How to Get More Views on Etsy Shop: 25 Pro Tips & Tricks

Selling your crafts on Etsy is one of the great ways to help you earn money from it. 

Well, you started your business, built your store, and listed your products. All set for selling your items, but then, it’s nothing. 

Etsy sellers are required to get views on their listings to get sales. The more you are getting, the better sales you are doing. 

The work is not easy, not when the competition on Etsy is tough, and there are so many sellers who are working on getting views on their store.

However, it’s not impossible as well. You are going to need some tips which will help you in increasing the views. To know more, here is what you need. 

What To Know About Etsy Shop Views?

Before you jump to read the tips, it’s important to understand the concept of shop views on Etsy. 

When you talk about views on Etsy, it means the number of visitors you get on listing and shopping within the set dates in a range.

It means those people who especially look for your products and stores.

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You can check your views on shop view stats to understand your average view rates. Start with the last three months and get an average based on that.

Also, you can make the yearly comparisons by clicking on comparing to last year.

There are a few factors that affect your view numbers,  it includes : 

Numbers of Listings You Have In Shop 

The important factor that affects the views is how many lists you have on your Etsy store.  There are lots of sellers who are not getting views because the number of listings is low.

Having 6 or 10 listings will not bring the views to your store. It means you have limited chances to get more views. The more listings you have, the better your chances of being found on Etsy.

Growth In Positive Feedback 

The more positive feedback you, your views will boost. The number can be manipulated by offering the little card in the packages and requesting the buyers to leave good reviews. 

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However, it’s not suggested, and even if you do there will be 20 to 25% of people who will leave without the review. 

The solution you get is to sell more. 

Recent Sold Items  

As mentioned earlier, selling helps the store to get views, and the numbers get affected by that. If your store recently sold items, it will show the number too. 

However, for those buyers who are not selling anything right now, it can be a difficult factor. 

More Past Customers 

The number of customers will help in increasing the number of views. Well, this is a work of patience; it takes time if you don’t have a solid customer base. 

The factor affects your view rate, so it’s important to focus on it. 

Tips To Boost Up Your Views On Etsy Store 

Well, every seller on Etsy is looking to find better ways to get their product sold. For that, they need to boost the views of their store. 

This is not just making the competitors tough, but also you need more ways to attract your buyers toward your listing and store. 

For this, you are going to need these tips that you can follow. 

1. Improve Your Product Visibility 

SEO of your store and your product is important to boost visibility.  For product visibility, you will focus on a few basic things that help the buyers find your product. 

It includes putting categories when you are writing the title. Also, use the keywords to focus on adding the long-tail keywords as it gets more traffic.

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Generic keywords get too many products, so people choose specific search words to find what they are looking for. This one is different as it includes a phrase that consists of three or more words.

Also, focus on putting the primary keyword to your title and adding synonyms. 

2. Get Easily Found On Search Engine Of Etsy 

To boost your views on your store and get more people to your store, it’s crucial for you to understand that Etsy has its own huge search engine.

There are lots of sellers who are offering their products on Etsy. You will get pages of different sellers sharing the same product when you search. 

If your product is not appealing on the first page, the chances of getting views are also low.

Here you need to understand how the listing works and how you can boost the SEO. Focus on appearing on the first search list on Etsy. 

3. Build Your Customer Email List 

When you have your community ready, you need to stay in touch with them. The best way to consider this is to create an email list.

Get the emails of people who are interested in your products and work. Look for the options by which you can get signed up from them. Make sure your offers are attractive, appealing, and worth getting your customers’ emails. 

Also, offer them more opportunities to get in touch with you. 

4. Stand Out Your Etsy Storefront 

Since there are many sellers on the Etsy platform, it’s important that you have something that keeps you different from others,

To start your storefront, it’s not just crucial for you to get more traffic but will ensure that you are getting customers. 

Here you must focus on keeping your storefront appealing, detailed and trustworthy. Also, how your store looks and what kind of visuals you choose to affect the numbers of views you get. 

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When it comes to shopping online, buyers look for photos; this is helpful for them to get the best features of the product they are paying for. Also, this helps in building trust and adds appeal to the visual.

That’s why understanding that you have a good photographer or the skill to get the best photos of your product is crucial.

This includes your about page, store policies, etc. Make sure that your policies are reasonable and can help the buyers know what they are looking for. 

Don’t overlook details just because they are small. It can help you in building a trustworthy store. And the more it looks better, the more views you will get for the store as well as the product.

5. Connect Your Store With Social Media 

There are lots of social media options that can help you in boosting the views of your store. Set up your profiles on different social media such as Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

You can use beautiful photos and appealing ways to gather more people’s attention. You can clock more to show the process. 

The buyers will get to know how you are making the products, and also it helps build trust as they can’t touch the product. 

Also features the product manufacturing and other components so the people can know more about what you are making and how you are making it.

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Well, get your routine established first.  Set your photos, and upload at least 5 to 10 to your account. Get to know more about others, follow other accounts and get in touch with customers. 

Make sure you are using hashtags; this will help your customer find your store and your products. 

6. Seek More Feedbacks From Your Audience

One of the points that affect your views on Etsy is the feedback.

This can help you in boosting the numbers and get sales if you know how to do it correctly. 

