Marketing Ideas for Telephone Directory Business

Telephone directory business was one of the most helpful businesses in the old era of living. But nowadays, every business’s information can be found online. So, many telephone directory businesses have already made the transition of creating a virtual phone book in the world of internet. And it is recommended that you should do it too. But as we all know that it is not enough for your business to survive and grow simultaneously.

How to promote your Telephone directory business?

  • Design professional logo, attractive website with full of information.
  • Tie-ups with relevant business partners to generate new clients.
  • Expand your telephone directory business into international countries.
  • Get list your business in the web directories.

In order to achieve that, you will be needing the tool of marketing strategies. So here are some marketing ideas which will be beneficial for your business-
  • Know your target clients

There are many businesses that are still hesitant to promote their business through online advertisements. Create a team to do a proper market research in order to identify those businesses and contact them proactively to use your service. As we know, the clients are extremely limited on your business’s forefront, so whatever loophole or opportunities you can find you must take no time to use it your full advantage.

  • Use Flyers and Pamphlets

Since your business is from the era of old school advertisements, it is only logical to use one of the oldest yet relevant and effective forms of marketing in order to promote your business. You just have to make sure that the design and colors used in the flyers and pamphlets are full of vibrant tones. In that way, those handouts would grab the attention of potential clients and make them read thoroughly about your telephone directory business. Don’t forget to include all the relevant information regarding your business in all those handouts. Including images in your flyers and pamphlets is another way to attract attention.

  • Logos

Every successful business has its own special identity within the industry, and the design of logos plays an important part in doing so. The logos are what make your potential and existing clients differentiate you from all other business out there. So, it is recommended to hire a professional who is an expert in designing logos and takes extra care in making the logos look appealing.

  • Tie-ups with relevant businesses

As we all know this particular industry of business is slowly becoming old fashioned for all the millennials who are looking to build their business in the era of digital marketing. Hence, most of the telephone directory businesses are suffering a loss of clients and money both at the same time. So, in this critical period of recession, in order to save and promote your business, tie-ups with the relevant businesses that have some form of online presence which will be beneficial in garnering new clients.

Due to this, the costs used for maintaining and promoting these businesses are shared, the losses incurred will be less as compared to as it was before. You can also acquire clients from other businesses which will help you to market in order to survive and grow simultaneously.

  • Go International

If your business is still limited to your national province only then you are definitely missing out on marketing your business to a huge number of potential prospects. It is logical enough to know that your possibilities of acquiring clients will increase if you are willing to expand your business to international regions. Do a market research to acquire some knowledge from relevant businesses that have already expanded their horizon of business into international countries. Make your telephone directory business as the phonebook of the world.

  • Toll-Free directory

It is extremely important for a telephone directory business to include some amount of toll-free numbers to help clients with services. Clients will eventually call you up with some problems or the other. If the numbers they are calling for help are chargeable, then at some point in time they will stop calling and withdraw themselves from being your clients. In this shrinking business, you have to do things that other businesses are ignoring and incorporating toll-free numbers is one of them.

  • Start Blogging

There are loads of businesses that are using the medium of blogging to garner clients and attention. So there is no point in shying away from such promotional activity to market your telephone directory business. The main objective of blogging is to provide great contents not only to your clients but also to the people who are into blog reading. In this way, you will create a place in the minds of your readers and from all the image building that has been done by blogging will result into the readers trying your business out. Make sure to hire a professional SEO writer for your blog to help you with using specific keywords that will make the blog more visible on the internet.

  • Advertise

You yourself know that this is a form of marketing that can help your business like no other strategy ever could. Since the rise of visual media, advertisements have played an important part in making many businesses a success. We all know visual appeal works better than any other form of marketing. So, you have to think some out of the box and creative ideas in letting the people know about your business. Use the medium of Video to create funny and thought-provoking ads that will entertain the viewers as well as educate them. Having said that, don’t neglect the other forms of advertising mediums such as newspapers and magazines.

  • Online Marketing

If you haven’t made a website yet, then the reason for not generating enough sales is right here in this form of marketing. All the relevant businesses have created some this form of online presence to survive in the industry. So waste no more time in hiring a web designer to create a professional, smart-phone enabled and user-friendly website. Take up the numbers from old books and release it on your website to create a virtual phone book for your visitors. Make sure to create a landing page for the purpose of collecting e-mails from visitors who may need your services in the future.

  • Content Posting in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just limited to finding jobs, it has become much more than that. Other than the fact that it is the world’s biggest professional social network, LinkedIn has become one of the most valuable platforms in its own way. So this attribute alone makes this social network a great contender for posting your content on a regular basis. By doing so, you will boost the much-needed traffic required for your website a well as earn a reputation within the industry.

  • E-mail Marketing

It’s time to use the list of sign-ups to your business’s advantage. By simply sending a newsletter you can create a great rapport with all the people who have signed up for your services. One thing you need to keep in mind that this is the form of marketing which businesses must not overdo it. So send those newsletters once a month, to inform them about new business and services that might be useful for them and provide the details such as website information and phone numbers of those businesses and services to your sign-ups. You can also send content-oriented blogs which are written by you to keep the conversation going.

  • Social Media Profiles

To maintain some presence in the world of millions of other businesses, creating profiles in all the social media platforms are extremely necessary. Use the different channels of social media to promote your telephone directory business accordingly. Utilize the power of Hashtags in Instagram to keep your business alive in the minds of the users. Invest in targeted ads enabled by Facebook to regularly promote your business. For the Twitter, time your tweets regarding the new services provided by your business to reach a maximum number of users. Most importantly, utilize the power of all social media platforms to stay connected with old and potential clients.

How to drive sales to your Telephone directory business?

  • Distribute flyers, pamphlets, and brochures in the community area to make people know you.
  • Make sure to hire a professional SEO writer to promote business through Blogging.
  • Promote business in the forms of advertising mediums such as newspapers and magazines.
  • Make sure to post content on social media platforms regularly.
  • Connect with an existing audience through E-mail marketing.

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