19+ Actionable Spa Company Marketing Ideas

So you want to open your own spa business? But are you ready to face the day-to-day challenges of keeping your masseuses happy, satisfying your clients, and ensuring the inventory is stocked? If then, marketing should be your next priority.

How to promote your spa business

  • One of the easiest ways to enlighten people about your spa business is by putting up sufficient numbers of banners and posters everywhere. This will also promote your business faster than most of the alternatives available.
  • The option of distributing leaflets with all the relevant information about your spa is available. This will promote your business in the easiest possible way.
  • Your spa’s name and logo will certainly make a difference since people will now be able to distinguish your business from the rest. This will make promoting your business less burdensome.
  • The business directories are going to be of immense help to you in the promotion of your business. Make sure that you have enlisted your spa business in the business directories.

In this constantly changing spa industry, it is extremely necessary to keep up with all the evolved marketing strategies in order to become a successful business owner.

Here are the top Spa marketing ideas for your spa business to acquire clients and boost sales.

Effective Spa Company Marketing Ideas

-First-Time Visit Special

Introduce a first-time visit special to welcome your first-time clients warmly. People are generally more reactive to specials offered on their first visit. It’s a great way to make the clients feel special by welcoming them with open arms.

For example, offer a ten bucks gift card for their first time around. You only have to ensure that you provide new and potential clients with a little extra incentive for stepping through your doors. Use this marketing strategy to motivate the clients who might have been a bit unsure before giving your spa business a try.

-Convenient Bookings

Clients will look for convenience when choosing a certain spa to try out. It is evaluated that about 35% of clients are looking to book appointments during non-business hours.

And about 25% of millennials will only book appointments online. So it is highly imperative to provide your clients with the ability to schedule their appointments online. In that way, the potential customers are given full freedom of choice.

You can easily provide them with the option of bookings straight from

a) Your Online Listing Profiles

b) Your Website

c) Square Appointments- lets the clients schedule their appointments online 24/7

d) Your Social Media Pages

-Online Directories

Massive phone books were the things of yesteryear. In 2019, it was all about online directories. So stop wasting precious time and get your business listed in online directories such as Yelp and Google My Business.

Most clients have moved to online directories to connect themselves with local businesses. In fact, in the 2018 survey, it is found that more than 85% of clients check online reviews on directories before stepping into any kind of business.

-Holidays are Good for business

It is one of the most profitable marketing strategies for many businesses out there. Use the special holidays to your advantage and boost your spa business to reach greater heights.

Promote your spa business during the holidays by introducing some fun and themed promotions. Create a marketing plan to infuse all the seasonal themes and holidays. This kind of promotional strategy is bound to resonate more with all of your clients.

Some of the big Holidays to work on those promotional ideas are –

a) Prom

b) Valentine’s Day

c) Easter

d) Mother’s Day

e) Father’s day

f) All the Winter Holidays

-Network and Partner with Local Businesses

Networking with people will result in recommendations from like-minded clients. So, for any business owner, networking is one of the marketing strategies that is cannot be ignored.

With great networking, the possibilities of partnering with local businesses are exponentially increased. You need to look for businesses such as hairdressers, nutritionists, local gyms, and make-up artists because these are the ones who share a similar clientele as yours.

Consider cross-promotions or swapping promotional materials with these types of businesses that are within your local community. There will always be loads of other business owners within the vicinity of your shop with whom you can partner up and benefit each other.

-Start A Referral Program

By implementing a referral program, you can have access to your client’s network of friends to increase the ratio of potential clients. It has been reported in a recent New York Times survey that about 65% of new clients are acquired through referral programs.

To implement a successful referral program, the key is to offer your existing clients some incentives for every successful referral. The incentives should be both enticing and simple. In this way, the cycle of existing clients bringing in new clients for your spa business continues.

-Sample Gifts with Purchases

This type of marketing idea is solely based on the mentality of retail stores. From time to time, with every purchase, consider giving away a free gift sample.

Clients love receiving free stuff. It makes them feel extremely special, which creates a definite impact on loyal re-bookings. Clients and your spa business can also benefit from this marketing strategy.

Giving away a sample gift to your client is an excellent way to test out your new products so that you can order them according to your client’s preferences.

-Create a Blog

Create a Blog to educate people on numerous health topics and trends. With the help of blogging, you have the ability to show off your spa’s knowledge and personality within the industry.

