Top 10+ Sports Brands in the USA

Sports have become a huge deal in the present era; every individual, from a child to an adult, is trying to adopt a lifestyle of obtaining fitness in this world full of challenges.

As the rage of sport and athletics came into power, so came the need for athleisure and sports equipment that was equally important for any individual to carry along the activity of staying fit. The same goes for celebrities in the sports entertainment industry.

There have come a lot of brands that manufacture sports goods like athleisure and sports equipment for people who have a passion for fitness and also for people who make a living out o sports. 

Top Sports Brands in the USA


 Everyone is well aware of the most important logo and the line of this brand, “JUST DO IT”. Nike is popular for its high-end productivity and the foot manufacturing of products. The shoe line of this brand has made everyone go all gaga over it.

Nike shoes are the thing, and it has become a favorite brand and sports ware for a lot of celebrities. This brand is popular for its sponsorship in a lot of games. Nike has indeed become a huge phenomenon in the world of sports.

Nike has brought a huge revolution in the sports world with so many new creative designs with innovative apparel production that is increasing in popularity among consumers. 

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The interesting story behind this brand is, that it was initially a part of a shoe company developed by two brothers. One fine, they had some issues and split in which one of the brothers, AKA the founder Adolf Dassler discovered Adidas.

it is the brand for so many sports, and it provides for a lot of sports like lacrosse, rugby, baseball, and even golf. Adidas has made its firm stand among all the competitors with its Top-notch productivity and quality control on its products.

Adidas has become a brand for both the common and the elite

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Under Armour: 

The underdog in the world of the sports industry, Under Armour, is popular for manufacturing athleisure that has a reputation for being extremely durable and long-lasting, though this brand has come forth with a new liking by the consumers in its foot line.

Under Armour is best in providing athleisure that has a good moisture-absorbing capacity, which makes it stand out from every other brand. The athletes find this brand very comforting as it keeps them feeling light on their feet, and the clothing provides them with a lot of comforts. Under Armour is the best brand for people who are fitness freaks.

The brand has reached out to the digital world and has also launched apps that work on weight loss and nutrition tracking. 


The other brother of Adolf Dassler, Rudolf, founded PUMA. This sports brand is very popular in the global market, and people of most nations are aware of its popularity because of its availability.

The Frontline gained such huge popularity among the new generation that PUMA, more than a brand, has become a basic necessity for people who vouch on a healthy lifestyle. It provides requirements for a lot of sports like running and gymnastics as well.

Puma has, with history, proved its credibility by bringing more and more new products with advanced techniques that have made all the challenges for athletes easier. 

New Balance: 

A different line of sports brand, New Balance, unlike other brands, works on providing equipment for sports like skateboarding; quite a rage among youngsters, this brand has become a household name and is globally renowned for providing all the equipment required for different sports.

New Balance has successfully launched its outlets on most of the streets in the U.s because of its huge demand amongst athletes and youngsters. New Balance has made a huge name in the world of tennis as well.

Because of its long-lasting impression in the world of the sports industry, more and more popular athletes have started endorsing this brand. New Balance has made a strong remark in the world of sports, and a lot of athletes have started swearing about it. 


Quite popular among the world and also the folks of the U.S, this brand has been working on manufacturing some amazing shoes with new advanced techniques for people with different requirements.

Reebok has been successful in merging fashion with sports and gained a lot of attention from consumers. Reebok has not only been working on the shoe line but has also been manufacturing cricket bats and other accessories.

Reebok has made its sale more productive by involving sports athletes and promoting a healthy lifestyle through different camps. Reebok is a brand that has been tested with time and worked on the development of its new as well as old sports apparel and yet stood successful.


This brand in the U.S has gained a lot of popularity for its excellent footwear and sports bags. Skechers are usually spotted on the back of most of the youth of the nation as their bag-pack.

This brand deals in eyewear as well as apparel and makes it easy for consumers to pick from its top products. Skechers has made a huge gain in the paparazzi with its strong digital merchandise.

The consumer gets a good opportunity to choose from options in its online platform. Skechers, with its remarkable production in the sports world and its e-commerce activities, has fired up its sale in the world of consumers. 


The name for the unisex sportswear, ASICS, is that brand in the world of sports that has been surprising its consumers with excellent quality sports apparel and equipment. An old name, this brand has stood strong and firm with time and yet stayed quite famous among athletes.

To the surprise of a lot of competitors in the market, this brand has never compromised on the quality and has been manufacturing the best sports amenities. 

The North Face: 

This Sports brand is extremely popular, making apparel for a lot of outdoor activities and sports enthusiasts.

The brand is currently leading in providing the best outdoor sports equipment like tents, coats and sleeping bags that are very important for outdoor sports. The North Face has manufactured backpacks, trekking shoes, and jackets.

This brand has been serving athletes for ages who love extreme sports like mount climbing, hiking, and snowboarding. Needless to say that this brand has become a household name and made a huge mark in the sports industry and is still keeping up to rock the world of athletes 


Once in a lifetime, every person has heard the name of this brand or at least worn the popular ” Converse shoes.” This brand is so popular that every NBA fan is well familiarised with the brand. It has become a part of lifestyle apparel that stands apart in the crowd.

Converse shoes are very popular among NBA stars and also the stars in skateboarding. A lot of sports celebrities shave this brand and also make sure to use this in their personal life too.

Converse is not a new name; with time, it has just changed designs and new ways of making its apparel more comfortable and easy for the consumer. 

Top Sports Goods Brands

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