15 Tips to Regain The Attention Of Your Distracted Customers

In a market where the customer is continuously absorbing the information, it becomes much harder for marketers to hold their attention. 

The reason is quite simple,  the human brain has its limitations when it comes to holding information. And as the world is becoming much more information-rich, it causes fatigue to the customer’s mind. 

In between the battle of businesses where they are continually fighting over who will hold the attention of their audience, it makes the person more exposed to the ads. Not just making the attention span more limited but also distracting the people. 

For the marketers, it becomes much more challenging to get the attention and even more when it comes to regaining the distracted customers. 

tips regain attentions of distracted customers

If you are facing a similar sign, this will help you in understanding much more about how to get the attention of your customers when they are distracted and nurture it for the better. 

Distractions That Most Of The Customer Face 

According to research by Microsoft in 2000, the average time of attention that humans carry is 12 seconds.  It’s similar to the attention of goldfish. 

After the digital world is starting to bloom, the attention of the human decreased to  8 seconds. With this, marketers are going through the challenge where they need to hold their audience’s attention. 

The customer faces distractions when they are shopping or even in the path of the shopper journey.  There are some ways that can help you in removing these distractions but before you jump in there, focus on the basic ones that your customer faces the most. 

Amazon‘s Competitive Advertising 

Customers research before they purchase. And even after they do, and decide to purchase, they see the amazon ad conveniently placed on the product page.

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 And before they add the product to the cart, doubt forms inside their head regarding what if they are purchasing from the wrong site or maybe they need more research.

This means you have become the victim of the product display ad. 

Also, it shows that competitors can run the ads and it can distract your customers. They can place the higher ads like Amazon and get your customers to take away from you. 

Checkout Process That’s Not User Friendly 

More than 75% of sales get down and eCommerce stores have more cart abandonment because of the not user-friendly checkout. 

Some of the main reasons include: 

The Hidden Costs:  More than 60% of US adults reported that they left the checkout process when they noticed those extra costs. With that, 25% as those who left especially after the shipping cost as it was the main reason to abandon the cart. 

Forced To Create Account:  25% of shoppers abandon the purchase because they are forced to start the account. And this is important to understand because your customer is there to buy the product, not create an account. 

Image Source: Crazyegg

Confusing Checkouts:  28% of shoppers reported that the forms contributed to their uneasiness feelings during the checkout process and they left the shopping after that. So for the business owners, it’s important to focus on the checkouts and how long it takes. 

Payment Security Concerns:  The major reasons here is the suspicious design that your website has or layouts that are outdated. SSL certification is important and if you don’t have one, it’s important to get one.

Don’t Know What To Do Next 

Site navigation is important to understand how the visitors are going to make the purchase. Lots of people feel confused and lost when they land on the website without having any proper navigation. 

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Not just that, even though invested in SEO and ads, and successfully gets the audience to your website. If your website has a lack of navigation or people don’t know what to do next,  they will leave the site. 

It includes few basic points that can help you : 

  • Use the categories for showing the products and the type of products they can purchase. 
  • Use subcategories to give better ideas 
  • Keep your site responsive to the mobile 
  • Use faceted navigation to give better access to your customers. 
  • Keep your CTAs clear and easy to understand. 

Too Much Of Choice

The study proves that when people have too many options, they either feel overwhelmed which mostly leads to fewer sales and people choose some other option to get the easy solution. 

The key here is to find the balance. And also categorize the things according to the type and requirements. Make sure that everything is easy and divided so the people know what they are looking at and for what. 

This is also helpful to get your audience less distracted and more focused on the purchase. 

Ways That Will Help In Regaining Your Distracted Customer Attention 

There are two basic approaches to getting your customer’s attention. Either you can purchase Or you can earn it.  

According to the survey submitted by Nielsen, 83% of people are reported to trust when the product or brand is recommended by someone close such as their friends, family, or colleague. 

And 66% of people trust the opinions available online. These are how earned media works.

Image Source: ShortStack

Whereas the paid option includes the Advertisement.  You can take control over the location, message, and time and use Tv commercials,  social media ads, and digital marketing. 

Also, the attention is divided into two dimensions i.e.  Duration and Intensity. 

Here the intensity means the quality of attention that is used in the specific time period. Whereas the duration is considered as quantity. 

For making the paid media work, both things should work to their maximum to have the best impact. 

As for the earned marketing, it’s divided into two main ingredients i.e. high-quality content and effective distribution.

Focus On Developing Customer Intimacy 

Each strategy starts with the understanding of what your customer wants. Also, it starts with knowing who they are and knowing who you are targeting. 

