35 Profitable Things That You Can Make and Sell Online (in 2023)

Today, thousands of craftspeople, makers, and artisan develop and sell their products online using different platforms. 

The business of DIY is blooming, and the craft market in the Us alone is recorded to reach around $50 billion by 2024. 

This means if you have a talent or hobby and can create a product on your own, there is a huge market where you will find customers willing to purchase it. 

Especially now when people are more into purchasing handmade products or have a personal touch. 

There are different ideas that you can choose and start selling. It comes with different benefits, attracting more makers and buyers to boost the market. 

So if you are planning to start selling, here is a list of items that are profitable and you can consider for your business, along with the process of how to start the shop. 

Step-by-Step Process To Start Your Own Craft Shop With No Money 

Step 1: Choose Your Product 

First things first! Choose the product that you want to make and sell online. More importantly, do remember that these steps determine the success of your whole endeavor. 

Make sure you start with a single product focused on the quality and marketing of that product. You should choose the product according to your interest and abilities. 

However, you need to explore and find out what items you can make and sell from your home. Surprisingly, there are too many of them. 

Step 2:  Select the Brand Name 

Brand name is going to stay with your business for the longest time. You need to be very careful with what name you choose. 

It should be brandable, memorable, and relevant. Make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce. 

The name should accurately represent what you stand for or what the overall vibe of your company will be. 

Step 3: Register Your Store 

Now, you might wonder where to sell your products and where your store will be registered.  

Well, the first option is to open your own e-commerce platform. Buy hosting and domain for your online store, design the store, set up payment options, and streamline shipping. 

However, that is the most difficult option to go for. So it is better to host your store on various marketplace platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and others. 

You can create or register your store for free on Shopify or Amazon. Registration should be instant after you get your brand name so you can hold the name for your use. 

Step 4:  Decide the Type Of Business 

There is a whole financial and law-based aspect of starting a business that you cannot ignore. You will be responsible for paying tax for the revenue you generate with your business. 

So, for that, you have to legally register your business. There is multiple type of registration, such as sole proprietorship, LLC, and more. 

You need to decide whether you are running this business on partnership or alone. Here it is better to research extensively regarding the local law for taxes and business registration. 

Step 5:  Setup Your Online Store 

This is more of a process rather than a step where you will set up your store on your chosen platform, whether it is Shopify, Etsy, or any other. 

You also need to design your store and add product descriptions or copy for the product. Once you establish your online store, you need to streamline the manufacturing when you get the order. 

Step 6:  Start Promoting & Selling 

Now, you’re good to go! The next thing you know to do is promote your products and store as much as possible.

And once you start getting orders, your store is up and ready to deliver the products. 

Creative things you can make and sell from your home:

1. Bath Bombs 

Well, the concept of self-care is a new trend where people are becoming more concerned to purchase things that make them feel good. 

No surprise, there is a huge demand for bath bombs, as a result, there are companies built on selling the bath bombs. 

Image source: WQOW

Since 2015. There is a jump in sales which increased by 17%. And 2017, around 21 million bath bombs were sold by the company lush which manufactures handmade bath bombs. 

However making bath bombs can be complex or easy, depending on what you want. Also to stand out, you need creativity to offer the traditional bath bombs but in different ways. 

You can add different things such as essential oils, herbs, glitter, etc to make it appealing to the customers. 

2. Jewelry 

There are lots of people in this industry and there are more that are turning into one, the jewelry industry is becoming huge since the demand is increasing too. 

Also, the materials used for making handmade jewelry are extremely affordable. However, it’s important that you follow the trends that are going around as fashion can be fickle. 

Image source: madeurban

Making jewelry can be simple or hard, depending on what you are designing. This is why you should know whom you are targeting and how they will like the jewelry you are making.

This will be helpful in knowing how much time it would take to make one, and what items you will require to complete it,

3. Subscription Boxes Or Curated Gifts 

If you are not the person who is not extremely crafty but you have a sense of choosing good things. You can start selling subscription boxes to your customers. 