Blogs that share advice on esthetic trends and body care are most likely to be read by audiences. A blog can be a great place to discuss about your products and customer reviews. Many businesses use this medium of blogging to popularize and market themselves.

-Business Website

Your website is the medium to make a great first impression for your new clients. For a spa, a good first impression is extremely important.

For your business website, upload some high-resolution photos of your spa, the happy clients enjoying your services, and the staff. Convey the reasons why people should visit your spa through a visual medium.

Make the website guest friendly so that the clients are able to look for information regarding your services pretty easily. Your website should ensure that clients can book appointments easily and seamlessly.

-Leverage Video Marketing

Video is slowly becoming omnipresent on every social media platform. Visual storytelling is what makes you a great marketer.

Over 70% of answerers claim that video performs better in customer conversion, so adding video to your website has the potential of increasing the customer ratio by 30-40%.

Spas and health clubs have the benefit of leveraging the most out of video marketing. Use this marketing strategy to showcase your clients who are relaxing and enjoying the latest massage techniques. Leverage this marketing strategy to give your brand some life and soul.

-Send A Monthly Newsletter

Send out a monthly newsletter to remind your clients to avail the special offers and discounts by paying your spa a visit. Some of the other important things to include in a newsletter are the current positive testimonials, Blogs, visuals of services and happy clients.

By doing so, you are creating your business presence in their inboxes and at the same time nurturing the sign-up list.

-Promotions on Social Media

Social Media pages provide a free-of-cost opportunity to promote your spa business through pictures and words.

You have to stop telling and start showing the potential clients why they should come and give your spa a try. Share the photos depicting the time and effort it takes to make your clients feel beautiful inside out.

Besides sharing pictures and videos, social media can also serve as an amazing platform to promote your spa business through numerous ads and page boosting activities.

How to drive up the sales of your spa business

  • Reaching out to more people by wittily using social media is one of the most common ways to drive up the sales of your spa business.
  • The traditional method of advertising in paid platforms such as newspapers and TV channels will prove to be extremely fruitful in raising sales by many folds.
  • The price you will charge for your service is one of the most important factors determining your business’s sales. So before setting the charges for your service, thoroughly study the market.
  • The targeted customers will be more inclined towards using your services once they are availed of many discounts and offers. These offers will make the deal more lucrative to them, and resultantly the sales will go up.
  • The positive reviews from your previous customers will help raising the sales significantly.

faqs about Spa Business to get more detail and grow business

What marketing strategy can you implement in your Spa business?

A website with a home page and resources sections, employee profiles, promotional deals, and contact information is a must. The majorities of people select and schedule regular spa services online. Membership in professional organizations, thus building a strong reputation within the wider community, is a perfect way to network with those in this field. Gift cards are an excellent way of emphasizing the positive contributions your spa has made to local charities and the community.

How can you keep your Spa business flooded with customers?

In the Spa business, it is a significant first stage to attract customers by creating a clean, healthy, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. Good planning and good cleaning staff are important to maintain this climate. The promotion by Living Social or Groupon of special time promotions is also a good strategy. Research shows that advertisers are increasingly loyal to consumers through biographies of staff, personal relationships, and online recommendations.

Who is the target market for your Spa Business?

The preferred customers are those who actively relax and have ample funds to invest in health products and services and well-being programs. These clients will see your spa as both a required rejuvenation tool and a special treat for a relaxing day.

How can you make your Spa business a profitable one?

You can improve your profit margin with a good business plan. The sale of retail products that help define and strengthen your spa’s image can generate substantial revenues. The reception should be attractively arranged for nutritional supplements and other products related to health and beauty. Products like water bottles with your spa’s name, logo, or slogan can provide cheap advertising and generate additional income. Networking with other self-care providers, such as acupuncture practitioners, will allow you to provide a greater range of services to your customers.  Expanding your client base can help attract more clients with different requirements.

What is the growth potential for the Spa business?

In both large and small day spas, franchise options exist. Besides, additional facilities, such as a massage therapist or under construction, may be added in a single venue with the aid of a private spa room, a sauna, or a pool.

Beauty is a very trending activity among every age Group. People loves to spend money on related to beauty products. Here we came up with an infographic which gives you idea and statistics of spa business trends and spends. read below

spa business trends and statistics

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