19+ Actionable Tax Company Marketing Ideas

Well, if you think that your tax company’s unique abilities to save people’s money and get their taxes done shall be enough for your company to stand apart from your competition, then you are WRONG.

How to promote your Tax Company?

  • Create a responsive and user-friendly website.
  • Shake hands with financial companies, business partners, or other tax audit companies to get more clients.
  • Send a tax postcard to the partners to build a connection.
  • Give seminars, tax-related sessions, and educational fairs to get proper exposure.

Every company requires a huge number of clients to attain some success, and to do so; it requires a plan. Not just any plan, a marketing plan. A marketing plan’s primary goal is to focus on resources that will benefit your business growth.

Here is a list of marketing ideas that sheds some light on how to generate clients for your tax company

-Market your Company’s Expertise

If your tax company specializes in some particular capability, never do it for free and also promote it to the core audience. You never know; this might be the thing that sets your company apart from your competitors.

For example, if your tax company is filing your customer’s tax returns much faster than your adversaries, create a marketing campaign simply based on that factor. Take some pride in your company’s exemplary record of being error-free.

Promote this feature and highlight those specialties to attract customers. Although, it is recommended to double-check your forte before putting it out on the market.

-Brand Identity

The main idea of this particular marketing strategy is to create a brand identity for your tax company that will resonate with the customers for a very long time.

Present a unified forefront with advertising mediums such as TV, print, website, and online ads. With the help of an advertising show, the company’s working environment syncs with the employees and advertises the types of equipment used inside your office to show your potential customers how the work is being done.

Hire a graphic designer to create your company’s identity in the form of logos.

Offer Free consultations

Whenever any company offers free services, the customers instantly get intrigued to know more about the services those companies have to offer. So, utilize this opportunity to cash in the most out of this particular marketing strategy.

Offering 20 -30 minutes of a free consultation will never hurt your tax company. These special services can potentially be a tool for building rapport with your future clients.

Such consultations would often turn your potential customers into paying customers. This is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective marketing tools used by companies.

Customer service

Business owners spend so much in marketing to drive customers into their companies and their places of business.

After doing so, most of companies tend to ignore the possibility of nurturing those clients with the opportunity of customer service. It is much more than the name itself. It is that personal encounter that makes the client feel special and unique.

Be it via email or telephone, or in person, your main objective is to make the clients feel satisfied and happy with the services provided by your tax company. Always remember that a happy customer usually is a repeat customer.

Become a speaker at Industry Events

Speaking at industry events is one of the best ways to indulge with new clients. Rather than just attending, securing a speaking spot at such events is very much recommended.

It is because when you are on stage and speaking, people will naturally consider you an expert in the industry. And that is what makes you stand out amongst the plethora of CPAs, accounting firms, and tax companies.

During your presentation, show the research materials that your tax company has produced. Figure out a way to collect the information of numerous attendees and send them this particular research some days after the event.

A Bigger Word of Mouth

We can all agree that word of mouth is one of the best ways to bring in new customers. So just imagine the impact of that same word of mouth from a huge influencer within the industry on a business.

You need to consult your team and do market research to identify the industry influencers that will work well with your tax company. Start being proactive in chasing and contacting them when you find some. You can also offer to write their blog and, at the same time, promote your company.

You can sincerely ask them to try out your service. And if they do like the products and services offered by your company, it is more likely that they will naturally recommend your company as a firm believer.

Local search results

In order to increase the foot traffic of local customers, you have to make sure your tax company is listed in as many online directories as possible. In that way, more customers can find it with just a tap on their smartphones.

Loads of free tools allow you to scan local listings covering multiple sites. With this feature, you would be able to see where on the search results your company shows up, and you can also make sure the information given there is up to date.

Use the Incentive Program to Re-market

The happy customers will be recommending your tax company to their friends and family for free. But at some point in time, they would lack the motivation to the recommendation.

So, introduce a program that offers the customers some incentive whenever they have successfully brought in a new customer.

This type of marketing strategy would definitely produce serious motivation in the existing customers to earn by just recommending. This is one of the accurate ways to remarket your services to all the existing clients.


