23 Toilet Paper Company Marketing Ideas

With the increasing cognizance among people regarding hygiene, toilet paper companies are slowly and steadily becoming one of the most profitable segments in the industry. As toilet paper is used in huge volumes, the demand for them is significantly growing.

Other than the fact it is the most consumable item, toilet paper, being a biodegradable product, has some environmental benefits too. This business has the potential to give huge returns with only moderate investment.

How to promote your Toilet Paper Company?

  • Create a professional website, an attractive logo, and a catchy slogan.
  • Collaborate with household owners, commercial places such as restaurants, cafes, and many more to get more clients.
  • Organize hygiene seminars in health sectors, educational institutions, and relevant events to promote your brand.
  • Register your company in web directories.
  • Build a connection through sponsorship and business cards.

Toilet paper Company Marketing Ideas

-Know your Competition

You need to be well informed about numerous competitors within your industry. If neglected, they might exponentially affect your company’s growth. Make sure to fling a wider net when the competitors are affecting your set of clients in the same domain as yours.

Research your market thoroughly to find out more about what other toilet paper companies are doing to increase their sales. By doing so, you will acquire a much clearer idea about the services and promotions that are used to garner the interest of consumers.

So, it is extremely recommended to research your competition before developing your further marketing strategies.


Regardless of the size or volume of your business, branding will serve your toilet paper company as an effective marketing tool. A perfectly well-crafted branding strategy will surely increase the company’s credibility within the industry. Some of the strategies you can apply while branding your company are as follows-

a) Messaging- A voice that reflects your brand is a key part of messaging in terms of communicating it to your potential clients. It is imperative to have included that voice in all of your written and image-based advertisements.

b) Logo- Logo is one of the most consistent and strategic branding formulae that has the potential to add tremendous value in the efforts of advertising your Toilet paper Company.

The company’s logo, which is designed and inputted in all the packaging materials, is the one thing that separates your company from all the other ones.

c) Taglines- Taglines are impactful phrases that hold power to make any company instantly popular and recognizable in the minds of potential consumers.

-Pricing Strategy

This is the strategy that emphasizes on the idea of managing the cost proportions in order to attract consumers and not suffer any loss. Create a business model that accurately illustrates the cost distribution for your products which can be appealing to numerous consumers.

Now that the competition is at its peak, you must adopt the strategy of matching the rates which are offered by your competitors. Many companies have set their prices lower than their competition during the initial stage of establishment.

Once the customer base is developed, and the business is booming, you can set your prices according to the company’s convenience.

-Customer Service

Many Toilet Paper Companies overlook this particular marketing strategy as the products they are selling are mostly related to toilet humor. Every company shall focus more on their customer’s issues rather than ignoring the possibilities of engaging with customers.

Today, customer service has the potential to become a new form of marketing. So, make sure you are there for your loyal customer whenever they are in need of your services.

Provide the customers with immediate responses so that they are satisfied with the company’s ability to resolve such issues. If properly utilized, customer service is extremely beneficial in establishing your brand.

-Collaborate with relevant Businesses

In recent years, collaborations have turned out to be profitable as the cost of marketing and advertising are shared equally between the two companies.

Toilet papers are the only thing that is commonly used by household owners as well as all the commercial places such as restaurants, cafes, and many more. Create a portfolio before collaborating with such esteemed businesses so that they have a certain idea of the quality of products your company is selling.

People visiting those places to spend some leisure time will come across your company’s brand at some point. You can also collaborate with tissue paper companies as both companies share the purpose of sterility; the collaboration will definitely culminate in fruitful outcomes.

-Venture into online profiting

The world is changing, and so does all the norms of doing business. These days with the blessing of the internet, people can order anything with just some taps on their phone.

The online market is booming because they have capitalized on the comfort of ordering products while sitting on a couch.

And it’s time for your company to sell some proportion of your toilet paper via online shopping websites. Lets’ admit it; people sometimes find it annoying to go outside for the sole purpose of buying just toilet paper.

-Create Valuable Content

Content creation is an essential step in marketing your toilet paper company. The contents that are directed to help and delight your audience are ideal. In order to do so, you have to understand your customer really well; try to figure out what gets them psyched.

Utilize the various keyword research tools to determine the questions your customers need answers to and try to deliver what they are looking for.

These days people are more receptive to visual appeals; make sure to include images in your blogs or such to keep the readers engrossed. Write irresistible headlines for the purpose of primary appeal to your content.

-Create a Company website

In this digital age, maintaining an online presence is the most suggested strategy, irrespective of the type of business or company. A website for your toilet paper company is the perfect tool to do that.

Whenever people see your brand in order to know more about it, they will look for your company’s web presence. As the site will serve as a hub of information to the millennials, make sure that the website is regularly updated and the contents are relevant.

When starting a toilet cleaner company, the first crucial step is to find an equally delicious name for it. So make sure to check out the Best Toilet Cleaner Company Names and Ideas.

With the increase of smartphone users, it is imperative to make the website more user-friendly and mobile-enabled. A landing page for your website is a must thing to include for building your signup lists.


Advertisements have always played an important role in attracting consumers and building a brand. In this day and age, there are other channels for advertising other than the common grounds of newspapers, televisions, and magazines.

Social media, Pay-Per-Click, and YouTube advertisements are making a huge mark in the world of promoting a company and its products. These advertisements are paid strategies for the purpose of intensifying the traffic on your website so as to generate more sales.

To be honest, these sort of advertisements doesn’t come in cheap, so don’t hesitate to revisit the plan of promoting your toilet paper company through the medium of advertisements.

-Guest Blogging

Despite what you may have perceived, guest blogging is alive and well. There are loads of reputable sites out there; try to secure a guest post on one or some of them. This will increase the traffic on your website and will be beneficial in building your brand into a bargain.

-Email Newsletters

E-mail newsletters are mainly used for the purpose of maintaining a presence in the consumer’s inbox. Through the medium of monthly newsletters, notify the consumers about the discounts on certain products, informative blogs which are easily accessible through social media profiles and websites, and the events organized by your toilet paper company to spread awareness on hygiene maintenance.

-Company’s Social Presence

What’s the use of producing great products and content for the purpose of marketing if people are unable to find it? Social media channels provide a platform for all the small and large-scale companies and businesses to promote their content.

Do you know slogans are very important for your business or company? So check out the Best Toilet Cleaner Company Slogans and Taglines.

So, in order to reach a wider set of audience, you have to create your toilet paper company’s profiles in every social media channel. Another great thing about social media is the accessibility of reaching big companies from the consumer’s side.

With the invention of social media platforms, communication channels have been made more transparent for both the company and the consumers.

How to drive sales to your Toilet Paper Company?

  • Advertise through newspapers, televisions, and magazines.
  • Highlight your services through social media, pay-per-click, and YouTube advertisements.
  • E-mail newsletters and guest blogging is the best way to show your expertise.
  • Give discount offers and coupons on product items to raise your sales.
  • Ask customers to write reviews on your website or social media pages.

Toilet paper has become an essential product for Human beings. There are many businesses in this field. Before starting this business, I think you should be aware of the history of this product. Here is a very useful infographic that teaches you when this product was invented. Check below

toilet paper Company marketing Ideas

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