18+ proven strategies for Solar Company Marketing

There has been an explosion of renewable energy in the commercial, consumer and industrial sectors. The name of the explosion is solar energy. Although, the solar industry is still relatively new but the competition is immense starting from large firms to small start-ups.

How to promote your Solar Company?

  • Put up signs to attract the local public.
  • Create an attractive website and a professional brand representative logo.
  • Make sure to list your company name in web directories.
  • Add your location and name of the company on Google Maps to make people know you at one click.
  • Get a partnership with related business partners, and traders to attract more clients.
  • Sponsor your brand with other companies or businesses to get proper exposure.

Ever since the prices of solar cells have dropped, solar companies have their own appeal to homeowners and energy-hungry consumers. But how can one solar company stand out and seize the most out of this hot market? The answer is marketing.

list of top marketing ideas for a solar company to capture the consumer’s attention.

-Define your Niche Market

Defining your niche market works tremendously well in knowing the set of audience who requires your products and services.

Segmenting your list with a niche audience is extremely important in marketing. This will help you to determine how the products of your solar company meet the demands of your clients.

Researching the experienced competitors will provide you with an idea of what are the trending marketing strategies that are working. These are some of the things to keep in mind when you are serving a particular niche audience.

-Market Research

Now it’s time to do some research after following the step of defining your market. Use the power of keyword research from the Google search engine and AdWords keyword planner to determine the phrases and questions that have been used by people to know about solar products.

You can also partake in solar forums and acquire data from your customer service/sales team. Visit the websites and social media profiles of your competitors to research more about your market.

By doing so; you will get a better apprehension of what are the marketing ideas your prospective customers are relating to.

-Brand Recognition

It is reported from a recent study that almost 63% of solar company consumers had difficulty recalling the name of the company whose products and services are acquired by them themselves.

That’s where brand recognition plays a significant role in differentiating your solar company from the rest of the competitors. Hence, try to avoid the symbol of the sun for the company emblem. It is because the image and logo for your solar company are more likely to stay in the minds of your consumers for years to come.

Some of the effective ways to create brand awareness are direct mail with which you can initiate a professional relationship with the customers, targeted banner advertisements, and customer services.

-Educate Your Consumers

Educating your consumers is an enormous challenge in order to market your solar company. The potential customers are already struggling with high utility bills, fuel costs, and a bit of guilt regarding the issue of global warming.

Amongst those other issues, there is a common misconception that most solar products are expensive. This is where your company’s sales team can make the most of it by simply guiding them in the right direction.

The sales team needs to completely edify the potential customers regarding their numerous questions and concerns.  This particular marketing strategy will increase awareness which will greatly impact the decision-making of buying solar products.

-Local Clean Energy

Like the Locavore Movement, your solar company should set up booths at a local farmers’ market. You can position your solar company’s brand at producing local, affordable green, and clean energy.

You can also name it fresh energy. Customers will definitely be intrigued by knowing that they can help the environment at the cost of almost nothing. Visit towns to advertise this process of distributing clean energy.

This is one of the creative ways to popularize your company as well as let the people know that you care about their town and the earth’s environment.

-Sponsor to Advertise

Sponsoring a well-known organization or any organization that holds a certain power over the minds of people is a great way to promote your solar company. During the sports season, you could sponsor teams from the little league.

Now imagine a solar billboard sign of your company at a baseball stadium is being hit continuously due to numerous home runs. Many parents and homeowners who are there to cheer their children will definitely keep your company’s brand in mind during the spring season.

You could also help an advocacy organization that has affected many businesses in the year 2017, with a donation.

-Co-Market with Strategic Partners

Electric vehicles are a rage in the market. So people who are buying those EVs will eventually think about going solar as well.

So go ahead and partner with an electric car dealer and introduce a solar program that provides discounts to the customers of both companies. You can also collaborate with food co-operatives and energy auditors.

These businesses have access to a great sustainable-minded demographic and have the critical layer of trust factor which is important for closing a sale. If you can get a referral from these companies, that’d be great for your company.

-Blog Often

Blogging may seem outdated but it is a great way to create amazing content. People know very less about numerous solar companies and the products they produce.

Use this opportunity to educate them with useful information and list out the advantages of going solar. Believe it or not, blogging is still relevant in 2019 and works amazingly well for organic search engine optimization.

