Starbucks Marketing Strategies: How They Conquered The Coffee World

Let’s be honest; Starbucks has always been the company you immediately think of when someone says coffee. ☕

How did Starbucks become so popular? What are the tactics it uses to stay on top of the game? ? If these questions are pestering you, look no further because we have the answers right here. 

From its advertising strategies to its top products, we’ve covered everything in this article for you! ?

Now grab yourself a hot beverage (or a cooler if that’s what you prefer), and let’s dive right into the beauty of Starbucks as a brand. ?

About Starbucks

Starbucks Corporation is a Seattle, Washington-based global American coffee chains and roasteries network. It is the most extensive network of coffee shops worldwide. Starbucks is recognized for the unique atmosphere and decor of its stores.

Many Starbucks locations have developed into well-liked hubs where people go to connect, conduct business or chat.

Starbucks offers iced and hot beverages, lattes, frappuccinos, teas, fruit juices, and desserts are also available. Some products are available only during certain seasons or in a particular area. Most sites offer a complimentary wireless broadband connection, varying across the nation.

Starbucks’ History

Starbucks started in Seattle’s Pika Place Market as a takeaway coffee store in 1971. Ten years later, Howard Shultz discovered this place and joined the company, introducing an Italian coffeehouse culture.

The company slowly expanded to Chicago and Vancouver, crossing the border. They later launched stores in Japan, Europe, and also China. Over the next two decades, they built a company that gets millions of customers weekly.

The net worth of Starbucks as of 2022 was 113.89 Billion. With their mission to cultivate unlimited opportunities for relationships with each mug, with each interaction, with any group – they have been successful in achieving this.

Starbucks Marketing Strategies

As you all know, marketing costs a lot of money. But sometimes, you can use certain things to your advantage and get publicity for free! 

Be it social media (looking at all of you posting stories with your name spelled wrong on a Starbucks cup) or in-store advertising, Starbucks is known for its distinctive branding.

Let’s look at the marketing strategies they use ⤵️

Creating a Loyalty Program

Starbucks has a fantastic system for encouraging patrons who buy its goods. With complimentary in-person refills, complimentary items (upon reaching a particular level of spending), and additional deals and savings in-person, the Starbucks Rewards scheme provides benefits for purchasing goods.

The remaining amount of vouchers, loyalty scores, and mobile purchases may be checked by consumers over their phone, online, in-person, or by downloading the Starbucks application. This multichannel capacity appeals to consumers because it promotes involvement on several fronts.

QUICK FACT ?– Starbucks has three tiers of loyalty, the welcome tier, the green tier, and the gold tier.

Using Social Media to Their Advantage

Any advertising group would be pleased with the online community that Starbucks has effectively created. The material of a brand determines its vitality. Starbucks’ advertising exemplifies the business’s dedication to creativity and continuity.

Many online profiles operated by the business are well known for their distinctive branding, engaging messages, and aesthetically pleasing material.

QUICK FACT ?– Starbucks has over 18 million followers on Instagram and 11 million followers on Twitter.

Although Starbucks produces a lot of material, it is broken up into several smaller pieces that are subsequently repurposed on different channels. Every social networking site contains various materials according to the individuals.

In-Store Marketing

Marketing at shops informs customers about freshly released goods and the benefits of reward schemes, which also piques their curiosity. The illumination in the shop also helps direct consumer focus on Starbucks goods, which promotes impulsive buying.

Promotions are posted adjacent to the counters at which you make the payment and the spot where you collect your meal. It stimulates clients to plan their future purchases when they stop by Starbucks again. Starbucks does surveys using details gathered from its retail stores.

Strategic Alliances

Starbucks has partnered with multiple entities to develop and grow the company in many countries. Starbucks profits financially greatly through such tactical alliances.

It helps the company increase consumer knowledge of diverse items and broaden its range of goods. Additionally, this method increases consumer happiness while making it simpler to provide the business’s goods to a variety of industry sectors.

The business’s overall revenue and financial performance therefore rose. One of the main factors influencing Starbucks’ achievement and growth over time is its relationships.

Social Responsibility

Starbucks is committed to reporting openly and frequently on its initiatives to boost the livelihoods of coffee growers, lessen its impact on the planet, give back to the community, and promote an environment of diversity, identity, and potential for all Starbucks associates.

Consumers pay attention when a business puts its clients first and concentrates on improving the neighborhoods it’s associated with and supports. Surveys reveal that 93% of consumers think more highly of a firm when it supports societal or ecological issues.

