Top 10 Software Companies In Utah: Driving Innovation In The Tech Hub

Though many techies may be aware of Austin’s “Silicon Hills” and Portland’s “Silicon Forest,” Utah really has one of the country’s largest tech hubs. πŸ‘€

The city has been developing a competitive tech environment for the last few decades, drawing the interest of significant industry heavyweights like Facebook and Google.

The Utah metropolitan area, frequently referred to as the “Silicon Slopes,” is currently home to both well-established digital enterprises and a growing community of startups. 

With top tech employment in Utah, the region from Salt Lake City to Provoβ€”the main center is in Lehiβ€”is known as the “Silicon Slopes” and is the perfect destination for alumni of the design and development Bootcamp DevMountain.😳

top 10 software companies in Utah

  1. Grow
  2. Hackbright
  3. HireVue
  4. Jive
  5. Nav
  6. Podium
  7. Simplus
  8. Adobe
  9. Arctic Wolf
  10. BambooHR

10. Grow

Grow is a provider of business intelligence software, delivering SaaS tools to assist developing businesses in realizing their full potential. 🀨

While customers undoubtedly enjoy Grow’s goods and services, team member satisfaction distinguishes the company from its competitors.

Grow has an excellent Glassdoor rating because its employees adore working there. Employees laud the company’s atmosphere and believe they are treated like family.

Grow doesn’t cut corners either; they keep a fully stocked kitchen on hand for their staff.

Grow also fosters entrepreneurship and offers unlimited PTO to its employees in addition to its family-focused culture.πŸ₯Ί

Grow Location

9. Hackbright

Another excellent coding Bootcamp that works to advance women and people of color in the IT industry is Hackbright. 😊

They are aware that several sectors of the tech sector have struggled to attract, develop, and retain female and gender-diverse talent.

Hackbright is always working to turn this representation issue on its head by generating an increasing number of underrepresented software engineers.

In addition to a flexible work environment, Hackbright provides benefits for both physical and emotional health.πŸ‘€

Hackbright Location

8. HireVue

It should come as no surprise that HireVue has expertise in corporate culture, given that it offers technological solutions for the hiring process. 😳

In fact, Forbes listed HireVue as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Software Companies in America, and HR Executive Magazine has recognized it five times as the Best HR Product of the Year.

With the help of their 10 “AttriVutes,” this business has developed a reputation for valuing its workers and providing them with opportunities to thrive.

A flexible work environment, unlimited PTO, a fully supplied break room with nutritious snacks, and free open mic/TED talk-style meals are just a few of the many extra benefits that HireVue offers.🀭


7. Jive

Even without the advancements in VoIP, Jive would be a terrific place to work, but the firm is also becoming well-known for its culture. πŸ™ƒ

Although they proudly say on their website that their development staff has drunk 10,000 free sodas and counting, there are other benefits.

As a “Jiver,” you can anticipate extensive benefits, a plethora of workplace events, costume contests, and a year-round schedule of volunteer options for staff, including blanket drives, book contributions, tutoring, and visiting with veterans.

Jive was ranked among the top 50 companies where women prefer to work in 2017, keeping up with the trend set by other leading tech firms.πŸ™‚

Jive Location

6. Nav

Another FinTech firm, Nav, is working to reduce the number of small firms that fail. πŸ‘€

Due to their limited funding and resources, small firms typically have the most significant failure rates of all types of businesses.

By connecting small businesses with the appropriate backers, Nav is working to alter that. Benefits like flexible work schedules, paid maternity and paternity leave, mental health coaching, pet insurance, and more are provided by Nav to its Navericks (workers).

In fact, Nav has been named one of the top workplaces for parents by Fatherly and Scary Mommy.πŸ€—

Nav Location

5. Podium

By developing an easier way to post customer feedback and a more flexible communications system, Podium is improving connections between customers and the company. πŸ€—

A new building has just been constructed in Lehi, also called the Silicon Slopes. At its Lehi headquarters, staff members appreciate the flexible work schedule and rock climbing wall.

Podium is still one of the most rapidly expanding businesses in Lehi, Utah, but despite this growth, they have maintained a small business atmosphere.🧐

Podium Location

4. Simplus

Another one of the Utah technology firms with sites across the country is Simplus, which is headquartered in Sandy. 😯

Simplus takes itself in not just providing a fast-paced work atmosphere but also in management that is equally concerned with the welfare of employees as it is with maximizing profits.

With a remote work policy and extensive perks, this organization gives you the freedom to do your job and try new things.

Simplus has received numerous accolades for these benefits, including a plethora of culture awards from USA Today and Business Insider.😚

Simplus Location

3. Adobe

Adobe’s products are undoubtedly familiar to you, but you may need to be made aware of how wonderful it is to work there. 😡

To begin with, Adobe has been committed to creating thousands of jobs in the region since its Utah branch opened in 2009, and it continues to support the state’s job market.

Due to its reputation for innovation and the abundance of tools available, Adobe continues to entice customers.

As one of the top IT firms in Utah, Adobe is committed to assisting employees in developing both emotionally and professionally. 😦

Adobe will also keep inspiring employees via their commitment to social and community causes.

Adobe Location

2. Arctic Wolf

The goal of Arctic Wolf, a cybersecurity and cloud management firm, is to eliminate cyber risk. 😧

The advantages offered by Arctic Wolf, which has received numerous Best Workplaces honors, include equity packages, remote work possibilities, paid parental leave, and chances for professional growth.

Additionally, Arctic Wolf is actively aiming to foster a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative workplace where people from all backgrounds, including gender, ethnicity, and culture, may feel at ease and perform at their highest level.😧

Arctic Wolf Location

1. BambooHR

It comes as no surprise that BambooHR is one of Utah’s top software firms to work for, with a culture that has won honors from Glassdoor, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Utah Business, and other organizations. 😯

Although working at BambooHR has many enjoyable features, including flexible hours, fantastic company events, and a pleasant office environment, employees primarily highlight the people and a culture that is centered on shared achievement, growth, and optimism.😢

BambooHR Location

Frequently Asked Questions for top 10 software companies in Utah

1. Is Utah a tech hub?

Utah easily takes the top spot as the most significant state for startups in America, according to a Sleek Capital review of all 50 states’ Tech Hub rankings. Continue reading to see why so many entrepreneurs and companies are drawn to Salt Lake City’s Silicon Slopes.

2. Is Utah the new Silicon Valley?

The term “Silicon Slopes” originally referred to the region around Lehi, Utah, where a large number of tech startups are based. It has been broadened to encompass Utah’s whole startup and tech community.

3. What are the top 3 industries in Utah?

Utah’s primary sectors are salt production, cattle ranching, coal mining, and government services.

4. What is Utah’s number 1 industry?

With an estimated 36.77 billion dollars in real value added in 2021, Utah’s finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing industries contributed the most to the state’s gross domestic product (GDP). Comparatively, the construction sector boosted the state’s GDP by about 11.11 billion dollars.

5. What Fortune 500 companies are based in Utah?

Five Fortune 500 businesses with state headquarters: The Zions Bancorp., Nu Skin Enterprises.

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