21+ Actionable Tanning Salon Marketing Ideas

With summer and heat waves in full swing, your tanning business is likely to get pumped up in the upcoming months or so. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you can stop marketing your business.

How to promote your Tanning salon?

  • Design a professional logo and attractive website.
  • List all your services on the website and give customers a chance to book an online appointment through your website.
  • Join hands with salon, make-up stores, and relevant beauty sector to get more clients.
  • Organize a contest, sessions, or another professional seminar to welcome new faces in the salon.
  • Sponsor your brand with other community events to get proper exposure.
  • Attend Chamber of Commerce events, local fairs to give out free sample tanning sessions to establish a relationship.

Since the bad raps of tanning salons have circulated the market for abusing the use of technology, you just might have to put some extra effort in positively marketing your tanning salon business.

So here are the Tanning Salon marketing ideas that are listed below would definitely help your business to grow bigger and wider-

Free Monthly Tanning

The word ‘free’ is bound to attract a huge number of clients. You can offer your customers some free services in return of signing up for monthly tanning sessions.

This is type of makeshift contract which allows the customers to find a reason to stick to your business and keep coming back to your salon. In this way, you can build your e-mail list for the purpose of digitally marketing them through newsletters and SMS burst.

The customers will think the contract is made for their privileges, but it also benefits your business as well. With just a small investment, you can unlock the doors of gaining a huge number of clients.

Entice them with Gifts

Shower your new customers with a customized gift bag which contains samples of retail products like sunscreens and lotions available at your salon.

By doing so, yow will guarantee their second visits to your salon. Giving out sample products will be advantageous for your salon in terms of knowing how the products are working, so you can order them accordingly next time.

And if they like that product, they are more likely to visit you again. With this simple gesture, you are showing the clients that you care about them.

Add more services

A tanning salon should not just be limited to tanning services. You have to add more services to show your quality and expertise at different domains of grooming assistance.

Manicures and pedicures are the most commonly used services acquired by the customers, add that to the array of facilities your tanning salon is providing.

You wouldn’t want to make your customers have their tanning, manicures and pedicures done at two separate shops.

Increase your Inventories

With good inventories and retail products available at your salon, you are only expanding the horizon of earning more from your customers.

If the products are providing a certain sense of satisfaction to your clients, increasing the range of inventories should be an obvious thing to do.

Expansion of your inventories will provide your patrons a variety of choices to choose from. And as we all know, the more the choices, the more satisfied they are.

Stay ahead of the competitors

If you don’t know what your competitors are up to, then you are surely falling behind in the competition.

Before venturing into any sort of business, one should always research the market thoroughly within the same industry and this applicable for every business owner. By doing so, you will have a better idea of what are the things that has not been done yet by your competitors. The main idea is to offer the customers something more than your competitors are offering.

You can set up a beverage station serving free coffee to the customers who are waiting in line. Complimentary treats such as cupcakes and cookies will improve the customers’ mood while waiting for your salon’s services.

Don’t forget your  Existing customers

Introduce a referral contest take care of all your loyal and existing customers. Offer incentives to regular tanning customers for recommending your services to their friends and family or for driving the crowds to your salon.

In this way the flow of customers will increase and both the new and existing customers will be happy to visit your salon on regular basis.

Incentives doesn’t only have to money, you can offer your clients free gifts or a free month of tanning. But impact of money will motivate more than any other incentives.

Hire Local Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are those social media celebrities that come with the baggage of thousands of followers.

Once your salon’s services are appreciated and advertised by them in any social media platforms, you can expect a new plethora of clients waiting in line to get tanned. Before hiring any influencer, do a proper market research to hire the best ones, so that your business doesn’t lose money on them.

You have to make sure they admissibly love your business and not just there to make quick bucks.

Community Involvement

In order to let people know who you are and what your business is offering, you have to get involved with your community.

In that way, you would have a better idea of knowing your target market. Getting yourself involved with the community will give your business the much-needed exposure, while meeting some potential prospects.

The main objective for your business is to become a go-to tanning source within your community, so that the people in order to get their tanning needs will visit your salon more often.

