21+ Pros and Cons of Television Advertising (Explained)

Every business aims to increase awareness of its brand to a targeted audience. 

The goal can be easily achieved with the right advertising. There are different mediums; Television advertising is one of them. But this method is still effective in the era of social media, where platforms like Facebook and Instagram give better solutions. 

Well, more than 1500 commercial television stations are broadcasting in the US and other different countries with more options. 

It gives a fast and effective way to hear messages, but since there are more and better options in the game, it becomes important to have your proper research. 

To understand if it’s worth the investment, it’s important to see the advantages and disadvantages first. 

Advantage Of Television Advertising Disadvantage Of Television Advertising 
It has the trust of consumers It’s semi-permanent 
Strong penetration of target audience Difficult in tracking 
It brings more audience No guarantee of viewed 
Attract loyal customers Not everyone watches television 
People like big-screen The audience might be numb 
Improve the viewer experience It can be expensive 
It is easier You can’t change it once it’s done 
Multiple ways to show ads It requires good production 
It creates brand personality 
It has respect in the market 

Advantages Of Television Advertising 

Television advertising offers an average reach of 85% for adults. With this level of influence, it’s impossible to ignore the method. 

Well, to see if it’s worth your time and money, here is the list of advertisements. 

It’s A Medium That Consumers Trust

According to the regular surveys which Nielsen publishes, it says that more than 60% of consumers in the US say they trust what they see in television advertising. 

The highest percentage indicates the lucrative groups, including millennials, where around 2 out of 3 people indicate that they have more trust in tv ads. 

As compared to 48% of people who are more than 65 years old, believe that they have trust in their television ads. 

It Has Strong Penetration To The Targeted Households 

Well in the US, there are only 2% of households that don’t have at least one tv. 

The average has two TVs, and 3 out of 5 households have purchased cable television packages.  Well, 30% of people use the alternative method for watching television, such as using satellite. 

There are restaurants, bars, doctor’s offices, stores, etc. With this, it makes it easier to target the demographic of the household and the customer. 

It Brings a Much Larger Audience 

As compared to any other method, Tv is still unbeatable when it comes to reaching. 

This is the first medium that is considered when it comes to reaching a large number of people within a short amount of time. 

While teens spend an average of seven and a half hours per week watching Tv, it includes older and different ages too. 

It Helps in Attracting The Loyal Viewers 

Well, all the series which become popular on the television show the level of loyal viewers that television can attract. They still have a loyal, growing audience. At the same time, the viewership dropped since the peak of 2Q’ 20. 

According to a study, 84% of consumers feel that advertising with the news can help in increasing and maintaining the trust in the brand. 

Everyone Loves The Big Screens 

Tv viewing still has their slotted engagement on a daily basis as it has the space on TV viewers, householders, and working professionals. 

Especially when you are doing live entertainment, serial television, and spot shows to attract an audience that is loyal as well as attentive. 

Ad Formats Can Help In Better Viewing Experience 

After youtube introduced the 6-second bumper ads in 2016, tv networks started to do the experiment as well. 

However, the percentage of shorter ads also declined. Advertisers appeal to the value much longer which are ad formats that help in giving more time for stories and increasing brand awareness. 

As compared to online. this has tolerance for ads on the agencies on TV are using data and helping in making the creating decisions.s

This can help in improving the experience for the viewers. 

It Is Much Easier 

If you are not considering the mass reach but targeting the specific audience to the jet location, it can be helpful when you are choosing the television. 

This method can help in improving the time as well as addressing the advertisement. 

With mass reach medium, now these expanded beyond the typical targeting of geographic, programming, and niche cable. 

Online And Tv Goes Together 

Television is no doubt a vital part of online business. The brand requires its presence on TV as it can help in boosting its credibility. 

Not only does it help in exposing the brand to a much bigger and larger audience, but it’s also good for their online advertising. 

TV drives all short of promotion. The viewers can use multiple devices while they are watching TV. 

It Is Affordable 

It’s all relative, but tv can be within the budget if you know what to do and how to buy it. 

Consider investing in local markets instead of using broadcast television.  

reasons to invest in television advertising 

You Get Multiple Ways For Broadcasting The Message 

Here you get two options as compared to other mediums in broadcasting your message. 

Here you can get access to the sound and visual influence which help in encouraging people to see and hear what your message is about. 

Also, the combination helps in making it easier for people to remember the message. This helps in increasing the likelihood of advertising for creating the conversion. 

Helps In Creating The Brand Personality 

Tv advertisements can help in creating the brand personality, also helping improve loyalty towards the brand. 

This helps in making people relate to the message, improving the chances of connecting with the audience. 

Disadvantage Of Television Advertising 

There are different drawbacks because of which television advertising might not be the right choice. 

To understand that, here are the disadvantages that you should know. 

There Is No Guarantee For Viewed 

Although people have viewers these days, there are different options when there is a break within the show. There Are 8% of viers in the age demographic of more than 55 age, they change the channels when there are commercials on television. 

Also, there are services on-demand and streaming, allowing viewers to skip the commercials.  Only 2% of millennials changed the challenge, and 38% of people use smartphones when they get commercials on television. 

The audience Might Be Numb To The Messages 

When people are too exposed to television advertising, it’s on repeat. There are chances that if they are too exposed and for too long, the effectiveness of the ads might reduce. 

Time limits the message exposure, especially for those who are watching television in a linear fashion. 

You Have Limited Community Influences 

At the local level, the advertisement is most receptive to the local news broadcast or for local programming. 

It means there are up to 30 % of local pollutants who are not watching TV at the moment. So you are paying more for the posts because these are effective 

You Are Going To Do Proper Research 

It’s one of the essential facts that you should know about your target demographics. This is crucial as you have the right research done to reach your message to your audience. 

It’s Difficult To Change Your Television Advertising 

Once you have the television ad filed and airing on your local station and national broadcast. It can help you in finding difficulty in making the change happen. 

If you are rotating the discount or have a special offer, you need to keep changing the ads. And every time you do it, this can be an issue if you choose the television advertisement. 

It Requires You To Spend On Production 

To produce the quality 30 seconds of a national sport, you will need time and money to spend it. 

This goes beyond if you are running a small business.  Getting the spot on a local agency to air the ad can help make it cheap but still, it might take thousands of dollars to spend. 

It Takes Time To Difficult Tracking 

Television advertising depends on your third-party audience tracking the companies. 

You need to determine the audience as well as demographics to find your target audience. 

While your tracking technology is getting better, it still does not offer you the level of audience and performance tracking that you get online. 

Ads Are Semi-Permanent 

Once you create the content of the commercial, it can be difficult to change, and publishing on airwaves can be an issue too. 

Compared to digital or print advertisements, changing commercials can take much longer, and even making small changes can be a long process. 

This ultimately results in spending money, and creating the new commercial takes much more time, hassle, and effort. 

This is also for making sure to clear your concept about what you can do for the advertisement. You need to be sure about the budget and have enough to understand.

tips for making television advertising affecting 

So the ads are semi-permanent, so it’s important to know what you are hoping for. 

Because once you get the ads done, it won’t be too hard-working to get them back and rewrite them again. 

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