19+ Actionable Staffing Company Marketing Ideas

Marketing a staffing company can be a huge challenge in an industry as crowded as recruitment. So only good recruiters have the capability to hustle and stand out from the crowd. A staffing company such as yours should always grow and move ahead to achieve success.

How to promote your staffing company

  • One of the easiest and most feasible alternatives to promote your staffing company is by putting up signboards and banners everywhere in plenty. This will ensure the fast promotion of your business.
  • Distributing leaflets among the targeted customers with all the relevant details about your company is one of the best ways to promote your business fast.
  • Your staffing company will be easier to promote when it has a unique name and a beautiful logo so that people can easily distinguish your company from the rest. This will hasten the process of promoting your business.
  • Business directories are one of the most powerful tools for promoting a business. So ensure that you have enlisted in the business directories.

One of the ways to do so is by continuously adopting new and evolved marketing strategies. You need to expand away from some of the methods that have worked before or proven successful in the past.

Some marketing ideas that will benefit your Staffing company are to help get more customers and awareness.

-Business Niches

Every business has certain domains with which they get the business off the ground. Similarly, for a staffing company, there are niches of business that serve as a regular requirement for employees. Some of the important business niches in the realm of recruitment or staffing agencies that will help the company in its initial stage of marketing are-

a) The Boutique purchaser: These are the clients that require small but specialized scales of staff. Only specialists are needed by the boutique purchaser.

b) The Volume Purchaser: Like the name itself, the buyers of such recruit volumes of staff in a certain price range. The option for replacing the bad fills is included while purchasing.

c) The Middle Market: This is the market where all the best staffing companies make their money. Staffing buyers in the middle market range from hiring HR managers to secretaries and to the top level recruit such as CEO.

-Develop Your Brand Identity

If some time has passed since you have updated your company’s brand look or voice, then it is time to invest in ways that can freshen things up.

Try redefining your brand’s aesthetic by developing new audience segments. Conduct market research to know the kind of content that is appealing to niche audiences. The main goal of creating a brand identity is to develop a trustworthy brand that can generate your company’s value in the market.

Staffing companies are just as exciting as any other business in terms of brand establishment. Brand Identity plays an important role in attracting top-tier clients.

-Create Original Content

Original content is one of the strongest ways to bring prospects to your doorstep. Firstly you have to understand the difference between curated and original content.

When you post content such as blogs that are assembled from outside sources, you are relying on others’ credibility and authority. And if you post original content of yours, the status of your knowledge and expertise are highlighted.

Try to develop content that appeals to your targeted set of audience. And at the end of the day, the original content created shall be relevant for both types of audiences, such as job seekers and employees.

-Build Relationships

Building a relationship is not just limited to serving as a marketing tool for your staffing company. It can also be utilized as one of the powerful business strategies that pervade success at all business levels.

The objective is to create a profitable and amicable relationship with your clients. While applying this marketing strategy, many businesses tend to forget their previous and unplaced list of clients or candidates.

You have to remind these people repeatedly that they are not overlooked. Let them know you are still available to serve by informing them about current job openings. In this way, relationships with your clients are bound to remain strong.

-Educate Your Audience

Educate your Audience by positioning your staffing company as an innovator, leader, and a great resource of related knowledge.

Staffing companies such as yours can easily use the medium of eBooks to publish career guides, statistical analyses, and more. Contents that are targeted towards a set audience by using the tool of imagery and relevant information are more marketable for your company.

You can also use infographics that are used for deploying statistical information in a strategic way. Infographics are a great way to show off your brand colors and custom visuals through the company’s own style.


Blog articles are an amazing tool to build a brand perception for your staffing company. Blogging has the power to entice new followers and the capability to generate new leads. Consider starting with ‘How-to’ articles.

These articles are a great way to create your company’s perspective as thoughtful leadership within the industry. Besides, blogging perceives itself as great content which is extremely pivotal in popularizing your company website.

-Update Your Website

Since you have read this far, you know the knowledge of what a website is for your company. It is no longer an option but rather a necessity that provides your staffing company with a digital stand-in.

And if your company’s official website design is not yet updated in 2.5 years, then the candidates and the site visitors will simply dissuade away from your business. Your company’s credibility will be on the line if the website is ugly, unfriendly, and incompatible with mobile users.

To increase traffic on your website, use content marketing tool by publishing blogs, eBooks, infographics, and videos.

-Free Online Software for Lead Generation

There is a company named Hubspot that uses software known as Website Grader. The software allows you to enter your company website’s URL to check how it scores on several barometers such as SEO, security, speed, and mobile readiness.

