How to Create Video Ads: 25 Effective Tips for Businesses

Every business, regardless of its size and scale, must have an effective way of connecting with its audience. 

And video marketing is considered one of the popular options. It’s not just effective in increasing sales, but also it boosts brand recognition. And it’s preferred by the audience.

However, despite the growing popularity, video ads still haven’t reached their saturation point.

According to the studies, around 87% of businesses have used the video marketing tool 81% more since 2018.

But still,  lots of businesses are afraid to use video ads as they don’t know if they will get the results after investing or not. 

Well, if you are thinking the same, here are some of the best tips to consider for improving video ads and getting the desired result.

Why Should You Consider Video Marketing?

Video marketing is effective and targets your audience directly.  Also, video marketing uses visuals that are better to connect and have a better impact.

advantages using video ads

There are various benefits that you get from it, such as :

  • Most of the audience prefers watching videos of the brand instead of reading about them or visiting the sites. So it offers many direct, better, and easy ways to connect with them.
  • Video marketing is one of the fast-growing; it’s the best option that gives more opportunities to grow your business.
  • Video ads are also good for enhancing the ranking and SEO of your website.
  • People do searches, and most of the time, they look for video content. It’s easier to understand and direct get the information. Also, there is a huge demand for it.

What Are Tips That Will Help In Improving Your Video Ads?

No doubt that video ads are in more demand for various reasons. And there is no reason why you should not be using this.

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But video ads work when you know what you are going for. It requires more focus and clear understanding. And this is why some of the ads don’t work.

mistakes avoid in video advertising

However, if you are worried about how you are going to make your ad better, here are some of the best tips that you can use :

Always Have A Plan Ready

Creating effective video ads is not easy; you should know whom you are targeting and what message you want to convey.

There are examples of ads that are not clear in their message; they do waste opportunity and investment and energy.

To make sure you know your plan is clear, ask these questions to yourself :

  • Is it the general introduction of what you offer?
  • Are you doing the promotion for your product and service?
  • Is there any special off where you want your ad to emphasize?
  • How will using your services or products make the customer’s life better?
  • How can you emphasize your reputation and experience?
  • Can you use testimonials or quotes to convey how customers feel about the products or services?

Before you approach creating video ads, make sure you have your plan ready. The clearer you are, the better results you will get.

Never Skip The Introduction Part

When you are creating video ads, the introduction is an important fact. Within the first few seconds, your audience makes up their mind if they want to continue or not.

Do not jump right away to your services or product. Make sure you have a catchy, engaging, and interesting introduction.

When you have an engaging introduction,  you can easily catch the attention of your audience too.

Your Storytelling Is Crucial

Adding a story to an ad works like a charm.  It makes your ad less like ‘ ads’ and more than an experience and interesting story.

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People connect with the story, they like knowing more, and when you don’t force on selling, it holds their attention better too.

Also, using storytelling connects your audience with your brand. However, when you are doing this, make sure you are taking the needs and preferences of your customers into consideration.

Make Your Tittle Eye Catching

People are curious by nature.  So when they see something interesting, they feel naturally drawn to them.

That’s why creating an eye-catching video title is crucial. Especially when the audience has to see tons of ads throughout the day.

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Catching their eyes can be difficult as most of them ignore the ads after scanning. So to make them see your ad, you should offer something that no one else is doing.

When you use the right keywords and keep your title interesting, you also boost your ads’ visibility, which helps increase the reach.

Keep Your Ads Relevant

Well, the biggest problem with ads is not something that is welcomed. Ads interrupt what the audience is doing. It can be watching something on youtube or streaming.

Ads are annoying, and when they do not relent, it gets worse. Imagine watching your favorite show, and suddenly the ads pop out.  Now you have to wait until it gets over.

But now, imagine watching an ad that has nothing to do with you. It makes it harder to capture attention but also boosts the chances of resentment.

However, now ads are becoming more sensitive towards their interruptions. To improve that, they are using demographics and program-related ads.

But still, watching ads is annoying.

When you do video advertising, you can create videos that stay relevant to the content.

So it doesn’t feel like an interruption but adds value on top of it.

Many advertisers are creating hundreds of the same ads, but with the slightest chances so that it can blend better.

Choose The Right Type In Video Ads

There are different formats that you will find in video ads. You can choose depending on what you prefer.

It can be skippable ads, video discovery ads, or bumper ads. However, some of the types have better results than others.

For example, if you aim to increase more leads, choosing skippable In-stream ads is better.

However, if your goal is to create more brand awareness and reach, you can consider using non-skippable or bumper ads.

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So when you are choosing the format, it’s better to choose what suits your purpose.

It should help in reaching your marketing objective and focus on what type of audience you are aiming for.

Get Right To What’s Your Point

People have no time for ads. Also, they can skip or wait for a few seconds.