Mobile Application

Starbucks has always understood how closely tied to tech the upcoming age of shopping is. It originally made a mobile app available in 2009. It started allowing purchases through the app in 2011. 2014 saw the launch of smartphone buying and paying at Starbucks.

Consumers utilizing this platform can send in their preferred order from wherever is easiest for them, either at their residence or on their commute to work, to prevent standing in long lines (most of the time).

Using Fomo to Their Advantage

Starbucks uses people’s fear of missing out to help their business. They release limited-time offers and products which exist only for a short period. This makes the consumer feel that they must utilize the specific offer or products before time runs out.

This can easily be seen in their infamous pumpkin spice lattes, which only come out during fall. Sales fly through the roof for these just the fact that it is not available year-round. Their seasonal red cups also add to this.

Sticking to Their Mission Statement

Starbucks has consistently revised its goal and guiding values to reflect the shifting demands of its shareholders, the company, and society.

Starbucks promises its customers that they will make daily life better. They take their mission to cultivate unlimited opportunities for relationships with each mug, with each interaction, and with any group very seriously.

They deliver individual experiences in their stores, making fantastic coffee and producing a favorable effect on their operating areas.

Community-Based Campaigns

Starbucks’ dedication to emphasizing people and neighborhoods is another aspect of its online approach. Take into account the #RedCupArt initiative, which boosts interaction and gives users access to a collection of user-generated material.

They demonstrate deeds of bravery and charity via narrative. Starbucks attempts to make the brand relatable by publishing tales on their online accounts emphasizing the individuals vital to the enterprise, particularly when customers are wary of large corporations.

Now that you know the secrets to formulating a massively successful coffee brand, let’s look at the products Starbucks sells that make its customers salivate ?

Top Products of Starbucks

Iced Oat Milk Espresso with Brown Sugar 

Oat milk is perhaps the greatest non-dairy milk, although it might be against your morals. The Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso is a cult favorite, thanks to several qualities. Three shots of espresso are added to the grand size, which includes more than normal.


The 1930s were when the cappuccino was initially mentioned. Starbucks cappuccinos are made with shots of espresso, either one or two depending on the size of the drink, and half steamed milk and half milk foam. The beverage is unsweetened by nature.

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Among the most well-liked Starbucks beverages is the Iced Caramel Macchiato, which is blended with one of the company’s most well-liked flavors: caramel. It has been available for 25 years.

According to the business, It is an all-year favorite and one of Starbucks’ top six iced coffees.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Its consumers are the object of most of the “basic” jokes, yet those opposed to the Pumpkin Spice Latte have undoubtedly never tried it. If they did, they would have second thoughts since this notorious and delectable Starbucks beverage.

Caramel Frappucino

The pleasure of Starbucks’ caramel flavor is not lessened by the addition of the Frappuccino element. A Mashed poll found that 28% of respondents thought caramel was the greatest Starbucks Frappuccino flavor.

The iced drink has been a part of Starbucks’ menu since it debuted in 1999, and demand for it is still sky-high.

Peppermint Mocha

Even infrequent Starbucks drinkers may have experienced the delectable Peppermint Mocha. Based on a Mashed survey, the Peppermint Mocha is everyone’s favorite Starbucks Christmas beverage.

It’s not difficult to understand why, given that it has what Bustle termed “the ideal combination of cooling mint and cozy cocoa.”

Caffe Americano

The Starbucks Americano being popular is more fascinating than a regular cup of coffee. Espresso is used to make the americano, giving the beverage originality and preventing the burned aroma that some consumers detect in Starbucks’ prepared coffees.

Java Chip Frappucino

Starbucks is most known for its popular Java Chip Frappuccino. Ice, full-fat milk, chocolate chips, instant coffee, syrup, and drizzle with cocoa taste, whipped topping, and sugars are used to make the beverage. Among the most beloved Frappuccino varieties is still the Java Chip kind.

QUICK FACT ?– The Java Chip continues to be one of the most calorie dense and has one of the highest sugar levels even when compared with other Frappuccinos; every grande size contains 440 calories and 60 grams of sugar.

Iced Green Tea Lemonade

This is a filling beverage, a delightful take on the traditional Arnold Palmer iced tea and lemonade concoction. The drink also contains lemongrass, mint, and lemon verbena, along with the fashionable liquid green tea, which is well-known+ for its host of wellness advantages.

The Iced Green Tea Lemonade’s decreased sweetness and number of calories are further advantages.

Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream and Vanilla

Vanilla stands out among the flavor syrups from Starbucks. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew blends the two beverages’ greatest qualities. It has a lot of caffeine and is foamy. It has a delicious topping on top. This beverage has a sweeter and more varied flavor.