Not just it includes those people who are looking for an easy way to do shopping, but it also adds the personalized factor which goes perfectly for gift ideas without wasting much time. 

Image source: twitter

In 2020, the searches for self car products will be boosted by 250 % as compared to 2014. Selling subscription boxes as gifts or even weekly have a huge influx in sales as per the Etsy selling data. 

Well, you don’t have to offer a gift basket for the people, there are lots of options from where you can choose. 

4. Personalized Gifts 

According to the survey by Segment, it was found that more than 1000 consumers felt unsatisfied and not so impressed because they didn’t find the personalization from the retailers.

Not just you get the opportunity but also it gives you leverage to fill the void. Personalized gifts help in adding the special touch which marks it different from the store-bought stuff. 

Image source: USAtoday

This is a useful idea for small businesses where they can earn money by selling customers thank you or engraving notes with someone named. This will add value to the items. 

5. Candles 

In the US, the candle business industry is worth $ 3.2 billion. The profit margin here you get covers from $5 to 20 per candle, depending on what type and quality you are offering. 

Not just that, making candles is one of the easiest crafts that you can do. There are different DIY tutorials where you can learn things. 

Image source: Allure

Also, it needs melted wax and methods for pouring to start with. However, you can add your touch, and choose different kinds of candles, scents, size, shape for different occasions. 

6. Pixel And Paintings 

The volume of the searches that have been recorded on Amazon is more than 70k per month, which is a lot. 

Image source: fineartblogger

This also shows that there is a huge demand and the market requires more products to sell. You can print the original ones and use them and demand when you want to sell them. 

Also, you can frame it and sell it via dropshipping. 

7. Wood Working 

If you are good at designing, making dolls, jewelry boxes, shelves, you can help in teaching people how to make them. 

You can start with packing the kit that will include the wood required along with the instruction of how they will make the craft from it. You can also share the video link if you are using the tutorials. 

8. Crochet Kits 

People have new hobbies, and crochet kits are one of them. If you are a crochet artist, then you can sell your kits to those who are either interested in that or want to have fun with it. 

You can sell different ideas and what they can make from it such as clothing or plush toys. 

Add all ingredients that they will need including needles, stuffing, yarn, and pattern for making the item.

Image source: crochetpenguin

You can set your price range from $10 to 40 depending on how you want to sell. 

9. Creams For Face & Body 

The demand for natural and clean beauty products is increasing more and more. This also includes homemade creams for the body as well as the face. 

You can use some unique ideas that can help you in standing out from the rest of the homemade product industry. There are lots of small businesses offering different things to the customer. 

You can use some special ingredients or do something which makes more people purchase the products. 

You can use some special ingredients or do something which makes more people purchase the products. 

10. Lip Balms 

Natural lip balms can also be a good idea to start your business. It includes basic ingredients which are not costly, also you can choose different flavors, scents or you can make everything and offer the variations to the customers. 

Image source: manilabulletin

You can sell a packet of different scents or flavors of lip balms. Choose the cost that covers the worth of manufacturing and also you can get your profit margin. 

You can sell it for $10 to 15. 

11. Headwraps 

Headwraps are in demand because of their uniquely beautiful texture and the ability to protect the hair. The long piece of fabric can help in protecting the scalp. 

You can sell them the combination of headwraps and mask or pre-tied to make them look unique.

The cost depends on the fabric you are choosing, also you can choose your design and ideas to make it better

12. Pillows & Pillowcases 

Well, making pillows and pillowcases is a work where you will need some level of sewing skills. You can bring a decent amount of profits. 

Also, you can choose the different designs, fabrics, colors, materials, etc. Here you get the freedom of going outside of the box and sew the pillows that people will love. 

You can also offer pillows for babies, outdoor, or even for pets. 

13. Jams 

One of the things that you can make on your own, Jams are not just good to start with but also you can make it in a bulk, this saves money, energy, and resources along with time. 

