Top 10 Best Tennis clubs in the U. S.

Tennis is a racket tournament played among two single opponents or teams. Each player uses a racket to blow the ball into the challenger’s court. It is believed that game was originated in the 12th century in northern France. The first real tennis was evolved by Louis X of France when tennis was played with palm instead of racket (known as jeu de paume).

It was because of him tennis became famous across Europe. In the 16th century, racket started being used and the game was named tennis. In 1872, Harry Gem and Augurio Perera along with two local doctors started the world’s first tennis club on Avenue Road, Leamington Spa. 

Best Tennis clubs in the U. S.

Manursing Island Club

It is a private family club located in New York and has 12 Har-Tru tennis courts and 4 paddle courts. It was opened in 1912 with Marselis Parson, H. F. G. Wey, and Cornelius Sewall and is situated near the beach on Long Island due to which one can enjoy the great water view. 

They aim to promote socialization among its members and encourage sports. With a rich history and modifications that kept on happening over the years, the club provides its members with an atmosphere where they can feel happy and enjoy to the core. 

Fisher Island Club

It is located in Miami, Florida and it is estimated that an equity membership costs around $250,000 to get a membership and $18,000 to renew it every year. It has 14 Har-Tru courts and 2 grass courts and 2 hard courts. It was originally bought by Carl Fisher.

Even though the club has a lot of membership charges, people still want to be part of it. Its hotel and resort are one of the leading hotels in the world. Its rich cultural heritage has been maintained over the years and it continues to be there till today. 

The Cloister at Sea Island

It has 16 Har-Tru courts and is located in Sea Island, Georgia. The Cloister’s tennis program is provided instructions by world-famous players such as Murphy and Luke Jensen. In 1928, Bill Jones and Howard Coffin created a small hotel.

With the passing years and hard work of a lot of people, this turned out to be a very beautiful club that promotes people to follow sports and have a good time together. 

The Olympic Club

This club of San Francisco, California has 8 tennis courts of which two of them are clay courts. The waiting list to get its membership in the 1980s is 5 years but now it is reduced to 1.5 years.  23 character members founded the club on May 6th, 1860.

Members of this club have been some world-renowned people and clubs got indulged in various sports. The club was destroyed during a massive earthquake but was reopened in 1912. In 1955, they organized their first championship. This is not just a country club but includes members who are famous across the globe. 

Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club

With 14 Har-Tru tennis courts, this club is situated in Bridgehampton, New York. If you need a summer membership of this club along with children and one nanny, it will cost you around $22,500.

It provides its members with complete peace and entertainment that they are looking for. Its rich facility provides a perfect location for various events and sports events. 

River Oaks Country Club

This club is based in Houston, Texas with 14 courts and a large red clay court stadium. It has had the longest 78 years running the same site tennis tournament.

It will be your favorite location if you are fond of tennis and love beaches where you can dip your legs in the sand and absorb that kind of pleasure. 

Philadelphia Cricket Club

International ITF and USTA grass-court championship are hosted by them every year. It was found in 1854 and is the oldest club in the country. It was originally owned by the University of Pennsylvania but students wished to play even after they had graduated so they formed the club under the headship of William Roach Wistar.

The Club had been a founding member of the American Lawn Tennis Association in 1881 and the Golf Association of Philadelphia and Women’s Golf Association Philadelphia in 1897. They disbanded cricket in 1924 but was later revitalized in 1998. It is a family-oriented country club in U. S. 

Trump National

It is located in Briar Cliff, New York and has 4 Har-Tru court and 2 USPTA tennis pros. These super spacious courts are well known around the world and surrounded by cobblestone.

Their tennis program offers a large variety of activities that can satisfy players ranging from all age and skill groups. They organize adults as well and junior tennis leagues. It has won many awards that add to its glory. 

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

Situated in La Jolla, California, this club has 12 championship hard courts. As it is situated near the beach, the members can enjoy the pleasure of beach viewing too after tennis. The club was originally opened in 1927 as La Jolla Beach & Yacht club.

On August 19th, 1935, Frederick William Kellogg bought it and transferred all the assets to himself and his wife and planned its oceanfront. Kellogg made many more modifications. He died in 1940 and his son William Scripps Kellogg became responsible for the club. 

He made some major variations and was the main reason for the success of the club. After him, his son overtook and added more renovation. The club has stayed with the family priced and protected for generations now and is their heirloom which is worth appreciating. It was named the Club of the year in 2011 and has achieved many such glories. For more than 80 years now, they have been bringing people together in their spectacular location.

Longwood Cricket Club

With 25 grass courts and 19 Har-Tru clay courts, this club is located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  T31e1QSAhe club was transformed from sports of cricket to tennis in 1878 and it has participated actively in the growth of tennis by organizing various national and international tournaments and is still doing the same. 

Early Longwood members included R. D. Sears, Dwight Davis and James Dwight (father of American tennis). But the club’s role diminished at the national level of tennis but it kept hosting many events. It believed that tennis a sport that was meant for all no matter what age. In its history of more than 100 years, the club has been a place to promote friendship and sociability.

Top Tennis Clubs

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