you must use a chatbot if you want to stand out from your competition, and a good one that you can’t go wrong with is Bold360 Live Chat.

Unlike many chatbots today that can’t work outside of their predefined scripts, Bold360 can achieve more natural and interactive conversations by delivering context-based answers on the basis of customer’s location, their device-type, the product they are interested in, etc. It can also be programmed to direct the customers to appropriate third-party channels for help.


#7 Zoho Invoice

When you are working with a large number of clients, then invoice management can be difficult. With Zoho Invoice, you can make your job easier by automating invoice sending and payment reminders, creating recurring invoices, and charging your clients automatically using payment gateways. It also offers detailed reports of taxes and expenses so that you can easily monitor the performance of your business at any point in time.


#8 Meetup

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To grow your business at a fast pace, you must work on your networking skills, and Meetup is the perfect tool for that. It allows you to find all kinds of meetups in your area, and you can create some of your own too.

With Meetup, you can organize events to attract potential clients, and participate in events on subjects like digital marketing, new technologies, etc. that can help you grow your business. Plus, it allows you to make public or private groups, send email announcements and even share photos to build hype.


#9 Fiverr

There are various business processes that you can outsource to save money. On platforms like Freelancer and Upwork you can easily find skilled graphic designers, writers, animators, etc. from across the globe. However, if you want a simpler and cheaper solution, then you can check out Fiverr.

Fiverr is a huge marketplace where you can buy goods and services for as little as $5. Although premium quality services aren’t always guaranteed, if don’t mind waiting, you can find reliable professionals for all your business needs. Some of the services that you can definitely use it for include blog writing, website design, video editing, etc.


To run an online business successfully, you must use the right tools. Feel free to check out the options above. You are sure to love at least some of them. Good luck!

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