Online directories

This is one of the best ways to increase foot traffic of local customers. In order to do so, you have to ensure that your tanning salon business is listed in a many online directories as possible.

By doing so, your tanning salon would become easily findable by all the millennials with just a simple tap-for-search on their smart phones.

Makes sure you properly provide the details of your salon’s physical location, so that whenever searches ‘tanning salons near me’ your business is on the list of all the salons that popped up on the search results.

Always Add New Content

Whether you do it in a blog or website or conveying information throw flyers and handouts, make sure to add new content regularly in order to build your salon’s brand awareness.

Marketing your salon through content has the potential to increase your value efficiently. If the created content have the ability to resonate with the people, then it will lead to having potential clients see you as an industry expert.

Contents that are fresh and consistent hold s the power of improving your salon business’s rankings on local search engine results.

Website for Tanning

Nowadays, a website is a no longer thing to scratch your head on it while deciding whether you should do it or not.

It is a must have option to create an online presence for your business. For people, who are skeptical enough to whether try out your salon or not, would look for more information regarding the salon’s services via website.

So, it is extremely crucial to create a professional, user-friendly, mobile enabled website. You have to make ensure that the website has the facility of online appointment bookings, which is extremely imperative in today’s market.


Now that the email list is slowly building up from the physical and website visits, it is time to put that into a good use by sending out monthly newsletters.

With the help of this medium, you can occasionally notify your list of sign-ups about the discounts on certain products and services. To make sure the e-mails are engaging, send out informative blogs covering the topic of beauty and self care.

Take Advantage of Social Media channels

Putting all the high valued offers for spray tans on all your social media pages can be tempting enough for all the potential prospects who haven’t yet visited your salon.

Social media is a golden goose for a customer who wants to reach out to your business, regarding the questions about your services. You can also advertise your special offerings through targeted ads and visual appeals.

Make sure you provide the facility of booking appoints through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pinterest is also great for reaching a new set of clients.

How to drive sales to your Tanning salon?

  • Start a loyalty program and distribute free products or services.
  • Create a Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest to reach even more people.
  • Offer incentives, group discounts, referrals, coupons, and special festive offers to grab more clients.
  • Promote your business by making videos and sharing content via Blogging.
  • Ask an influencer to share testimonials or clients to write reviews on the site and social media pages.

here are some Important FAQs about Tanning Salon to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. What marketing strategy you can implement in the Tanning Salon business?

Not everyone is the tanner.   As an owner of salons, the clientele should be known and understood. Depend on customers who rely on health and beauty for your marketing efforts. This could include customers in the hair and nail lounge, fitness and preparation for a special event. Many have succeeded by providing a free initial / consultation visit to show them why your establishment outshines the others.

2. How to keep the customers coming back to your Tanning Salon business?

For any small business, word of mouth will do the work. Please note that your clients spend their money on a luxury company. Tell them that you appreciate them by presenting them with a fun and enjoyable experience. Your pricing should be straightforward and energy efficient and good for your employees. Above all, the workspace always should be immaculate.

3. What is the growth potential for the Tanning Salon business?

The tanning rooms are typically small and serve the group. Consider starting your own franchise or partnering with a franchise corporation, in order to create a larger enterprise.

4. How to make your Tanning Salon a profitable one?

Tanning companies with a higher income offer a range of skin care items and tanning options. If you want to increase the income of your product, consider incorporating the following in your business strategy:

-Put the tanning and skincare items onto your shelves.
-You must be a certified professional Offer tanning with airbrush and UV
-Provide a mobile tanning service

Build options for membership, with different opportunities for each level
Additional spa facilities are available. Because consumers only need to go to one location for different services, they will return more often.

5. What is the target market for a Tanning Salon business?

While your first customers are still turning around, most tanning salons prosper through their regular customers. Such people want to look their best and keep a golden tan is a part of the look.

IN salon, you can tanning through machine. There are many other processes which helps you to get tan fast under sunshine. Here is the Infographic which gives you more ideas about it. Read below for more.

tanning salon infographic

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