Not just it will help you in knowing about the requirements that your customer has. But also, you can develop an understanding regarding what your customer prefers, behave and what pattern they follow. 

steps developing customer intimacy

Different brands use this measure of the patterns to look in ethnographic technology and advance it to observe the better reliability from their targeted customers.

Consider The Mobile First 

More than 90% of consumers are reported using multiple screens throughout the days.  And Google suggested that more than 65% of purchases are made when the customers are using smartphones. 

61% are on laptop or PC whereas 4% are from tablets. 

The point here is to understand the importance of mobile in the shopping experience of the customers.  

Image Source: Pinterest

There are a lot of brands that have adopted their strategy as mobile-first and also directed to their multichannel design experience. 

For the business, you require to use the mobile application as your primary mode.  You can ensure that the customers have easier access to the purchase so they can feel more focused. 

Integrate Different Experiences Across The Channels 

Well, the reality of multichannel can also fragment the experience that people have with your brand. 

And when the customers do most of their shopping using the phone, it can be distracting for the consumers and their buying journey. 

That’s why it’s crucial to design the experiences to make the mobile users the asset. It’s important to not turn it into a liability,  wedge, or magnet. 

Image Source: marie france Asia

You can consider the example of Sephora, who integrated their mobile across their customer experiences when they are in-store. 

They make their mobile payment from where people can scan the items that are created for purchase and review. 

They have tactics such as an endless aisle where the customers can scan the promoted QR codes that are for on-demand shipping related to the giftable items. 

Avoid Doing The Overly Prominent Branding

The scientifically proven research says that people don’t like when they are being persuaded. 

When people find themselves in such a situation, the first reaction they have is to pull a brand. It’s an automatic reaction and they keep themselves away when the brands are too forceful with their branding. 

ways keep product less forceful

Also according to the researchers, people stop when they see the brand appear on the ads. The more the brand is exposed with their logos, it reduces the viewing time. 

As Bob Garfield and Doug Levy mentioned in their Can’t Buy Me Like said that the branding avoidance is so strong that it gets into the subconscious to the people’s minds. It becomes too common that people are not aware on their own. 

Focus On Creating Positive Feelings Like Joy 

Emotion marketing is important and the marketers get the whole effect that it has on people.

Image Source: Cooler Insights

In a situation when the competitors are too much into the attention-grabbing battle, it becomes more important than the brand to create positive emotion. 

It will help in getting more conversion and a better retention process.

Also to make sure you have the attention of your customer, make sure that you are creating the feelings more quickly. It’s much more effective to associate the feeling from surprise and then lead to joy. 

Create The Roller Coaster Of Emotions 

The viewers watch the videos or engage with the brand when they feel the ups and downs of emotions.  

To make sure that your viewers are attentive and focused on the marketing you are doing, it’s extremely important to give them the feeling of a similar roller coaster. 

Image Source: ReferralCandy

It means to give your customers a feeling of joy and then take it but give it back after a while.  The video can deliver feelings of joys and surprises which might not engage the viewers for a longer time period. 

A good advertisement is one that is connected to emotions. And the best are those who can create the roller coaster with these emotions. 

This will hook the viewer and keep their emotions connected with the brand.

Surprise Them, Instead Of Shocking 

There are marketers who believe that surprising their audience will help in holding the attention. Meanwhile, it’s good for getting engagement and attention but it inhibits when it comes to digital sharing. 

Image Source: Business Insider

According to Teixeria research,  90% of viral ads contain humor. When it comes to humor,  it gets divided into two parts i.e. Pure and Shocking. 

When you put pure humor, it triggers the viewing and gets the customer interested.   Whereas shocking is helping to promote the views. 

Target Those Who Will Share

There are so many people out there and they like to share when it comes to good content. Also, there are people if they get self-interest served,  you can get the message targeted and more people into sharing the content. 

People tend to watch ads and feel the emotions, to get their personality to recognize, they share it with the people too. 

Deliver The Experience To Targeted Customers 

According to the data,  marketers have more information about their customers that they intend to contemplate. 

It also means that marketers have more ways to know how to use those experiences to determine what their customers are looking for. You can make the relevant content actually attract the customers. 

When it includes mobile, it also targets the data encompassing different elements including proximity and locations. 

But there are different things that can end in ways that you never thought.  Particularly when you are targeting the customers who are loyal to your brand. You can choose the mobile and it has a powerful tool. 

You can engage with the consumers who can be influenced to get closer to the company and turn it into a loyal customer. 

Never Skip The Basics

There are lots of possibilities out there that can help you in getting you the attention of the distracted customers But it’s important to focus on the basics too. 

Basics are important to make sure your customer is attracted to your brand. This will help you in rearranging and keeping your strategies on point to get everything on the right track. 

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