Ask your audience what they want and create engagement so they can be a part of your work too. For example, if you can ask about the design, you can go for the next season. 

Use your social media to get attention, talk to them and respond to their comments. If you give them what they want, they will do what they purchase from you. 

7. Be Known  About Your Niche 

Well, marketing for the store can help you get views. But having knowledge about your niche can help in getting the people.

Here you need to do networking with other creators as well as brands. You can look up different sites where guest blogging is an option.

You can send emails to popular sites where you can ask for guest authors. However, make sure you are not doing too much of your self-promotion. 

Avoid adding spammy links or doing black hat techniques. It will not just waste your money but also you might get penalized. 

8. Create Your Community 

If you are using social media, it can be much easier to create your own community there. 

Also, there are many groups and pages on social media where you can find people interested in your product. 

The point is to show up and share about your product there. Focus on ways to help you create your own audience base and customers. 

This will ensure you have a certain amount of purchase every time. 

9. Talk About What You Sell 

There are different ways you can choose social media to promote the product. Or you can start your youtube channel to talk about what you are selling. 

Both are effective and depend on what you prefer. Starting your youtube channel will help in getting the attention of both makers as well as buyers both. 

This will help you in connecting with more people. Youtube is a good option if you want to boost views. Also, it can help you get an audience loyal to what you do and sell.

10. Start Your Own Blog 

If you can write, guest blogging is not your only option. You can start your own blog about what you sell on Etsy

This does not just help you in getting views and direct traffic to your site. But it will help in getting more ways to generate revenue. 

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You can add deeper information about your work and the products you sell. Apart from this,  link your product listing whenever you find it possible. 

Make sure your links are relevant to the content, and you can get the attention of genuine buyers. 

This also boosts your search results as your store can easily be found on Etsy search engines. 

However, ensure you are not overdoing your promotion and links to your website. Focus on giving information that stays relevant to your viewers. 

11. Get Your Product To the Community 

The product is also needed in the community you are targeting, not just you or your store. For example, you can contact fabric store owners if your store is about sewing patterns. 

You can follow their accounts, share their work with permission, sponsor the giveaways, etc.  This way, you can find an option that will serve both of you. 

It’s important that you find your people and connect as much as you can. You can also do the commenting and share their social media posts.

Find influencers who can help you get positive reviews and an audience to build your brand on Etsy. 

Make sure you are not going after influencers because of their audience, not about the niche. Focus on the people you are looking for. 

12. Offer Free Shipping 

Free shipping is one of those offers that a potential and interested buyer cannot refuse. It is not just a marketing strategy but also a great trick to attract people. 

It works as bait for customers as it simply means reducing the overall cost of the product by significant numbers. 

Also, free shipping has been a favorite trick for sellers to increase the average cart value for their sales. 

So when you offer free shipping for the products, it surely lures the customer in to check at least what products are. 

However, make sure you decide on a minimum order value to offer free shipping to the customers so that you won’t be cutting off your profits. 

Still, be generous with free shipping offers; it can work as a traffic puller for the relevant audience. 

You can promote your products by offering free shipping on social media platforms and running ads on it to get more people. 

The best part is Etsy’s search algorithm prioritizes the free-shipping aspect of product listings. 

13. Using Pinterest To Find Keywords 

Pinterest is one of the most powerful search engines out there, and that is for pictures. But it is well-optimized in order to understand the popularity of certain topics. 

Pinterest keywords and search terms are high-quality keywords to use on multiple platforms, so you can also do this on Etsy stores. 

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All you have to do is find the keywords on Pinterest regarding your product or niche. This can be done when you type a phrase in the search bar; it gives out several suggestions. 

Write down those keyword suggestions as they are the most popular search terms entered on Pinterest regarding your primary keyword. 

Then, optimizing your Etsy product listing with these keywords would be best. You can also insert these keywords in the title, description, and tags. 

It increases the impression of your Etsy store. Your store has more chances to show up in the search results. 

14. Offering Customized Orders 

Etsy allows sellers with print-on-demand products to sell on their platform. So you have the option to sell customized products or customized orders for your products as well. 

This can be an added advantage for your brand to offer customized products as compared to your competition. 

Custom products such as T-shirts, cushions, mugs, and others are highly popular and are in great demand. 

Connecting your Etsy store with the POD services will increase your chances of being discovered. Etsy search will prioritize your products to the customers in their search results. 

This feature is great for bringing more audience to your store. 

15. Make It About A Social Cause 

To connect with more audiences, your brand needs to be more than about selling the products. People relate to the business where they hold some social value or cause. 

It gives more reason to the targeted customers to buy your products when there is a cause attached to it. 

Stories are what holds people connected to the brand, so you also need to use social cause to gain more exposure. 

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However, it is important that you stand up for the cause or contribute to something you personally believe or the brand believes in. 

It motivates buyers to purchase as they consider the transaction to be contributed to the cause from their end. 

Mention what cause you stand for or how customers buying this particular product can help a certain cause. 


In conclusion, there are several strategies that you can use to get more views on Etsy. Optimizing your product listings, promoting your shop on social media, offering promotions, engaging with your customers, and utilizing Etsy’s advertising options are all effective ways to increase your shop’s visibility and attract more potential customers. Remember to be patient and persistent in your efforts, and continually work on improving your shop to achieve long-term success on Etsy.

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