23+ Innovative Tailor Shop Marketing Ideas to Get Success

A custom tailor shop is one that makes products according to the specific needs and demands of customers.

If you are an owner of a custom tailor shop, then you need to have several marketing ideas up your sleeve and implement them effectively.

Marketing is the key to success in any kind of business; if required, hire a certified marketing expert who is skilled and talented. Be smart in promoting your business by using different kinds of techniques.

How to promote your Custom tailor shop?

  • Create a Logo and a professional website, and upload photos of all your products over it.
  • Be active in the participation of trade shows and make connections by distributing business cards and fliers in the event.
  • Sponsor local public events to get a good exposure.
  • Make sure to list tailor shop in online directories and search engines.
  • Collaborate with E-commerce websites, sell your products through their portals, and share a profit in return. 

Focus on creating a logo that will represent your business and brand identity. All your business cards, pamphlets, and fliers should carry the logo on them.

The logo should look unique, something that captures the attention of people whenever they have a look at it.

Participate in Trade Shows  


Consider participating in trade shows that are organized in and around your locality. Hire a stall in the show and showcase your products to the visitors.

Give a detailed description of your business to anyone who visits your stall. Tell the visitors about your products’ specialty and the deals you are offering. Distribute business cards and fliers at the event.


Promote your business through advertisements in local newspapers and TV commercials. Find out the widely circulated newspapers in your locality and place an advertisement in them.

Also, put up hoardings and billboards that display all the information related to your business, such as location, types of products that are sold, prices, etc.


Contribute articles as a guest to any popular blog related to tailoring. Write about tailoring techniques, unique designs, materials, etc.

The content should be rich with information and of value to the people who give it a read. You can start your own blog once you decide to expand your business. Blogging will make your business popular among potential clients.

Build a Website

Building a professional website is a must for any business. It helps in making your online presence strong. Customers can have a look at your products from the comfort of their homes.

Upload photos of all your products on the website and give their detailed description. You can hire a professional to design a website for you.

Check out the best tailor marketing email subject lines to increase your open rate.


Use the word-of-mouth technique for promoting your business. Request the customers who are pleased with your services to refer your business to their friends or family members.

Provide them with incentives like a discount, gift coupon, or a free product to promote your business.

Ask your clients to share positive reviews about your products on the website and on social media. People will get a good impression when they go through the reviews.

Sponsor Local Events

You can connect with the local community by sponsoring local public events. Such events can also be related to a charitable cause, you can distribute some of your products among poor and homeless people for free.

Social Media

You can help your business gain huge popularity through campaigns on social media. Use social media websites to promote your brand identity.

Create a page in social media that is related to your business. Ask your friends to like and share the page through their accounts.

Interact with prospective clients in social media and post content linked to your tailoring business like the exciting deals on offer, the launch of new products, opening of a new branch, etc. Social media gives you the scope to reach out to a large number of customers.

Register Your Business Online

Go for Search Engine Optimization and register your business in online business directories and search engines. People should be able to find out the name of your business when they search online for custom tailor shops.

Follow Up

Try to follow up with your customers after they buy a product from you, ask for their valuable feedback and reviews.

Positive feedback can encourage you to perform better, and the ones that are negative help you to identify the drawbacks. A follow-up program lets your customers know the value you attach to their opinion.

Exploit the Gaps in Market

Your inventory should include those products that are not easily available in the market. Customers should get a unique experience when they use your products. The specialty of your services and products will help in drawing customers to your store.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail is a potential marketing tool. It is an effective channel of communication between you and your customers.

Request your customers to sign-up or subscribe to your website through their mail account. E-mailing allows you to stay in touch with those customers who have not visited your store for a long period of time.

Keep emailing your old and new customers about exciting offers, special packages, deals, discounts, etc. Send personalized emails depending on the choices and preferences of specific customers.

You can also send wishes to your customers on their birthday and on other occasions that are special.

Discounts and Sale

Promote your products by offering discounts and sales. You can offer special prices while launching new products, sell products at a discounted rate in the festive season, offer free products like buying two full sleeve shirts, and get one half sleeve shirt free.

People are much more likely to visit a shop that sells products at a discounted rate than ones that sell at a normal or expensive rate.

Upload Videos on the Website and Social Media  

Share videos of making your products on your website and social media page. People will get to know the special techniques, the equipment used, and the variety of products you make. The videos can be helpful to those who want to learn to custom-tailor.

Collaborate with E-commerce Websites

You can collaborate with E-commerce websites that are reputed. Allow them to sell your

products through their portals and share a percentage of your profit with them in return. This makes your products visible to a huge number of customers.  

Looking for more? So do check out the best tailor shop bio for social media to make your own.

How to drive sales to your Custom tailor shop?

  • Promote your tailor shop through local newspaper advertisements and TV commercials.
  • Put up hoardings and billboards in your locality to get the public attention.
  • Contribute guest articles regarding tailoring techniques, unique designs, etc., to renowned tailoring blogs.
  • Request existing loyal customers to refer your business to their friends or family and Provide incentives like a discount, gift coupon, or a free product.
  • Ask your customers to write positive reviews on your website and social media.
  • Gain immense popularity through social media campaigns, Q&A posts, exciting deals, new product launch, arrivals, and a lot more.  
  • Send E-mails to existing clients about new offers, special packages, personal posts such as a birthday, etc.
  • Conduct sales, and offer festive discounts or other promotional coupons to increase visits.
  • Promote your services by creating learning videos and posting in on social media.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you promote your Custom Tailor shop?

Pick up pictures of your clothes and put them as part of your portfolio on your company website.

Next, promote your website/business with SEO and paid search, and social media advertising, and don’t forget that your Search my business page can be optimized.

Use word of mouth and tell a friend to talk about a strategy that spreads the news like a bushfire to build a reputation for your business in your area. In the local newspapers, you could also put ads.

How to make your Customer Tailor shop a great success?

You need to let customers know when you start new that the store is open and services are provided. The best advertisements for local tailoring shops are illustrated brochures that can be dropped in the postboxes of localities or put into magazines.

You can print posters on boards of an apartment complex. You may want to expand to similar businesses, such as dry cleaning, dyeing, or boutique at a certain stage. Without much extra expense, this growth will offer you more revenue.

What skills are necessary to start a Custom Tailor shop?

You need some basic skills to operate a tailoring enterprise.

-Sewing machine experience and the use of a sewing machine
-Know how to thread clothing. You can learn the fundamentals of sewing, whether you sew your clothes or hire a professional tailor.
-Measuring the body and the clothes,
-Learn how to build a pattern
-Cutting the silk for clothes
-Find more about textiles and their properties
-Try to learn the quality of the garment
Train on the creation and production of clothing and motifs. A course of 3-6 months will suffice to start tailoring.

What is the market opportunity for starting a Custom Tailor shop?

The retail industry is full of ready-made clothes. Very few men wear a shirt and a pant for tradition. You don’t need a store for tailoring. To women, the tailoring shop is the main market.

Females tend to wear tailored clothing and suit. You are purchasing a lot of readymade malls.

But to change the new cloth, they need someone. And they frequent personalized clothes or model changes sometimes.

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