Image source: medium 

However, to make the jam by processing the whole jamming steps, you can keep jams refrigerated for a year.

To stand out, you can experiment with flavors and taste. Use your creativity to make something that will stand you out.

14. Spice Mixes

You can start with creating different ways to sell your spices online. You can connect with your ancestry or culture to bring the spices no one knows. Or you can choose the places where you might visit or like the spices. 

Here you can do the experiment with the home spices, make your own blends and sell the mix to the online market. People look forward to getting mixed spices that can be natural and unrefined.

15. Ceramics 

Ceramics are one of the most demanded items in handmade. However, it takes time to make, and it’s not the fastest thing you can complete. 

But ceramics are in demand. There are mugs, vases,s and other objects you can make. You can design it the way you want. Make it simple or add the unique touch you can stand out. 

Image source: instamojo

Add quotes, hobbies, or things that make it quirky, keepsakes, etc. 

Also making the ceramics maybe not the easiest, however, you don’t need a crafting workshop for it. 

You can start with polymer clay, air clay, and poured concrete. But you can make sure to get a workstation for you to keep things more arranged. 

16. Cake and Cupcake Decorating 

If you have the talent to make sweet things in the kitchen, you can use that to earn the money online. 

There are lots of people who love to purchase homemade stuff. Not just homemade stuff is less preservation, healthy and quality to create the products. 

Image source: ecommerceplatforms

However you need to be selective, and choose niche markets such as novelty, holidays, catering, gift baskets, etc., which will help target the products. 

You must follow some important steps, such as legalities, shelf life, and labeling. Etc.

17. Beard Care 

You can sell beard oil or choose the products you want to sell to bear grooming. 

Image source: beardresources

Apart from this, you can add the handmade grooming kit with the products to sell. This can include different things such as a comb, beard oil, wax, and other goodies to make it look more appealing as well as useful. 

18. Rugs 

If you like weaving, you can also sell the rugs to online stores. People earn thousands of dollars from selling quality rugs to the marketplace. 

You can make it unique, different, and appealing and get more money for that. 

19. Woven Baskets 

The demand for woven baskets has been increased after the trend of bohemian interior designs introduced in fashion. 

You can sell the products based on the time it takes to make them and their intricacy. The price range goes from $20 to 200. 

20. Handmade Tiles 

Adding handmade titles can boost the overall look of the house. It brings the artisanal kind of luxury, and people look for uniqueness when they do purchase. 

If you know how to make it with cement or clay, you can make the tiles and sell them as interior options. 

Image source: pinterest 

The best part, you can earn huge as the cost goes $30 per square foot, and the average size of the kitchen is 150 sq which will need lots of titles to work. This means you can sell the titles and earn money. 

21. Cutting Board

Well, it’s one of the necessary items in every kitchen, no matter if it’s an individual or family. You can make the cutting boards and add the woodworking skills. 

You can add the upgrade by offering customization such as adding phrases, names, or initials. 

22. Blends Of Loose Leaf Tea

People are looking to purchase the loose tea leaf for lots of reasons, there are lots of health benefits and fitness reasons. However the demand is increasing, this means you can sell this and can earn more. 

Image source: heavnlytealeaves

You can make your blends for a different purpose; you can sell for cold or flu, or relaxation, Based on your customers, you can make blends for that. 

You can sell the tea blends online, as the price goes from $30. 

23. Sculptures 

People look to purchase the sculptures for different reasons, it can be for gift purposes for events and holidays. Or they purchase it for decor.

You can make the art sculptures that you want to make, and sell them to the market. There are lots of people who are willing to purchase it if you are making it unique,

The handmade sculptures are in trend, so you can start selling from $40 to 1000 depending on the different factors. 

It includes the size, material, and time you are investing. 

24. Wall Art 

Wall art is beautiful and one of the trending home decor items. It does not just attract the people who appreciate the art but also it gives an artisan vibe to the house. 

