Targeted Email Marketing: 10+ Key Elements For A Successful Campaign

To make an email marketing campaign successful, there are some core elements that are needed. That’s important to remember so it can help you in your next marketing email too.

Well, when it comes to email marketing, there is more than one way of measuring success.

It includes many metrics that work and indicate the overall performance, including the new areas for improvement after the campaign laughed.

What is Targeted Email Marketing?

Targeted email marketing is a form of email marketing that involves sending personalized and relevant messages to specific groups of customers or prospects.

This kind of email marketing is predicated on the notion that sending targeted communications to niche audiences will be more successful than sending general, mass emails.

You need a collection of email addresses and details about your audience, such as their interests, preferences, and behaviors, in order to conduct customized email marketing. Using this data, you may divide your email list into more manageable categories and send each group personalized messages.

List Of Key Elements For Your Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Well regardless of how email marketing is going on, there is always room for getting it better and improving.

Not just that, you can make your email marketing better by following the elements.

It includes :

Mobile-Friendly Design

It’s estimated that more than half of emails are opened by using a mobile device. This is important because you need to make your email render properly across different screens and devices.

You also need to use a responsive email template which is the best way to ensure mobile-friendliness.

However, even if you use the right template is not enough, your content requires optimization according to mobile experiences.

This means you are also required to think about how people are consuming email differently depending on the devices they have, it can be their tablets and phones as compared to desktops, laptops, and computers.

Some of the strategies that can help here are :

Add Important Information On Top

If you want to make your subscriber see the content which is important, put it on the above. They want to know the purpose as soon as they open the email and they don’t have to scroll through everything.

Limit Your Text And Visual Elements

This is important as you don’t know on which device your subscribers are going to use for checking your emails.

Depending on that, the reading text can differ as small devices can be strenuous for some.

And that’s why you should limit the text along with visual elements to keep it more user-friendly and easy to read.

Optimize The Capability

The next step is to optimize the email capability which is isolating your CTAS and making the links as well as buttons large enough so the readers can easily click.

Be Careful With Placement

Make sure you are careful when it comes to placing the call to action or CTA and Whitespace in your emails.

If it contains a lot of text or CTAs, it can be cluttered and makes it less attractive to read.

List Segmentation

List segmentation should necessarily be if you are looking to send the emails to target which leads to converting actual.

  • You also need to filter your email list into smaller lists and align the audience in a proper way that aligns with the email campaign goals.
  • Segmenting can be done by using demographic characteristics including age, gender preference, parental status, location, etc.
  • For example, if you are running a clothing store, the subtribes you have eaten are men, but they are not interested in knowing about the sale of women’s exercise or their clothing items.
  • Other characteristics that you can consider are previous email engagement, purchase history, etc which can inform the follow-up of the email marketing strategy.


It’s important that you don’t send emails to those who haven’t signed up.  The rule is crucial when it comes to email marketing, buying an email list or sending non-opt-in contacts is unethical but in some cases, this is also against the law.

  •  That’s why you need to take permission before you send emails, and it’s important for achieving a sustainable list for email marketing.
  • To keep it cautious, you can use the double-opt-in too, this verifies that your subscribers want the emails in the first place.
  • These nurses sign up to receive emails and give permission to send emails.
  • If they fail to subscribe or may accidentally sign up, give them away so that can verify their email address.
  • It is also helpful for those who are having second thoughts, and for you, it saves time as you don’t have to send emails to contacts who have no interest.


You need to encourage the email forward or social media in order to expand the reach.

  • Your email campaign, as well as brand recognition, improves the readership and influences the network.
  •  This is helpful in minding the subscribers that they can forward the email, and this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve this.
  • You can also offer rewards so the people who are sharing will get something out of it.
  • You can add the social button, an essential element for the subscribers.

Clear Objective

Before email marketing starts, it’s important that you have a clear objective of what you want to do with this.

There are different actions or objectives you might have, it can be something like

  • Reading the articles you post on the blog
  • Making the purchase on the website
  • Donating to some social cause
  • Sharing resources or downloading it
  • Signing up for getting more email list

And for this ist important that you have one CTA or call to action which is strong, and should stick with per email including donate, sign up, download, read, buy, provide feedback, etc.

  • Since there are a lot of options, you get, and that’s why you should pick what suits the best to your email.
  • And pick only one or two, so it avoids confusion for the recipient.
  • Sticking with one clear CTA can lead to confusion and problems, that’s why you should leave the recipient with having a clear idea of what they should do.
  • You need to simplify the process, so it can increase the engagement and success rate of the actions.
  • It includes multiple CTA will give too many options that can lead to diluting the engagement in the campaign.
  • In case you are using multiple CTA, you can benefit when you break and add space into it.

Adding The Value

Your email should have something that you can offer to the recipient. It’s important that it follows the ‘ so what test, it can pass what it offers.

  • What value does it includes when you don’t have a clear answer it should be in that so your subscribers have attention.
  • When you provide value, it should be the main function and doesn’t mean you need to be too promotional and sales.
  • The email also provides exclusive content, tips, early access, and advice.
  • You need to focus on values and boost engagement as well.


For a lot of people, personalization means that they need to add the subscriber’s name and rewards to the email.

  • However, this is an important and nice touch; personalization is even more sophisticated regarding email marketing.
  • The best personalization and success these days involve making the emails customized so they can appeal to the recipient in a meaningful way, depending on what you know.
  • This means that you should integrate the preferences of your subscribers, purchases, and engagement into the custom communication.
  • This is done by doing the combination of advance list segmentation in order to create the targeting audiences along with emails that are high quality with editor content in order to appeal to the needs of your audience.
  • For this, you can take the example of streaming music companies as they are masters when it comes to collecting data on their individual music and their preferences.

Good Deliverability

Well, there are a lot of things that can help in improving the delivery of your email. It can be the basic action, but with that, it can filter the litmus tests.

  • Avoid the words which are spammy, as they can end up in spam folders.
  • For the capitals and punctuation responsibility, you need to keep the word differences too and check the punctuation.
  • If you are keeping the respectful and content genuine, it will keep the email deliverability okay.

Content Without Errors

Mistakes are something that happens, and it’s common to find them in email too.

However, it’s important that you do your best in order to minimize the mistakes; it will help in creating a successful email campaign.

  • Also, it helps in improving the brand and making it positive.
  • That’s why you should consider the email marketing list and do it before you send them.
  • Adding the unsubscribe link to the email can be easy to opt out of emails.
  • Pay attention to details which helps in making the company look professional, improving the perception that you need for the brand.

Pre Send Tests

When it’s about email marketing, here, you should test the emails in your own inbox before you send them to your customers.

  • Doing the last-minute check will help in keeping mistakes away.
  • All you need is to test your email and check everything looks and behaves the way you want.
  • You can check on the responsive design, as you can test it on your tablets and phone.

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