Top 10 Best Tile Adhesive Brands in the US

Tile adhesive is a glue that is specifically used for fixing tiles in your home. These adhesives have strong bonding strength that helps the tiles to stick to the substrate permanently.

You can find these tile adhesive mixtures made up of Portland cement and polymers that include epoxy and some additives in any store that mainly deals with construction items or tiles.

You will find many famous tile adhesive brands in the United States. Out of them, here is a list of the top 10 tile adhesive brands that are famous in the US, and purchasing their products will never disappoint you.

Top Tile Adhesive Brands in the US

3M Company


Based in Maplewood, Minnesota, this tile adhesive company was previously called the Minnesota Mining and manufacturing company from the year 1902 to 2002.

This is an American multinational conglomerate corporation. Its annual sales are more than $31 billion.

Employing approximately 91,000 workers from all over the globe, this tile adhesive company operates in at least 70 countries.

They also produce materials like tile adhesives, laminates, abrasives, and car-related, medical, orthodontic, dental, and electronic products.

3m Company

Henkel AG


This multinational company has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, and is one of the leading tile adhesive brands in the US.

It has a really great market position both in the industrial as well as consumer sectors. This tile adhesive company is mostly famous for brands like Schwarzkopf, Persil, Loctite, etc.

Henkel has divided its business into three operating units globally: adhesive technologies, laundry and home care products, and beauty care products.

Among these three business units, tile adhesives have the largest share. This company has almost 50000 employees, and this business is actively working in about 120 nations worldwide.

Henkel Ag

Illinois Tool Works (ITW Plexus)


ITW businesses are also among the leading manufacturers of tile adhesives in the United States. Its annual sales are over $13 billion.

They have approximately 49,000 employees from all over the globe. This tile adhesive company has operated in at least 57 countries now.

Their products are used in healthcare, aerospace technology, automotive OEM, wind turbines, bridges, deep sea oil rigs, etc.

This company makes sure to design products in such a way as to decrease the cost by reducing certain stages in their process of manufacturing and also reducing the number of parts while assembling products and improving the quality of the end product.

Illinois Tool Works



Huntsman is a tile adhesive company mostly known for manufacturing various chemicals used for industrial purposes.

Plastics, aviation, automotive, coatings and paints, textiles, construction, detergent, health care products, and personal care products are some of the things this tile adhesive company produces.

In fact, Huntsman is one of the leading and major producers of structural or tile adhesive that employs approximately 15000 workers. This company operates globally, and its annual sales reach over $10 billion.




Ashland is another leading tile adhesive company in the United States that earns a revenue of more than $8 billion. This company is one of the biggest manufacturers of coat adhesives.

They also produce unsaturated polyester, gel coats, vinyl ester resins, lubricants, structural adhesives, and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Ashland has its headquarters in Covington, Kentucky, which is in the United States. Employing over 15000 employees, this tile adhesive company operates in more than 100 countries.




Sika AG is also one of the leading tile adhesive brands in the United States. It is highly known for the production and also development of systems.

This company produces the products needed for sealing, bonding, damping, protecting, and reinforcing in the motor vehicle and building sectors.

It majors in manufacturing structural adhesives. Sika AG has subdivisions in almost 101 nations all over the world.

It manufactures its products in more than 170 factories and also has at least 19,500 employees. Its annual sales were more than 7 billion in the year 2018.


DuPont Automotive


DuPont Automotive was previously known as Dow Automotive Systems. It provides products, technologies, and solutions for mainly the automotive industry.

This company and all the businesses related to this company had annual sales of $2.8 billion in the year 2014.

Also, DuPont Automotive company is one of the leading producers of structural adhesives for the automobile industry in the Beta mate line.

This company manufactures various products that the automotive industry needs, like foams, composites, elastomers, fluids, etc.

Dupont Automotive

H.B. Fuller


H.B. Fuller is a leading brand that manufactures sealants, adhesives, and other specialty chemical products used for several markets.

The major uses of such products include building, construction, packaging, woodworking adhesives, paper converting, laminates and general assembly adhesives, personal hygiene and nonwovens, polymers, and tile and floor adhesive products.

This company had an estimated annual sales of about $2.1 billion in the year 2014.

Hb Fuller

Royal Adhesives

This company will soon become a part of H.B. Fuller, and its annual sales are over $600 million. Royal Adhesives & Sealants is a leading marketer and manufacturer of high-quality sealants, adhesives encapsulates, and also produces specialty polymers.

This company has its focused on the five huge industrial sectors where it has proved to be an expert.

Those five industries are commercial construction and residential construction, transportation, fenestration, Packaging, product assembly, printing, and lamination.

Royal Adhesives



Uniseal is also a leading tile adhesive brand in the United States. This company also produces adhesives for welding, expandable and standard sealants. They also manufacture solutions for a huge number of industries.

Their main focus lies in the transportation and automotive industry. The sealants and adhesives produced by this company are used worldwide in heavy trailers and trucks, the automotive industry, heavy and agricultural equipment, and the product assembling industry.


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