So you don’t have much time to build suspense. That’s why your ad should impact as soon as it starts. There is no time to waste on things that don’t matter.

Within the first few seconds, your ad either conveys the main message or has something to hold the attention.

That’s why introductions are crucial. According to a survey, 65% of the audience who watch a few seconds of ads likely watch more or treat for 10 seconds more.

Find The Feel And Voice Of Your Ads

Your ad should convey the feeling; it should have something that can connect with the audience.

Adding emoticons to advertising is key, and the same goes for creating video ads too.

You can add whatever suits your brand or what you want the audience to feel while watching the ads.

It can be emotions like happiness, hopefulness, anger, surprise, and even sadness. It not always ads cater to positivity; you can keep it relevant here too.

Answer Why You Are Best

You are not the only one who is selling the product; there are tons of others. And since audiences have a wide range of options, they are going to need more than convincing.

Tell them why your brand is much better than others and the reason why the audience should pick yours.

When creating the video ad, you should also focus on this.  Be honest with what you are offering, and highlight the benefits first.

No one is interested in buying products until or unless it’s solving their problem. Or adding benefits for them.

Keep Your Ads Mobile Friendly

Your audience uses different devices, such as a laptop, mobile, or tablets.  It’s important that your ad goes perfectly regardless of which device they are using.

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SEO also supports mobile-friendly ads. Also, by this, you are increasing the chances of getting better reach as most of the audiences use their phone for almost every social media platform.

It’s more handy, easy to access, and has a better impact.

Don’t Avoid Music And Sound

Having good music can double the impact of your ad.  Also, it can help in attracting more of an audience.

However, not all music suits what you are offering. It depends on your product, audience, mood, and feelings.

Look for what you want to convey first. Your music should follow the feel. If your ad has a happy and joyful vibe, it should have something that can cheer people up.

Also, focus on your music, as it can help improve brand awareness. People recognize the sounds easily if they know whom it represents.

Check The Lighting And Setting

Your ads show your brand and what you do behind that. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, the ad might be about the chef in the kitchen.

You are required to set the setting, so your audience can connect better.  With your video ads,   you can hold what reflection so you want to present in front of your audience.

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The more precise and clear image you do, the more the audience will remember.

Here you also require to focus on the lighting.  Creating your ads in darkness or bad-quality light will degrade the impact.

Consider What Your Wardrobe Shows

Well,  the actors who are in your video ads should have the wardrobe. It should be clean, colored, and look attractive.

Make sure that your wardrobe is serving what you offer. For example, If your business is related to retail, then your clothes should focus on that. It should be attractive, hold the attention and make your audience purchase what you offer.

The wardrobe contributes a lot to your video ad’s visuals. And you should never ignore that factor when you are aiming for effective results.

Keep Your Ads Short & Precise

The typical advertising videos are no longer than 30 seconds.  And you should keep the ads within the given time.

The ads are required to keep short and precise. It should not extend or look draggy. The more precise you have the better focus of your audience you will get.

It’s much better to shoot multiple clips, so you can do the edit later.

Don’t Forget The CTA

CTA or Call To Action is what drives your audience from watching the ad to your business.

This is important and holds the chances of getting more conversions.  You can add something like contact information or coupon, or maybe add a special discount.

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Anything that pushes your audience to take the next step toward your brand. However, here you might require to add the landing page so the visitors can get a smooth way to explore your site.

Make Your Ads Personalized

Today’s market is more focused on personalizing everything.  Also, it’s one of the biggest differences when comparing traditional and television ads with online ads.

Perhaps TV advertising is broad when it comes to targeting the audience. However, it focuses on certain demographics.

For example, according to Neilson’s data,  the show ‘This Is Us’ is mostly female and 79% white.

Because of the large number of viewers, the concentration of characters on different measures such as psychographics or behavior can be missed.

But when you do online video ads, you can’t get granular with your targeting audience.

This requires digging deeper and going beyond the demographic of your audience. It includes gender, location, and age.

It requires understanding, interest, and passion.

Marketers are putting more effort into keeping their ads personalized so their audience can feel more connected.

Seek The Professional Speakers

Who is representing your ads is an important factor as well. You can’t present someone who has no experience or confidence.

It’s important that you have professional speakers who can carry out this perfectly. Also, they have better ways to present to make it more efficient and effective.

Also, the speakers hold the chance of getting the trust of your audience. So if they don’t look trustworthy and reliable, your audience will simply leave.

Keep Testing

Once you complete the ad and post it, your work is not done here; it still requires monitoring the results and how they are performing.

Don’t limit yourself; you can keep testing to find the right approach to the audience.

It can also include moving the ads to different slots or channels.  Also, it will help in removing the chances of ad fatigue.

Top 5 Tools For Creating Video Ads

  2. Adobe Spark
  3. Soapbox
  4. Renderforest
  5. InVideo

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