Starbucks Marketing Mix 4P Analysis

Now, let’s analyze the 4Ps of Starbucks ⤵️

  • Product

For its numerous offerings, Starbucks provides a service that is unparalleled and unmatched. Whenever they create an exceptional cup, they promise that it is going to be flawless, keeping consumers returning. Starbucks is well-known for its manufactured goods alongside its drinks.

  • Place

Starbucks’ ubiquity is partly responsible for its numerous locations’ popularity. Due to the company’s enormous international reach, consumers may get it practically everywhere. Every shop has a wonderful atmosphere.

Consumers now view Starbucks as an additional important location they frequent after their residence and place of employment because of its “Third Place” branding campaign.

  • Price

Starbucks has adopted a policy of higher prices. High-end gadgets, a wide range of options, and outstanding client service make the cost worthwhile. Many consumers think that expensive goods with great craftsmanship are rare.

The higher cost enables them to uphold their commitment to excellence and simultaneously address the lifestyle choices of their desired clientele.

  • Promotion

Along with paid promotions like TV advertising and newspaper ads, Starbucks regularly advertises its goods on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, among others.

Their company is identifiable due to a mix of advertising materials, and what sets them apart is the constant message they convey.

Top Starbucks Campaigns

Starbucks is known worldwide for its interactive campaigns, and fans all over the globe love participating in them! ?

Let’s look at their top campaigns together ⤵️


Starbucks red cups have become a tradition, the clearest indication that Christmas has arrived, and occasionally even the subject of excitement and skepticism.

There didn’t seem to be any justification for Starbucks to pursue the issue further or include online marketing in it, but Starbucks did so anyways.

QUICK FACT ?– In the initial two days of the event in 2015, an image was published on Instagram every 14 seconds, resulting in an aggregate of 40,000 submissions.

Tweet a Coffee

The “Tweet-a-Coffee” promotion allowed users to present an individual a $5 gift card by simply including “@tweetacoffee” and their buddy’s username in a tweet.

Customers had to connect their Starbucks profile to Twitter (or make one from scratch if they hadn’t got one!) and their payment card to their profile because the beverage was not free of charge.

QUICK FACT ?- Over 27,000 individuals have taken to Twitter for a coffee in only two months. It was estimated that the marketing pulled in coffee worth about $180,000. In addition, Starbucks obtained details about hundreds of coffee enthusiasts, including their Twitter usernames.

Charity Campaign

Whenever a customer entered one of Starbucks’ coffee shops in the US or Canada over a brief period, $1 was contributed.

For this cause, Starbucks restricted their gift to no more than $250,000. Before that, they contributed $10 million to the RED charity’s AIDS awareness campaign.

Meet Me at Starbucks

In return for sharing their “How We Met” tale, Starbucks offered consumers an opportunity of winning a year’s worth of coffee free of charge.

The competition was promoted using the hashtag #HowWeMet, allowing participants to engage with each other’s captivating experiences.

Thanks to the campaign’s global launch, people could peruse many interesting stories and get a brand-new perspective on Starbucks. 

Taylor’s Latte

Taylor Swift and Starbucks joined forces formally to rerelease her album Red. A tweet with the subject line “It’s Red Season” was published.

Fans had the chance to purchase a “Taylor’s Latte” or a “Taylor’s Version” beverage from Starbucks and receive the musician’s preferred beverage: a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte.

Key Takeaways

Being easy to get, amazing customer service and the overall vibe Starbucks stores have is the reason why they are one of the, if not the most popular, coffee chains in the world. ☕

You, too, can make your brand popular like Starbucks by using the right marketing strategies and working hard. ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the pricing strategy Starbucks uses?

Starbucks prefers value-based rates over economical or market-oriented pricing. Instead of merely selling a mug of coffee, Starbucks sells an entire coffee journey.

How Starbucks adorns its stores, the relaxing music circulating, and the products it sells all contribute to the mood produced. Starbucks has a policy to charge high prices.

What are Starbucks’ main marketing goals?

Giving clients an unforgettable Starbucks experience is its advertising goal since it will persuade them to visit for coffee, linger longer due to the atmosphere, and come back due to the built consumer relationship.

In addition, rather than depending exclusively on news coverage of its expansion ambitions, the world’s largest coffee retailer wishes to convey its values and ideals to consumers.

What is the secret to Starbucks’ effective marketing tactics?

Starbucks promotes its goods via a variety of channels, such as the Internet, TV commercials, and print marketing.

Their company is unique because of the way their advertising materials are used in tandem, and they stand out because of what they consistently convey.

The main metric for performance at Starbucks is consumer involvement.


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