Top 10 Best Tile Brands In The US

With each year passing by, you have seen so many different trends and styles of tile. Innovative tile designs have paved its way towards the home designing market. In fact, you may notice that there are actually no restrictions to tile works that you can use to give your home a beautiful look.

You will find a lot of tile brands offering a huge range of tiles according to your needs. The list below has the names of the top 10 tile brands of the US who have got a fantastic collection of tiles that you cannot ignore at all.

Tile Brands in the US

Arizona tile

This tile company is known to have some of the best yet weird variety of tiles that you may not find anywhere else. Arizona Tile Company was started by John Huarte in the year 1977 with its first location at San Diego, California and has continued to serve the western parts of the United States since then. 

In their collection you will find porcelain and glass tiles and the list does not end here. This tile company also has marble, onyx, slate, granite and many more other types of tiles in their collection. Arizona Tile Company has become the leading tile brand in the United States. Now this company has its store in more than 25 places in 7 states of the US.

Ann Sacks Tile and Stone

Looking for some really unique varieties of tile? Then Ann Sacks Tile and Stone Company is the one for you. Based at the Pacific Northwest, this tile company has gained popularity since it started sometime in the 80’s. The owner started this company with just a box of some Mexican Talavera tiles and turned it into a successful company. 

They always make sure to curate all their lovely collections of tiles very carefully so that it makes your life and your home even more beautiful. They have ceramic, mosaic, glass, porcelain, specialty tiles, concrete, terra cotta and the stone tile in their collection. This tile company has the most unique tile collections for your kitchen, bathroom, living spaces and powder room or even for commercial purpose. 

Pave Tile and Stone

This is another tile company that can give you some of the best and unique styles of tile for your home. Pave Tile and Stone Company is located at Massachusetts and it was founded by an American and French married couple Emma Micallef and Francois in the year 2000.

This tile company is famous for producing the finest and authentic Italian, Spanish, French and Belgian terra cotta tile that are beautifully designed. It has been 20 years and this tile company has become one of the best in the US market. 

Susan Jablon Mosaics

Susan Jablon Mosaics is a tile company that is located at the New York City. This is mainly a family business that is run by some artists in a studio in New York City. They ship their products all over the United States. This tile company also has an online shop that allows you to purchase their products online. 

They offer a unique style of tiles for your bathroom or kitchen that are designed by a team of talented designers. Their collection mainly focuses on producing colorful glass and mosaic tiles that are just the perfect one for putting up in any space of your choice. 


This tile company was once upon a time a mortar and brick business. In the year 1948, this tile company started providing tiles to several builders and contractors. Then it expanded its business throughout the years that followed. Bedrosians is a tile company that also offers a huge variety of tile and other such products that your home needs. In the present year, it has also become one of the leading tile companies with its online presence. 

That has made this tile company a noticeable competitor in the tile industry in the United States. Now they have more than 40 branches throughout the United States. Their tremendous growth has made this company the largest and independent tile importers. 

Florida Tile

Florida Tile mainly serves the eastern region of the US. Its headquarters are located at Kentucky. This tile company also offers a huge range of tile products such as the natural stone, ceramic and glass tiles. They also specialize in producing metal tiles also to give your home a more rustic look. 


Hakatai Tile Company is another leading tile brand that mainly specializes in making glass tiles. Apart from importing and distributing glass mosaic tiles since the beginning of 1997, this tile company has been offering other varieties of tiles as well such as stone, terra cotta, mosaic, stained glass tiles and many more that your home needs.

Since this company is known to flourish even more on recycled glass tiles, it has made this company an eco-friendly one. 


This tile company has its headquarters in Italy but it has made its presence all over the United States well known. It has 13 stores all over the nation. You can find a huge collection of unique and beautiful tiles.

This company produces high quality tiles and is placed at one of the top tile brand in the United States. They are best known for producing luxurious tiles and are also the leading manufacturer of glass mosaic tiles that can be used for exterior and interior decoration.

Clayhaus Ceramics

This tile company has made a great impact in the Pacific north western areas of the United States. Jason and Megan Coleman are the founders of this tile company.  For them, the entire process of manufacturing luxurious is something that satisfies them.

Clayhaus ceramics had got a beautiful collection of tile products. One of the best products in their collections includes the matte white tile and you can even find their products online. 


 This tile company is considered to be one of the best online tile companies in the United States. Their collection is something that you cannot ignore. Their hand crafted porcelain and ceramic tiles as well as those unique and colorful subway tiles are the well-known products in the tile collection.

They are best known for producing high quality and artisan tile by bending the existing ones into different shapes. Most of the collections are handmade. This tile company takes extreme care while producing tiles so as to meet the standard quality. 

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