Blogging provides a platform for building authority within the industry. Don’t forget to share your blogs on relevant social media business channels such as LinkedIn.

-An Online Presence

One cannot just ignore the power of online presence these days. A website for your solar company is a great tool to showcase the company’s capabilities in the solar industry.

With the help of a website, useful information regarding your solar products is conveyed more easily. The informative blogs would serve as a content marketing opportunity to popularize your website.

It is absolutely imperative to make sure that the website is user-friendly in order to create a great first impression with its design and overall look. You should hire an SEO writer to improve the traffic on your website so that it is more visible on numerous search engines.

-Referral System into the Digital World

The solar industry has quintessentially survived from a referral system. The process is simple; you see your neighbor install one and then you chat about it, and ultimately you install that product as well.

Taking this referral system into a digital world shall be the subsequent step in marketing. Make sure to post the reviews of your company’s work on social media profiles and homepages of your website so that the flow of referrals doesn’t stop.

Provide your potential customers with a digital equivalence of a referral system known as link building. If you can arrange an authoritative figure to refer your company’s services, then earlier what served as a word of mouth would work like a dream in the digital world.

-Monthly Newsletters

Create a presence in the clients’ e-mail inbox by sending out a monthly newsletter. Utilizing this marketing you can inform your clients about the varied range of trending solar products. You can also send out links to your company’s blogs to keep the monthly conversation engaging.

Reward your existing clients with loyalty bonuses and discounts exclusively designed for them. This is the marketing strategy that shows that the company cares for all of its previous and current consumers.

-Social Media Marketing

With the popularization of sustainable and alternate energy, social media has become extremely valuable to all the solar companies present in this era. Millions are already onboard with having their own electric supplies at home.

The only thing they are waiting for is some amount of proper guidance from solar companies. And this is where social media marketing banks on its role of promoting your solar company and at the same time helping the potential consumers as well.

The customers only require a solar product provider whom they can trust, with their investment. Earn that trust by responding to numerous queries and questions that are posted on your walls and profiles. This will let you connect and build relationships with the people who are naturally interested in your company. Social serves not only as a marketing tool but also as a strong and powerful relationship builder.

How to drive sales to your Solar Company?

  •  Advertise your business through local TV, newspaper, and radio commercials.
  •  Distribute flyers, business cards, and pamphlets to partners, or random people to gain more clients.
  • Do not hesitate to give exciting promotional deals with a money-back guarantee.
  • Promote business by updating social media pages regularly with useful content, video, or images.
  • Connect with existing clients through E-mail marketing and SMS marketing.

here are some Important FAQs about Solar companies to Get More Detail and Grow Business

1. Who is the target market for a Solar Company?

Solar energy is now available to most homeowners with a simple and clear roof line with ever expanding solar technology. Homeowner associations also work together on solar installations in the community. Small and large companies add solar to their energy systems and may invest in large rooftops or the field farms.

2. How can you make your solar business a profitable one?

The Solar panels from the distributors would be the most expensive to buy. Through purchasing large panels and using them for several tasks you can manage the production costs, which reduces the unit costs. Another benefit is to approach other solar panel suppliers as a subcontractor to provide assistance. In this way, you can develop good professional ties in your field and also undertake larger projects than your team might otherwise experience.

3. How can you raise your earnings by running a solar company?

Your installation business makes money by efficient installation of solar units irrespective of whether you deal with a franchise or a wholesaler. Some leasing services generate daily revenues by charging their customers a monthly bill, which includes the installation cost and any additional power from the grid used by their customers.

The consumer would then pay a retail rate for their panels and reasonable costs for connecting their panels to their home and power grid.

4. How can you keep the customers coming back to your solar company?

Solar panels are highly visible products. Install panels for free or at a discounted rate for a home or business in a high-traffic location. Your reputation will grow with each job completed on-budget and on-time.  It could be seen as a goodwill gesture to donate a solar panel in the local park or school.

Ensure that, for the people who want to install residential solar panels, you or anyone on your team will be aware of government incentives and tax cuts. This allows potential customers to create more trust in your company’s business experience and helps them to make their investments in their products more effectively.

Different Companies are going green by adapting Solar Energies. Companies are saving more with the help of solar usage. Here is the Infographic which gives you more idea about solar adoption by different top countries. read below

top solar user companies

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