Whenever this particular software is used by your company, Hubspot dramatically increases the leads by creating options to choose from for the purpose of your sales and also demonstrates some marketing efforts accordingly.

Inspired by this tool, one can also create a resume grader that lets the candidates upload their resumes to receive instant feedback based on certain algorithms.

-Customer Service

Several Staffing companies focus more on their internal culture than their customers. Any company’s first and foremost priority should be delivering exceptional customer service.

These days, customer service is the new form of marketing. From providing immediate responses to customers to evaluating comprehensive customer satisfaction, prioritizing customer service is a key part of your brand establishment.

-Video Marketing

In the past year or so, Video marketing has increased its popularity by being an enormous tool for marketing. Recent studies have shown that a video is 50 times more likely to appear on the very first page of search results.

This is an amazing opportunity for all staffing companies to conduct presentations and webinars online.

It is also a great way to present your company as the leader of thoughts and resources by Sharing knowledge and practices. Doing so makes it possible to acquire new leads to follow up on.

-Nurture your sign-up Lists

People signing up to your staffing company by providing their numbers and e-mails should be nurtured from time to time. It is because they are the ones who have put their trust in your company during its initial phase.

Keep them engrossed and happy by providing links to your blogs and videos. You can also throw in some occasional freebies to show that your company cares about them.

Some adults prefer to communicate via text as well. You only have to ensure that your sign-up plan marketing doesn’t betray their trust.

-Use of Social Media

Social media allows you to connect more personally with potential clients and candidates. So you must maintain a certain level of consistency in presenting your brand on the internet and in person.

Each and every social media platform has its own ideal time for putting up posts to garner clicks. And through these posts, the potential clients and candidates will get to know more about you and your staffing company. Additionally, social media has the feature of sponsoring your posts to boost your company’s brand awareness.

Try to engage in informal communication with your social media followers to create the right fit between candidates and clients.

How to drive up the sales of your staffing company

  • The sales of your staffing company will go higher once it reaches a great number of people. This can be done by using social media platforms in a proper and witty manner.
  • The traditional methods of putting up advertisements in paid advertising platforms such as the newspapers and TV channels are yet one of the most effective methods of raising your sales.
  • The price of the charges that you are going to charge is going to affect the levels of sales of your company significantly. So before you set up the charges for the service, you will provide, thoroughly study the market.
  • The targeted customers will be attracted to you once they get sufficient discounts and offers. So make sure that you are giving enough discounts to your customers at regular intervals.
  • Positive reviews from a few of your previous customers will make your company more trustworthy among new customers. Eventually, the sales will move to a higher path.

FAQs about Staffing Companies to Get More Detail and Grow your Business

Who is the target market for a Staffing company?

The best customers are likely those who have to recruit regularly. It may be because your company expands so rapidly that you cannot keep up with jobs, because your workforce has to adjust every day, or because market conditions are increasing and rising. In that scenario, the customer would typically ask for employees from the staffing company on an advisory basis.

Certainly inspired opportunities include those employees who have little time or money to respond to resumes or who believe they need an expert opinion from a third party on recruitment decisions. It may be particularly true if employers pursue highly paid talent or niche expertise.

How to make your Staffing company more profitable?

Consider adding training to the menu, resume writing, and other services. You may sign up for large employers who conduct a big layoff, including outboard resources to assist laid-off workers in seeking employment. 

 Consider teaming up with the local community college to offer educational opportunities to develop the skills and personalities of the applicants. In earning a share of tuition, you will produce revenue while also introducing more staff to your clients.

What marketing strategy can you implement to grow your Staffing Company?

Start with a professional-looking website because that’s your calling card for employer clients.   You can also join the relevant trade associations or other locations where it is possible to network.

In fact, please ask happy clients if you can use their names as testimonials for your website or sell prospective customers. Figure out how best to put candidates to your attention. It depends on the range of talents.

If you are mainly hiring minimum wage day workers or other contract employees, it may be as easy as placing the flyer on windshields or in coin laundries and in jobless agencies — anywhere it is possible to find your applicants.

How to keep the customers coming back to your Staffing company?

You will be faced with your rivals as a big challenge. But when you offer excellent job candidates successfully to clients, they will remember you. It’s also important to screen applicants carefully and keep in touch with clients to see how the hire works. Recruiting employees for your clients is often not as difficult because they are likely to find a job through your services.

Your company is growing rapidly, and you’re desperately looking to fill in the gaps as quickly as possible. For You COmpany, it must be that you need the right Candidate for better Growth. Bad Hire Costs more to Company.

Here is the Infographic, which lets you know more detail about the bad hires.

cost of bad hire in company

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