Top 10 Best Tattoo Parlours in the USA

Are you willing to get yourself inked? Thinking from where to get tattooed? If you want quality as well as a worthwhile tattoo on your body then you must surely have a look on the list which is mentioned below for clearing all your doubts over the issue from where you must get yourself inked.

Tattoos stay with us for lifelong usually, so you must get them done from such tattoo studios which are trustworthy as well as which have a good review for their previous works. Listed below are ten tattoo studios of the United States for helping you with your confusion. 

Tattoo Parlours in the USA

Black Heart Tattoo, San Francisco

Black Heart Tattoo was started in the year 2004 in San Francisco, California. It was opened in the Valencia Street of San Francisco. If you are willing to have a beautiful tattoo if you are fond of too much creativity, and if you want something new as well as something different then you must visit this place and must get your tattoo.

You must surely visit this tattoo Parlor if you are interested in the same. This store is also open for all seven days of a week and the timings for this store are from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  

Hot Stuff Tattoo, Asheville, North Carolina

Hot Stuff Tattoo which is based in North Carolina is also one of the best Tattoo Parlor which is available in the United States of America. You must surely visit this Parlor if you want yourself to be inked with some amazing and some unique tattoo.

It is one of its kind tattoo parlor which is present on the side of the Mississippi River. It is one of the nicest as well as the cleanest shop. You have amazing artists here for your tattoo like Will Lollie, Danny Reed, Jon Sanford.  

Aloha Monkey Tattoo, Burnsville, Minnesota

Aloha Monkey Tattoo Parlor can be the best choice for you, not only for your tattoos but also for your piercings. This tattoo parlor is based in the Great State of Minnesota, which is in lovely Burnsville. All this began in Honolulu, where tattooing was done by Sailor Jerry Collins.

Though Sailor Jerry passed away back in the year 1973 but all those instructions which he left behind are now the basis of this tattoo Parlor.

You have the amazing artists here for your tattoo, who will surely never disappoint you with their creative energies. Unique artists like Josh Arment, Mark Landis are available at this tattoo Parlor. 

Kings Avenue Tattoo, New York City

Kings Avenue Tattoo Parlor was first started in the year 2005 by an individual named Mike Rubendall, in Long Island, New York. Their ultimate goal was actually to be one of the most prominent tattoo studios around the world.

They also have their mission according to which they tend to blend both the past as well as the future of tattooing with each other. They always tend to have a unique approach in all the work that they do. Previously they started with a small town but later in 2011, they established their Parlor in New York City.

They even have their belief that “We create out of love for what we do. We believe in it”. They have with them the artists who are specialized in various styles of tattooing like Japanese, black and grey, as well as American traditional. 

Tattoo Faction, North Olmsted, Ohio

Tattoo Faction which was started in the year 2006, is proudly serving in the Greater Cleveland area. They have a team of eight amazing artists in their tattoo parlor.

They offer you a great variety of unique tattoo designs that would help you to have the best tattoo design for yourself and would also help you to be clear with your confusions over tattoo designs.

They have wonderful artists like Dustin Arnett, Dylan Galippo, Stephanie Streeter and so on in their team. Also, they accept cash only. Walk-ins are also available in this tattoo parlor.  

Atlas Tattoo, Portland, Oregon

Atlas Tattoo is based in the place called Portland, Oregon, USA. They have been operating since the year 1998. They are open for all the days of a week. And their timings are 11:30 am to 7 pm.

Also, they take advance appointments in case you need it. The prices of your tattoos are decided based on the design as well as the size of that particular tattoo which you want to have on your body. Also, they accept only cash.

There is also a minimum price of $100 per tattoo session. Also, the prices for the smaller or rather simpler tattoos are decided by the piece. 

Immaculate Tattoo, Mesa, Arizona

Immaculate Tattoo Parlor which is based in Mesa, Arizona was established back in the year 1998. They have a team of top-notch Tattooers for you, who will not only suggest you amazing designs as per your wish but will also bring it down on you in the form of a beautiful tattoo.

You definitely won’t have any kind of complaint with their work as they tend to be very perfect in it. This tattoo Parlor is open on all the days of a week.

Also, walk-ins are welcome in this tattoo Parlor. In their team of wonderful Tattooers, they have Aaron Coleman, Jason Kralovetz, and Jay Cavna who are also specialized in Japanese as well as American traditional styles of tattooing.  

Wild Zero Studios, Morgantown, West Virginia

Wild Zero Tattoo Studios, not only provides you with tattooing but along with it, also provides you with piercing services. Wild Zero Studios are based at a place called Morgantown, West Virginia.

Several people travel distances to reach this shop as the most unique and wonderful tattoo artists you will find here. Along with this, you will also get great designs that you please. And it will also help you to get rid of your confusion over what design you must choose.

Hobo’s Tattoo, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hobo’s Tattoo was established way back in the year 1982. This tattoo Parlor operates on Daniel Street in a place called Portsmouth. This is actually among one of the oldest shops in the area of New Hampshire.

They provide you with all kinds of different styles of tattooing. These styles range from Japanese, geometric, tribal, Realism, as well as American Traditional.

It is also open to all the days of a week. At this Parlor, walk-ins are also welcomed. You must go and visit their Parlor if you are willing to have a unique tattoo on your body. 

Rock of Ages Tattooing, Austin, Texas

Rock of Ages Tattooing Parlor is based in the place called Austin, Texas. You have a bunch of amazing Tattooers available at this tattoo Parlor like Keenan Bouchard, Donnie Kizzee, Katja Ramirez, Tony Hundahl and Bobby Padron.

This tattoo studio provides you wonderful options for your tattoo designs. They also tend to serve you with the designs which you want to get tattooed on your body. You must surely visit this tattoo studio for your most outstanding tattoo.

Also, you can visit them on any day of the week as they are open for all seven days. Walk-ins are also greatly welcomed. In case you want to make your bookings in advance then you need to deposit a minimum of $100.

Top Tattoo Parlours

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