If you are good with wall art, you can make your own and sell it. 

25. Paintings

There are lots of things you can try if you are good at painting. There are differences in portrait, landscape paintings, expressions, abstract, etc. There is an audience for everyone. 

Image source: mymodernmet

Amazon also has a platform where you can sell art. If you want more, you can sell more on platforms, you can receive commissions too if you have a good connection.

26. Beds 

For those who know how to sew and have the skills to make the bed, you can sell beds too. There are soft beds for pets or babies, you can sell anyone for them. 

Image source: petinterior

Choose the design, comfort, colors, fabrics, etc. you can also take orders based on what people prefer. 

27. Pet Playgrounds 

You can make pet playgrounds as people will love to buy them. Pet owners require indoor play door to keep their pets active. Also, it’s healthy and a time of like this, where going out is no option, this might be helpful

Also, you can take the customization and build indoor playgrounds for pets. 

28. Collars 

Pet lovers look for new colors that will suit their pets. They would love to buy cute and beautiful colors for their fur buddies. 

You can make colors that can protect and give personality to pets. you can choose the size of collars, 

29. Hair Accessories 

There are lots of things you can make for hair accessories. The world is huge and you can do beadwork, glitter, florals, etc. 

You can choose the different accessories and sell them online. 

30. Invitations & Stationery 

Handmade wedding invitations and stationery are in demand. There are lots of things that you can do with you here. 

Image source: pinterest 

The invitations have different occasions, like weddings, birthdays, events, or special days. You can choose and sell the handmade invitation to the customers. 

31. Sewn Items 

Sewn items might not be the easiest choice to make and sell online, but it is definitely profitable. 

And if you are wondering how it is manageable since it takes a long time to complete, then you need to see more varieties of sewn items. 

There are hundreds of sewn items that you can make such as tablecloths, curtains, decorative cloths etc that aren’t just easier to make but also can be sold at good prices. 

Then, there is an entire market of soft items for children and decorations. All you need to do is develop some creative and unique ideas for sewn item collections. 

32.  Bracelets 

The market for bracelets is huge, and you will see the demand for bracelets on e-commerce giants such as Amazon or Ebay is extremely high. 

This is one of the hot-selling craft products you can sell online. However, the competition will be high too, so you need to develop creative and unique ideas for bracelets. 

Friendship bracelets, Buddha bracelets, and Viking bracelets are some few profitable sub-categories to choose. 

Friendship bracelets are popular amongst young people, best amongst students. Bring your craft into these bracelets to create a new product. 

Then, there are Buddha bracelets originally made for prayer, however, now become fashion jewelry for men and some women too. 

33. Socks 

You can find such varieties in socks, and it is quite a creative market. People are buying all kinds of socks these days. 

Few are even not purpose-oriented and more amusing or fashion-driven. So there is a room for experimentation, creativity, and new ideas. 

People are already buying all kinds of socks, such as football socks, winter woolen socks, socks for babies, socks for summer and much more. 

34. T-Shirts 

Now, the T-shirt industry is already a billion-dollar industry, especially the customized T-shirt & printing. So you already know the potential here. 

The competition here in T-shirt design, custom printing and other variants are too high, and so is the profit. 

If you have an eye to find a new angle for this, more creative alternatives and something that stands out, you can open floodgates for customers here. 

You can start your own merch or sell custom t-shirts on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy or ebay. 

35.  Beauty Cosmetics 

Beauty products are one of the highest-grossing industries online. And selling homemade beauty products online is a great option for online businesses. 

You can sell various products under this category, such as lip balm, body scrub, solid perfume, face powder, milk baths, handmade soaps, shampoo, shower jellies, body wash, foot soak, beard oil, and many more. 

All these items can potentially be a high-selling product for your business. It is highly recommended you start with one particular product. 

Having one or a few high-quality products is better than multiple average-quality items. You need to meet the industry quality standards as well. 

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