18 Must Things to Put in Your Welcome Packet for New Clients

When you get a new client, you are excited to serve them in the same manner that clients expect to get the best service from you.

Living up to the expectation of the client is the biggest challenge for every business. Failing to do so will lead to you knowing about your much-valued client. On the other hand, a warm welcome to the client will just set the tone right for the deal.

Providing the clients with the welcome packet will ensure your client’s field that their decision to hire your business is absolutely right.

Such a welcome packet reflects the fact that you are committed to providing the best to your clients.

At the end of the day, keeping a customer happy is as important as cracking a deal with a new customer.

If you are worried about what to include in your New client’s welcome packet, this is the article that you must read.

New customer welcome kit ideas

Welcome letter 

A welcome letter is a first and foremost thing that you need to incorporate into the welcome kit.

A brief and warm letter showing gratitude for having the clients on board is the key to making them truly surprised and happy with the association. Firstly in the letter, make sure you tell the clients how happy you are to have them on board.

Secondly, assure them that they have made a great decision by choosing you as their service provider, along with a brief of all the services that you offer.

End the letter with the name of the customer and your contact detail of yours, which should have a contact number on which they can reach you any time of the day. 

Information sheet 

The next most important thing that you need to add to the kit is a sheet that contains all the information details of the business.

It should have the emails and all the helpline numbers so that they can reach out to the business whenever they need any assistance with the same.

Such information can be given out in an innovative manner, such as by etching them on a mouse pad or fridge magnets can really be cool.

Clients will have the utility of these items, and hence they will appreciate such inclusion. These products are handy, and the customers will have easy access to your business details! 

Branded products 

The best thing you can offer to your client is something that they can use most of the time. It will ensure that they are always surrounded by the presence of your brand.

Pens, calendars, and notepads branded with your business are something that you need to incorporate in the welcome kits.

These products will remain close to the customer because they can be used every day, and hence your brand will unintentionally also get a lot of promotion when your client takes out the pen in any place to sign or write anything. 

Business cards 

Many people would say that these are age-old measures to spread the business amongst people.

However, you need to trust the fact that they truly work magic when it comes to making people aware of the presence of your brand.

When people open such a welcome kit and they get the business card, they are truly surprised, and they keep it with them.

When any acquaintances ask for a reference, they will extend your business card and in this manner, your welcome kit belongings will drastically help you score better with the client and also get prospective clients at the same time. 

Gifts based on personal preference 

This is a trick that you should use on your new clients to show them that you really know a lot about them and that you are a perfect choice that they made.

Adding personalized gifts based on the preference of the clients will truly surprise them, and they will surely love the gesture.

If your client has a hobby play playing golf, including a golf cap in their welcome kit will surely surprise them, and they will be happy beyond bounds.

Your brand will leave a better impact on the mind of customers, and for this one reason, they will recommend you to others.

Mobile covers, reusable water bottles, and umbrellas can be some of the other gifts to offer your clients. 

Material to Educate 

If you offer information on the subject of which the customer isn’t much aware, then it is appreciated.

They are working with you just because they do not have the expertise, which is why any additional knowledge will be a lot helpful for them.

Educating clients will allow them to trust you more as they will get a hint of the expertise you hold in the domain.

Your material should help your customers to make proper buying decisions and also clear all of their confusion.

Make sure that the content is branded with your logo and brand details so that the customer remains aware that the piece of information is from you.  

Pricing leaflet 

Though you may have already discussed the pricing of your services with the client, it is suggested that you add a pricing leaflet in the client welcome packet.

Such an addition makes sure that the client knows of every pricing package detail, and they can also opt for other packages if they need an upgrade.

If there are other prospects who want to know about the pricing, they can surely give the leaflet away to the people so that they can refer to it and book your product or services if the prices are fine for them. Design the leaflet on glossy paper for more impact!  


It is true to its core that nothing can ever replace the essence of audiovisuals in a client welcome packet.

It is advised that you create an audio-visual piece for your brand and put it on a CD or DVD so that they can play it whenever needed. Such audiovisual needs to be engaging, entertaining, and informative too.

Putting a call to action in each of the audiovisuals will help you to seek action from the customers. Impressive A/V enhances the brand value and people find it easier to trust them. 

Testimonial sheet 

Letting the new clients know what your existing clients think of your services or product is a great way to showcase that you are a brand worth their hard-earned money.

Your welcome packet becomes more genuine with this testimonial sheet because the customer is relieved by reading them.

