15 Ways To Get New Customers

Customer acquisition is a huge deal for small businesses. The cost of customer acquisition determines your profit in the business. 

On the other hand, how you are acquiring your new customers impacts your business growth. 

If any of the following is true for you, you need to get better ways to find new customers for your business right away : 

  • You are spending too much money on customer acquisition but get very less returns on conversions.
  • You have very limited ways to find new customers.
  • You are only following the traditional ways of reaching out to new customers.
  • You are not getting enough new customers with the current methods and strategies you’re using. 

Any of this can result in reducing the number of sales and stagnancy of your business growth. 

So to jumpstart your business, you need to increase the influx of new customers on a consistent basis, and that too, with high-quality relevant new customers. 

Here are the top pro tips to find new customers for your business. 

Strategic Tips To Find New Customers For Your Small Business  

Identifying Your Ideal Customers

Finding new customers would be so easy if you know what kind of customers you are specifically looking for. 

You have to have some idea of your ideal customer. Without it, you would be left to start from anywhere except where you should start looking. 

It is critical that you have a crystal clear picture of your target customers in your head. 

Once you can materialize these ideal consumers in your head, you start thinking about what makes those people happy, sad, scared, or relieved. 

You need to explore more on their wants and needs more. Think about how you can make their life easier. 

When you narrow down your focus toward your ideal customer, it gives you benefits such as : 

  • This prevents you from making broad target market statements
  • Approaching the wrong set of customers 
  • Developing visible targeted strategies for attracting the right customers 

Figuring Out Where Your Customer Lives 

One of the effective ways to find new customers is figuring out where your ideal customer lives. 

When you identify such places where they are more likely to be found, you would be more prepared to create a message for them. 

Customer living refers to them being found in various spaces such as online, social media, offline, mails, etc. 

The nature of the business also is a deciding factor on where you need to look for your customers. 

Some kinds of customers are found mostly on online forums whereas others are mostly on foot traffic or offline. 

For example, some particular kinds of customers are more likely to be found in seminars, business events, conferences, and conventions only. 

Incentivizing Your Existing Customers 

The best way to find customers and acquire them is to leverage your existing customer base. 

That should be in exchange for offering discounts and coupon codes on their future purchases. 

You can reward your customers for making referrals to their friends and families about your product or services. 

Word-of-mouth marketing or recommendation is certainly one of the most powerful strategies for finding new customers.  

To ensure more word-of-mouth marketing, what you can do is : 

  • Make sure you provide high-quality products/services 
  • Assure your customer a great buying experience 
  • Reward your customers for sharing your products
  • Reward your customers for bringing new customers/ referrals 
  • Create a multi-layer reward system to further benefit your customers as you get more from their referred new customers.  

Learning The Inside Out Of Your Business 

You need to have a thorough understanding of your business industry along with detailed knowledge of your product or services. 

It becomes very integral when it comes to finding and attracting relevant and interested customers or clients. 

When people or prospects see how much knowledge you have of your product, the industry, and the problem at hand, they are more likely to be attracted. 

Prospects gain confidence in the product if the business representatives are insightful and well-researched on it. 

It works great in your favor when you are establishing your brand as an authority and as an industry expert. 

Find & Follow Your Business Prospects On Social Media 

This is extremely powerful when it comes to finding new customers. 

There is no better place to find potential customers than social media but instead of waiting around and hoping customers would drop by, strategize! 

You take the first approach rather than the. And don’t confuse this with pitching to your potential customers or clients. 

The idea here is to find the right customers who align with the requirements, profile, and preferences as per your product or services, and connect to them. 

You don’t purpose your product or services, no matter how confident you feel at a time to rush into it. 

You follow them and start having interactions such as likes, retweets, shares, or comments on their posts. 

Mention them often on your social media posts but make sure it is very very relevant and helpful for them. 

Your goal here is to get acknowledged by your target customer and interact with them, eventually leading up to a developed relationship over time. 

Positioning Your Brand as The Answer 

It is important that you give your potential customers or clients very convincing reasons to try your product or services.  

