Top 10 Best Tea Companies in the US

Tea is something that really does not require any explanation, as all of us have tea as part of our daily diet. The choices may vary like English Breakfast tea, Chamomile tea, Jasmine Tea, Peppermint tea, Earl Grey Tea and so on.

Most of us consume it as part of our breakfast. Nowadays there are many tea companies coming up with a vast variety of products in order to attract more business or rather more customers for themselves, and this creates a whole lot of confusion for the customers, so to sort that out we have mentioned below some of the best tea companies of the United States which may actually help you to some extent. 

Top 10 Best Tea Companies in the US

Tazo and Teavana 

Tazo Tea Company was started back in the year 1994. This year company was initially found by Starbucks, but later on, it was sold by Starbucks to Unilever and thus now the parent organization for this tea company is Unilever.

You will find a great variety in this brand with all the different flavors in it, like that of Hibiscus flowers, with citric acid, cinnamon, lemongrass, rose hips, orange peel and much more.

You will also find them in different kinds of packaging as per your convenience like K – cups as well as bottled ready – to – drink teas. You can definitely try this as it is recommended by so many of its users. 

Luzianne (Reily Foods Company)

Luzianne tea has a long history as it has been serving us, way back from the year 1902. William always focused on specializing in blending, distributing as well as the packaging of the coffee and tea.

This brand has a great reputation for clear, smooth-tasting, as well as refreshing iced tea. Luzianne gained all its popularity mainly for that amazing iced tea with which it served us for so many years.

You also get different kinds of packages of this tea like ice tea bags and also in the packaging of single-serve cups as well as in the form of concentrate bottled tea for our ease. Lemon Raspberry infused iced green tea is one of the most popular products that you must surely try. 

Red Diamond

Red Diamond actually has a very long history of around 113 years, when it was founded by Mr. Fitz in the 1900s. And this brand of tea became a favorite one of so many people both for tea as well as for the coffee products.

This tea company has served all for so many years with a huge variety of products, prepared with the globally sourced leaves, with 100% tea leaves as well as with natural antioxidants. Their products are 100% skimp-free with deliciously crafted teas and coffees.

You get it all here whether it be iced tea or whether it be tea bags. You must surely try Decaffeinated tea made by this tea company. 

Bigelow Tea Company

Bigelow tea company has been consistently serving us with quality products from the last 70 years. The three generations of this company had been maintaining that taste, that authenticity with which it first started.

It is one of America’s Classic tea, founded in the year 1945 by Ruth Campbell Bigelow. They always lay greater emphasis on their customer satisfaction, building strong relationships with their customers and also it never compromises with its product quality.

It makes tea in various flavors whether it be Cranberry herbal tea, mint, lemon, chamomile, Hibiscus flower. You must surely try the Mint Medley, Early Grey, and also it’s Oolong tea. 

Yogi Tea (East West Tea Company LLC)

Yogi Tea company was founded in the year 1984, and the founder of this tea company was Harbhajan Singh Khalsa. This tea company is headquartered in Springfield, Oregon. Yogi tea company is an organic tea company that prepares all its products with the perfect blend of herb and spices.

They prepare excellent as well as delicious tea products using all organic, ethical as well as the sustainable ingredients. They also stand for more than just Organic tea for all their customers. Their approach is actually based on Indian Philosophy or the Ayurveda.

They have some unique flavors which you usually do not find in other tea companies like Turmeric Orange, Alkaline Herbs, Cocoa Chilli and so on. Also, you can try some of its products like the Detox tea, Well-being tea, Inner Harmony, Heartwarming tea as well as Immune Support tea. 

Argo Tea

Argo Tea company was found in the year 2003 by Simon Simonian, in Chicago, Illinois. It provides you with all different kinds of packaging like tea sachets, loose tea leaves and so on. It serves you with a vast variety of unique flavors in its products some of them being like Strawberry Pepper, Rooibos red, Genmaicha, floral teas and many more.

You must definitely give a try to it’s most famous Hong Cha Black Tea and also Chamomile blossoms tea. 

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings tea company was found by the group of Entrepreneurs back in the year 1969. Initially, to start with they made herbal tea, but now it had expanded its number of varieties to around 105.

You can actually trust this brand for all the quality with which it serves as well as satisfies all its customers. You must surely try their two new products where one is Lemon Lavender Lane Herbal tea and the other is Sleepytime Detox Wellness Tea. 

Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty leaf tea company manufactures specialty tea products and also makes its distribution especially in the areas of Emeryville, California. The parent organization of this tea company is Peet’s Coffee.

They have an amazing variety of organic tea products like Organic African Nectar Tea, White Orchard Loose leaf, Organic Mint Melange, Marrakesh Mint Tea, Wildberry Hibiscus tea bags and so on. 

Stash Tea (Universal Tea Company, Inc.) 

Stash tea company was found in the year 1972 and the founders of this company were Steven Smith, Steve Lee and Dave Leger. It is headquartered in Tigard, Oregon. It not only makes tea but along with it also the tea wares.

It serves with around 250 different varieties of teas some of them being like Double Bergamot Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Meyer Lemon, Peach black tea, Licorice Spice, Pomegranate Raspberry tea, Peppermint tea, Cinnamon Apple Chamomile Tea, Decaf Vanilla tea, Spice Dragon Red Chai, and so on. You must definitely try some of them. 

Peet’s Coffee & Tea 

Peet’s Coffee and Tea company were founded by Alfred Peet way back in the year 1966. They have a vast number of different teas for all their customers, also when you will try them you will feel the quality of their products, their flavors, and then you may also find it difficult for yourself to switch away from this brand.

You must definitely try some of its best-sellers like Green Tea Tropical loose leaf tea, Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea, Organic Matcha tea, and also Organic Breakfast tea.

Top Tea Companies

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