The comments of the existing or ex-customers increase your brand value, and the new client realize that they have just done the right work by giving you the work.

A section in the testimonial sheet can be left blank with the name of the one opening the box so that they can fill it up after taking your service and send the image to you! You can post it over social media platforms and get much boost from it.  

Welcome guide 

No matter what product or service you are offering to the client, it is expected that your client’s welcome packet will have a welcome guide for them.

This guide will let them know about the details of the product and how the service will affect the lives of the user.

Make sure that the guide has a lot of images because we all know that images speak louder than text and people find them more interesting and appealing.

Welcome guides should have simple language and an upbeat tone for the user to be better engaged.


The client welcome packet should surely have the details of all the company policies so that the client can read it and know the terms better. Providing the client with all that contract is essential so that they can have a copy with themselves.

It allows them to know what they are eligible for and the various things such as the working hours and what all are included in the service that they are seeking.

Company policies are generalized and this is why it has to be the same thing that is going out to clients in every client welcome packet.   

Penalties and deadlines

If the client is in terms of delivering something to you, then it is essential for you to list these details in the welcome packet.

The client should absolutely be clear about all the responsibilities they hold when they make a deal with you.

If they miss out on any deadline, then what are the possible outcomes and deductions for the same should be stated upfront to them via the welcome packet.

Also, you should mention details of the quality of work you expect so that they can follow the same delivery, just what is needed. 

Payment details 

If your client is supposed to pay you after receiving the welcome packet, you should surely include payment details in the kit.

This will save them the time to search for your details elsewhere or to talk with customer care to get the details.

It is essential on your part to provide payment details because for the business to grow, payment is one of the major things, and if the client seeks an upgrade in their package they can easily pay and get the service whenever they want.


If your product needs extensive instruction on its usage pattern, it is better for you to let them know about it right away in the client welcome packet.

You should give them a guide about how they should use the service and what things they should avoid.

It will make the entire deal easier and smoother for them, and hence your brand will have a better reputation. The smoother you make the deal for your clients, the better reputation you will have in the market!   


For every product or service, there are certain FAQs that most of your clients have asked you every time they use your product.

If you also have such a product, it is suggested that you put a FAQ sheet in the client welcome packet.

This will solve all their basic queries, and they will have no hesitation to start using the product or service right after they get the welcome kit.

The content should be written in very simple language so that every person in the target audience group can connect with it without any issues.        

Coupons and offers 

This is truly a great thing to incorporate into the client welcome packet just to show them that joining your brand is truly rewarding!

Services that are generally needed by one and all are to be offered to the client as a part of the gift in the client welcome packet.

These gifts will ensure that the client reacts to the kit with positivity, and they will really be happy to choose you as their brand.

It is one of the best ways to ensure brand-loyal behavior from the customer. There is no person on the face of the earth who doesn’t like to get offers and discounts, which is why adding such things to your client welcome package is truly a great idea.     


For designing or photography businesses, it is essential that they send out samples of their work to the clients so as to give them a better idea of how they work and the quality of their various services.

These high-quality samples will ensure that you get the right impression in front of the new client and make the most of the initial opportunity that comes up.

Worthy samples are the most significant factor in making the client opt for packages of higher prices just because they also want the same output as the ones in the sample.

These samples should be branded well so that they look genuine, and make sure that they are the work that is exclusively done by you and the team!   

Handwritten thank-you note 

No matter how advanced the printing technology becomes, the essence of a handwritten note is truly mesmerizing even today.

If you as a brand, take the extra effort to pen down a thank you note for your client with the signature of your company head; it will leave a considerable impact.

Human psychology is designed to have more focus on such calligraphy rather than computer-generated texts.

With the name of the client, if you make a great thank you note, there is nothing better than this to come in your client welcome packet.

Why presentation of the client welcome packet is essential

You might well be thinking that what is the need to spend money or think so much about the client welcome packet?

For your information, we will further elaborate on the reason why it is essential. Here’s why- 

  • It helps you to establish a professional image in front of the client.
  • It establishes you as a responsible seller or service provider who truly cares for the clients.
  • All the material that you put in the client welcome packet will work as your marketing material and help to promote the brand better. 
  • Information that you provide acts as a guiding light for the client. They will use it to work with the product and take it into consideration. 
  •  Making the client welcome package impressive will bring you more clients, and you can have enhanced popularity. 

These are reasons enough why you need to pick nothing but the best for your client’s welcome package.

It is a decider when it comes to making or breaking the experience for your client when they opt for your service for the first time.  

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