Submitting Interview Assignment Email: 2 Templates

Nowadays, many organizations, apart from taking an oral interview, prefer taking a written interview as well. The written interview can be in the form of an online assignment too, which a corporation may ask a potential candidate to finish and submit within a particular time period.

If you are thinking of creating such an interview assignment letter, then make sure you follow this short and precise sample letter template written by me; using this as a reference, you will be able to create yours smoothly.

Template: 1

Submitting Interview Assignment Email


[Name of the recipient],

[Address of the recipient],


 sub: Information About Sending Interview Assignment

Dear applicant,

We first thank you to apply to our company (mention the name of the company) for the vacant post of (mention the vacant post) of our department of (mention the name of the department). According to the rules and regulations of our institution, we request you to complete this given assignment.

As per our requirements, we want you to finish this job within (mention the time period) days. I have attached the process as to how to finish this job and a sample paper as well. We request you to attach your documents and credentials of your achievements with this answer paper.

Please read the instructions carefully before attempting the paper. If you encounter any problem regarding this matter you can contact us any time. 

Here are our contact details (mention the details). The last date of your submission period will be (mention the last date of submitting). After that, no answer sheet will be accepted.

We hope for your success in this event. All the best for your assignment.

Thank you very much,


    [Name of the sender],

 [Designation of the sender],

    [Organization name]

interview assignment letter

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