Testimonial works great for large and small-scale businesses to acquire new clients. This is a proven strategy to increase the rates of customer conversions and trust.

You should politely ask your customers to write a genuine review based on the services that your tax company has offered. Compile the testimonials together and put them in the company’s online and social presence so that future visitors can read those opinions.

-Company’s online presence

Your Tax Company must have a responsible web presence that provides all the information to visitors simultaneously.

Make sure that the website is accessed through mobile devices as well. All tax companies must have a landing page that includes the contact information and the services they offer. A landing page is also useful for building e-mail through sign-ups.

A professional-looking, user-friendly website can be a powerful tool to attract clients and businesses.  Don’t forget to implement a local SEO strategy to generate more traffic to your website.


Blogging is an important part of content marketing. And content marketing is what is needed for tax companies to become an authoritative figure within the industry. With the medium of blogging, your company could share its content and capabilities.

In this way, your company and yourself will stand a chance to become a thought leader amongst a crowd of hundreds. With appropriate keyword research, blogging also plays an important role in garnering traffic to your website.

-E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy to convert prospects into consumers. With a simple strategy of sending newsletters that contain new offers and updates about your company to your prospects and consumers, you can turn first-time buyers into loyal fans.

In this way, you can maintain a healthy relationship with new, existing, and potential clients.

-Social Media promotions

Social Media has become the number one choice for all business companies for the purpose of extensive promotions. Today ads are not limited to TV, newspapers, and magazines. Companies are investing hefty amounts of money in promoting their content and products on all social media platforms.

Then why should your tax company be any different?  You can use location-specific hashtags regardless of the social media platforms.

Invest in targeted ads provided on Facebook to market your tax company to a specific audience. Through the use of social media promotion, you can create brand awareness for your company as well. Ultimately social media’s most powerful weapon is that it lets you connect with your consumer, who is extremely pivotal for a company’s survival in these crowded markets.

How to drive sales to your Tax Company?

  • Stick flyers and posters everywhere, such as boards, pizza shops, grocery stores, utility poles, etc. 
  • Grow your business through E-mail Marketing and Blogging.
  • Link your website with social media platforms and maintain it daily.
  • Give exciting discount offers to increase the work volume.
  • Send E-mail reminders or SMS reminders to existing clients.

FAQs about Tax Companies to Get More Detail and Grow your Business

What is the target market for a Tax Company?

Who will your typical clients be? Many people are earning less income fill to receive their income tax credit or more difficult situations for individuals or for smaller businesses. Or the middle class, who tend to benefit from various tax credits. Making this decision will help you determine when and where you will open your company, how your company will be promoted and what specific skills you will learn.

How can you make the Tax Company profitable?

Many accountants or CPAs provide tax services as part of several accounting services. This company is also compatible with banking, real estate trading, insurance, and other areas where the business owner easily addresses financial concerns with customers.

Make sure that you may face additional tax issues during the year due to your client base consisting substantially of private entrepreneurs and small business owners. Ultimately, it is also a complimentary benefit to consider undertaking tax preparation training.

What marketing strategy can you implement in your Tax Company?

Your storefront might be your most effective marketing tool if opened within sight of your market audience. Using social media to spread the word and connect with your customers, like LinkedIn and Facebook. Your marketing campaigns may also be as low-tech, and “old-school” as fliers are circulated for travelers and cards are displayed in local businesses.

What is the growth potential for a Tax company?

There are 73,000 pages of the US tax code. 82 million people file taxes every year, and the difficulty of the procedure discourages most people from taxes. Although lawmakers from both parties are promising to simplify the tax code, the fact is that the mechanism is becoming more complex, which means that you can still be confident of your support from a consumer base.

How can you keep your customers coming back to you in your company?

You will enjoy outstanding customer support and good returns over the years. These loyal customers recommend you to colleagues, relatives, or business partners.

Tax and Tax Preparation is one of the professional works where you need some knowledge about the tax structure of a particular country. There are different kinds of tax on goods and services. Here is the infographic, which has a list of bizarre taxes on different goods. Check it out below.

bizarre taxes on goods

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