This is the very first step to making your loyal customers. 

Make sure you provide value to your potential customer by establishing yourself as this industry expert. 

You need to allow them to expect solutions from you regarding certain problems. 

It takes the form of content creation through multiple ways and formats and for different platforms as well. 

You can do blog posts, social media posts, guest blogging, webinars, and even videos as well. 

Adapting the content marketing strategy with an effective structured sales funnel setup is one of the highly effective ways to find and attract a large following. 

Developing A Plan for Customer Acquisition

The best strategy to gain new customers is to place a successful acquisition plan to achieve ideal customers. 

If you want to sell the products or services to the target market, you need to evaluate their different aspects : 

  • Which particular type of that target market is more likely to buy your product? 
  • Is your product need-based or lifestyle-based? 
  • Which demographics are more prone for the purchase? 
  • What are your priorities in terms of sub-sections to target the potential market? 
  • Find out the value you are bringing into people’s lives with your product.

There are hundreds of these questions you need to get sort on before you get into your customer acquisition plan. 

You have to focus on whether people are going to buy it again or if is it more like one-time purchase things. 

Make sure your customer acquisition plan adheres to the buyer’s persona, customer profiling, and all the details you have on your target market. 

So and so, you have to think like your customer and align their interest with your brand, then configure this accordingly. 

Go For Direct Response Marketing 

One of the best ways to reach out to the target customers is to apply various strategies and tactics to encourage them to complete a particular action. 

You need to create a message that is directed towards your target market. 

Focus on creating ads that are primarily targeted to attract potential customers in exchange for providing them value for free. 

It is a great way to get them into the funnel, and it comes from the direct response you get from them, so it is more action-oriented.  

You need to practice all different kinds of direct response marketing strategies as it will help you narrow down your focus on things that matter. 

Make sure you create a compelling message to reach out to your ideal customers that bring them right away.  

Try to connect with them through direct messaging via advertisement or direct response marketing. 

Offering New Customer Discounts 

One of the best ways to find and acquire new customers is to offer them first-time purchase deals and discounts. 

Consumers today are quite aware of the competition, and they always look for high-value deals, coupons, and discounts. 

They do their research, evaluate all the options, compare and look for all available discount codes, and then only decide to buy one. 

This is the time and space where your brand needs to excel and tops its list. Make sure to come up with highly effective introductory discounts. 

You have to be quite generous for your first time ( only once) to be enough convincing than others. 

Ask For Referrals 

It is important for you to gain customer loyalty after which you can expect them to ask around for referrals. 

Your existing customers can be leveraged to gain new customers. However, you cannot be passive about this process. 

You need to place an effective referral marketing strategy and reward program for your business. 

There must be a reward system automated to reward your customer on help you acquire a new customer. 

You can further create different levels of reward programs where it can be dedicated to performing specific tasks. 

Leveraging Your Local Stores 

Local stores are getting heavy foot traffic every day.

So many people walk by every day at the store who are potential customers under a specific niche or category. 

It is an effective strategy to leverage this foot traffic at the store to find and acquire new customers for your business. 

For example, a sports goods store will be having a huge influx of customers who are sportspeople or athletic. 

If you are a brand offering sportswear or food supplements for athletes, you might get a lot of leads from the foot traffic of this particular store. 

The same goes for any other stores as well. The foot traffic should be aligned with your product or services. 

You can connect with these stores to put print ads like banners to their store or even encourage them to help you generate sales in exchange for some benefit. 

Contacting Your Older Customers Again 

It is such an overlooked strategy when it comes to finding new customers. You need to look back at all of your lapsed customer contact lists. 

You need to connect to the former customers who might have already bought from you or couldn’t do business with you. 

Set a regular schedule to check out your older customer again that you haven’t connected with them in the last six months. 

Reach out to these customers through direct mail, phone, or email with more customized and personalized messages. 

You can message them saying, “ we miss you,” or “ Hi, We wanted to check with you..” or any specific deals, offers, or promotions. 

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